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Love a Billionaire Heiress

Love a Billionaire Heiress



  Knowing martial arts, pig butchering and flirting, he was a coquettish teenager from Himalaya. He became the bodyguard of billionaire heiress and came across the pure little girl in the colorful world.
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"I don't want him ... I definitely can't let this guy be my bodyguard!"

"Do you know what a facade is? Do you know what a city looks like? I'm Belinda and I'm also a dignified lady. How can I find such a savage to be my bodyguard? Shamelessly know?"

In the luxurious villa of the Down family, he wore a princess's tutu and revealed two slender white legs. Belinda stretched his fingers and pointed at the young man who was not far from the front.

The teenager was about 20 years old.

The dress was very "tidal", and it had reached an unacceptable level.

He had a big red split vest on his upper body, a pair of colorful pants on his lower body, and a pair of flip flops on his big feet.

An innocent human and animal face could be considered normal, except that those evil eyes were scouring around at Belinda's proud chest.

"This girl is only 17 years old. Why is her chest so big? Unbelievable, unbelievable." George muttered secretly over there, admiring Belinda's beautiful breast.

Belinda was even angrier when he saw this animal aiming at his chest.

"Uncle David, look, look at this savage ... He still looks at my chest ... He's a gangster, bastard, I definitely can't let him be my bodyguard."

Standing beside him was an embarrassed old man who was the old butler of this villa. His name was Uncle David.

At this moment, Uncle David looked at Miss Belinda, then turned to look at George, and said with a bitter face, "Miss, this ... this ... It was personally arranged by CEO Down! And he specifically told him that he was First class. "

"I'll join ..."

"A first—class bodyguard like him?"

Suddenly, George spoke up.

He revealed his white teeth. He looked at Belinda's proud chest and smiled, "I'm First class."

"You go to hell."

"I asked you, where did you come from?" Belinda looked at George with glaring eyes.


"What kind of place is Bloomfield?"

"It's a beautiful place with four seasons of flowers. There's a mountain in front, there's water in the back, and the air meets the safest standards of the World Health Organization."

"Inside the mountain?"


"Go away!"

Belinda could not bear it anymore. In these years, rich people would never ride a car anymore, they wouldn't fight a dad anymore, and they started to fight for bodyguards. At least, the students in the Celebrity School already had a special bodyguard to protect them. What? Face!

However, Belinda had worked so hard for his father to find a bodyguard. He had wanted to find a handsome and invincible bodyguard. Actually, they had come to find such a big mountain. How could she endure this?

"Uncle David, hurry up, call my Dad. I want him to go away! Speed!" Belinda shouted.

Uncle David stood there with an embarrassed expression: "Miss, CEO Down personally ordered that he can't leave, and he will be your full—time bodyguard in the future."

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, is my father torturing me like this?"

Suddenly, George spoke up again, and he still wore that unhappy face, and said, "Little beauty, your father is not torturing you, he is torturing me!"

"You, you, you ..."

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I can't take it anymore!" Belinda felt like she was going crazy and stepped on the floor desperately like it was George's face.

Just as Belinda felt like she was going crazy, she suddenly rang the phone.

Belinda angrily took out his iPhone 6s limited edition gold shell phone, and then glanced at her call.

When he saw her girlfriend's call, Belinda glared at George and turned to answer the call.

"Baby, miss me?" The sweet, sweet voice came out of Belinda's cherry mouth.

There was a sexy voice from the other end of the phone.

"Belinda, where are you?"

"I'm at home."

"Oh, Dana called to say that she wants to party and wants us to go over."

"Ah? That little slut." Belinda could not help but say.


"Hmm, this little slut insulted me at school the last time. I haven't had time to get her to settle the bill. How dare she even invite me to the party?"

"I heard that Dana has spent a lot of money on a handsome bodyguard. I guess her want to show it to you!"

When Belinda heard the word "bodyguard", she felt angry and could not help but wonder: That little slut dared to compare with me?

"Right, Belinda, didn't you say that your father has also paid a fortune for you to hire a first—class bodyguard? You can bring it out this time and let that Dana know what shame is?"


When Belinda said that when he heard the phone, his voice was like the card owner.

"What's wrong? Belinda? Didn't your father hire a bodyguard?"

Belinda was about to cry.

"Please, please ... but ..."

Before she could finish her words, she said on the other end of the phone: "That's good! I believe in Uncle Down's judgment, the bodyguard he hired is definitely more powerful than the one that Dana's father, the little bun! Belinda, you take you bodyguards, and show him that little slut, letting her know what the gap is. "

"I ..." Belinda's cherry mouth opened, trying to say something, but she couldn't say for a long time.

"Belinda, I'll be waiting for you at home. Hurry up and bring your bodyguard over. Let's humiliate Dana, bye!"

"Hello, hello ..." Belinda had just wanted to tell his girlfriend about the situation, but the phone was already over there. Belinda was holding her phone, and this beautiful face looked completely dumbfounded.

What should we do?

Oh my god, can my bodyguards bring me out? This was to be embarrassed and thrown to our family!

Belinda turned her bitter face again and looked at George fiercely.

"You savage, come here."

George walked over with a flattery and smiled. "What's wrong? Miss?"

"I asked you, what did you do in the past? What have you done? What experience do you have before?"

George scratched his head with his hand and said awkwardly, "Can I not answer this question?"

"No, I have to say it."

"Okay, I said, I used to raise pigs in Bloomfield."

"Pig raising?" Belinda almost fainted when he heard it.

George said sincerely, "Yes, I can't help but raise pigs. I've even killed pigs. I'll use a knife. In the village, every time the festival is a pork I cut for them."

"You go to hell!"

"Oh my God, my father actually found me a bastard who only knows how to raise a pig to be my bodyguard for Belinda?" Belinda yelled.

"Beauty, you're wrong."

"What's wrong with me?" Belinda's eyes were red as if he wanted to eat George.

"I don't just know how to raise pigs, I also kill them."