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Meet Again, Love You Again

Meet Again, Love You Again



Catching my husband on his affair, I entered the wrong hotel suite. Paul Wilson, a noble official-second-generation, was taking a shower inside. When my sister came across, she misunderstood the relationship between me and Paul, the man she admired. Then she desperately jumped from a tall building and broke her legs. Therefore, she could not dance anymore. Paul was the only one in the world who could encourage my sister to live on. To save my sister, I went to a nightclub to find Paul. Unexpectedly, he did that thing to me! “You were humiliating me in public. If I don't get revenge, how am I going to mess around?"
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In the morning, the smell of ambiguity lingered on the room in the breeze.

The clothes were scattered all over the high—end wooden floor. It shows just how crazy the night had been.

Phoebe Ellis 's entire body was sore. Especially her lower body was in pain. She turned her head to look at his familiar face, and couldn't help but to pat her forehead, and cursed herself silently. She must be crazy to have a one—night affair with him!

And, it was with him!

His facial features were as valiant as ever, as sharp as a knife.

After having not kept in touch with each other for three years, they had a one—night stand when they first met.

Was he drunk last night?

So, he didn't know that the woman he spent the night with was her, right?

Thinking of this, she felt bitter in her heart and had to admit that this was the best result. She would rather that he didn't know who she was.

In this way, they would not have any relationship.

And she should also let this man completely get out of her life …

A one—night stand. She intended to leave before he woke up. Then it was about time for her to leave.

Phoebe Ellis tidied up her mood and sat up, then quickly put on her clothes and picked up the torn stockings. She sighed bitterly, thinking this man was still as violent and impatient as before, she would never show her any mercy.

Before she even had the time to struggle free form him, the man who had woken up at an unknown time had already pulled her into his embrace, his chin on her shoulder and his lips caressing her delicate skin, he leisurely asked, "Phoebe Ellis, you want to leave again? Where do you want to go this time? Hmm?"

Her eyes were filled with tears, but her heart was beating furiously. This might be love …

Phoebe Ellis didn't like to attend parties, but as Daniel Smith's wife, she had no choice but to attend.

She was originally in a good mood, being able to meet her high school classmates in such a place, and she could chat for a while longer. But after Jane Nicole said those words to her, she felt uncomfortable in her heart, as if countless ants were gnawing at her heart.

Jane Nicole said, "Phoebe, I want to inform that you have to be careful of your husband. It would be bad if he betrayed you, especially paying more attention to those young bitches.

When Phoebe heard this warning, her heart skipped a beat. His smile froze, "What do you mean?"

"Your husband and a female employee of our company are very close to each other. I've seen them together more than once, and my cousin also said that they often meet in private at Today’s Grand Hotel …"

Phoebe was no longer clear on what Jane Nicole had said later on.

Her mind was lost, and those words kept repeating as if they were written in her mind.

On the way back, she stared blankly at the man driving the car next to her. His facial features were very handsome, but they were as cold as the ice. He always maintained his cold demeanor and didn't like talking and smiling.

"Why are you looking at me?"

Daniel Smith looked at her indifferently and asked suspiciously.

She wanted to burst out aloud, but …

Ring Ring...

The phone's ringtone stopped her from speaking. He looked at his phone and picked up, "Where are you? Alright, I'll be right there."

After hanging up, he stopped the car by the roadside and turned to look at her. "I still have things to do, you should take a taxi back first."

"What's the matter?"

Only with a single phone call, he had hurriedly left his wife and rushed over?