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My President Doctor Husband

My President Doctor Husband



  She thought she was just married to a normal doctor,while after marriage, she discovered all his secrets:shares in all hospitals in the city,a CEO of a listed company.She felt she was deceived and demanded a divorce."You dare to marry someone else."Well, he was so powerful and wealthy, how dare she!
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“Justin…Justin...I really can’t control myself to... love you...”

“Shelly… I can’t control myself…”

In the silent night, such an ambiguous and hungry voice was exceptionally abrupt. Cindy was stunned outside of the door. Even if she did not see it, she could imagine how the two humpings like bunnies.

Cindy was happy today. Her boyfriend and her sweet girl went back from abroad to accompany her for a party. Just because of the stomachache, she was awake to get some water.

She never came across that the two persons she trusted most should have such a THING. The man’s body surged into hers with warmth effortlessly. The fucking sound constantly echoed from the room… oh..oh …. Echo in Cindy’s ears.

The finger holding the cup trembled slightly, and the transparent liquid in the cup splashed onto the back of her fair hand.

She pushed open the door of the guest room and saw the scene inside. A gust of cold came to her face. The cold covered her whole body, and her fingertips trembled as she pressed the switch of the wall light.

The man and woman on the bed, who were canoodling, were stunned by the sudden bright for two seconds before they reacted. Shelly screamed in fear and quickly pulled the silk over her body to hide her nakedness. A hint of panic flashed across the male protagonist’s eyes before he frowned as if he was very dissatisfied with the interruption.

Cindy felt that this scene was very ironic. Two people she trusted so much had done such a thing in her home! How could they do it?

She didn’t know how she said it, but she felt that her voice was unusually hoarse. “When did my family change into Hollywood? Are you filming here?”

Shelly hid shyly behind Justin. Her face, which was covered in flushed red as she nervously explained, “Cindy ...you …”

She wanted to explain, but no matter how she explained, it was unnecessary because of the scene in front of her. She couldn’t start to talk.

Cindy shifted her gaze to the male protagonist. In a trance, she saw a flash of revenge in the eyes of that once gentle Justin. Her brows tightly knitted together. The smile on her face became a bit more sorrowful, and the ridicule in her eyes also became a bit deeper. “When did you start?”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Shelly, who was standing behind him. She choked with sobs, “Justin, since it’s like this already …let’s tell her everything. I don’t want to go on like this. I really... I don’t want to sneak off with you anymore. We are the ones who truly love each other!”

She asked again, “How long has it been?”

Justin’s eyes flashed again. Shelly rushed to answer, “It’s been more than half a year. We’ve been together for more than half a year …Cindy, we just can’t control our emotions... I’m really, really sorry …”

The commotion downstairs had alarmed Lorene Brown and Todd Brown, who were upstairs.

Immediately, Todd Brown felt his vision go black and his blood pressure soaring. “You guys …You’re going too far... Bastard!”

The first thing Lorene did was to support Todd and ask, “What’s going on here?”

Shelly apologized guiltily, “Auntie Lorene, Uncle Todd... Sorry... I’m really sorry... But I’m really in love with Justin. We can’t resist each other’s attraction... We were together six months ago... But we don’t know how to confess to Cindy, and we don’t want to hurt her … “

Hearing that, Lorene actually sighed, and after looking at Cindy she advised, “Honey since it’s already like this. You should just accept the reality and let them go.”

Cindy and Todd looked at Lorene in astonishment. Lorene’s face changed slightly and she added, “Feeling is the thing that cannot be forced…” This had already happened. What else could you do? Shelly’s temperament is gentle and dignified. And she’s more suitable for Justin …”

“Shut up!” Todd Brown said with anger.

“I was wondering if you are my mom or not…”Cindy’s heart became a bit more desolate, and her lips curved up in a self—deprecating smile. She took a deep breath and said, “I fed two dogs with my heart!”

After these words, she turned around and walked away with her back straightened!

Behind her, Todd roared angrily!” All of you! Get out of there!”

Perhaps it was because he was too angry, Todd flung Lorene away and walked upstairs. However, he did not expect that his steps would not be steady and he fell down the stairs. He wrenched wound on the ankle, unable to move.

Cindy’s mind was completely blank as she bumped into the family doctor when opening the door.