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Target of Love

Target of Love



  She was a cold-blooded female assassin with only one goal, and that was him. After multiple failed assassinations, she approached him disguised as a fiery secretary. One day he learned the truth and angrily shoved her into his office. "Tell me who your boss is. "Hmm?" She smiled sweetly. "Isn't my superior you?" Woman, you angered me. " His black, dangerous eyes narrowed as he suppressed her, punishing her with his body.
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The tallest building in the city was located on the most bustling part of G City. Everyone knew the mighty and domineering name of the Starlight Group.

The Starlight Tower was filled with all sorts of famous people. From afar, a group of luxurious cars slowly drove over, and all of them were Mercedes—Benz and BMW. They stopped in front of the Starlight Tower's square, with a long Lincoln in the middle.

The Starlight Board's Elders all revealed their unhappiness. This new CEO, Xie Family's second young master Xie Fei Mo is too unreliable, on the first day of his return, he had already made the scene look like he was swearing the oath of office for the President. I really do not know what the Chairman is thinking!

The place was bustling with noise and excitement. No one knew that a pair of sharp eyes was staring intently at the building on the other side of the street.

The bodyguards all got out of the car and stood in formation. One of the assistants opened the door of the lengthened Lincoln, and Xie Fei Mo finally showed up with a high profile. He was dressed from head to toe in high—end clothing, and his sunglasses covered half of his face.

Although all the people present were senior level figures, the moment Xie Fei Mo appeared, the pressure still dropped to the freezing point.

When this person stood there, it was as though he could freeze someone to death.

His tall and straight body was wrapped in a tailored suit. His handsome face was as if carved by a knife, and his firm and thin lips were tightly pursed. It was hard to see his expression.

The eyes on the roof of the building opposite were slightly moved, one eye slightly narrowed, hidden behind a scope.

Dangerous ambush …

Downstairs, the old men on the board of directors opened up a path, giving way to the main road of the Starlight Building.

Xie Fei Mo casually tidied up the front of his suit, stepped onto the stairs, and walked towards the door step by step.

The eyes behind the scope suddenly became filled with murderous intent as his index finger pulled the trigger.

Xie Fei Mo who was originally stable in his steps suddenly stopped, revealed his killing intent and jumped to the side like an agile leopard.

At the same time, the Starlight Gate burst into flames. The huge explosion and shockwave caused the people and cars in the surroundings to be thrown out. The scene was a mess.

Xie Fei Mo immediately lifted his head from the mess he was in. Without even thinking, he looked up at the top of the building across him and a black shadow quickly flashed past.

"Damn it!" Without much time to think, Xie Fei Mo immediately jumped up and rushed to the building across the street, passing through the main hall and rushing out through the back door.

He had just emerged from the back door when he heard a loud bang. A long steel rope hung down from the roof. A figure carrying a rocket launcher landed on the ground, rolled a few times, got up and ran.

He didn't have time to call for a halt, so he raised his feet and followed.

On the first day of his return, he encountered such an arrogant assassination, whether the other party was here for him or the Starlight Group, it was not clear whether that was the case. Furthermore

If not, he would not be the second son, but instead compare himself to the young master of the Xie Family. He would directly fight his way back from abroad and take over the Starlight Group, becoming the new CEO.

Carrying the rocket launchers was not a wise decision, the killer ran to the corner of a small alley and suddenly threw the rocket launcher behind him, the rocket launcher spiraled and smashed towards Xie Fei Mo's face.

Xie Fei Mo nimbly leaned against the wall and dodged the incoming rocket launchers. In that instant of delay, the assassin had already escaped without a trace.

On the Starlight Group's side, the police cars had already arrived, the scene was extremely chaotic, not everyone was as skilled as Xie Fei Mo, especially the people from the board of directors, they were all very old and old, all of them were severely injured, just the ambulance alone was enough to send out all the cars of the hospitals in G City.

Everyone was there, except Xie Fei Mo, who was happily running after the female assassin.