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It's Too Late, Ex-Husband

It's Too Late, Ex-Husband



  Married five years. She said, "You, Ji Xiao, are at most a prostitute." "So there's no need to be pretentious," he said. "I'm a potential customer. Take off your clothes!" After the divorce. She held the hands of other men and smiled at them like a flower. She was like a stranger to him. He felt angry and unhappy! "If you're not satisfied, then chase her back!" Director Ji, I am someone who has a boyfriend, please behave with respect! " Ji Xiao glared at him and pressed him down on the bed, "My actions are full of respect!"
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"Miss Li Yan Jin, may I ask if you are willing to marry Mr. Ji Xiao? Whether it is poverty, wealth, or illness, I will not leave him.

The flower—like girl wore a light makeup, the white wedding dress made her face even more beautiful and tender. She nervously scratched the flowers in her hands, nodding with determination. "I'm willing."

The Priest smiled and turned to look at the tall and handsome man beside him, then asked, "Mr. Ji Xiao, you are willing to marry Miss Li Yan Jin, regardless of whether he is poor or rich …"

Before the sacred lines were finished, they were interrupted by the sudden ringing of a cell phone.

After a round of inspection, his gaze finally settled on the groom, who had already taken out his mobile phone.

"Xiao Xiao, forgive me for not being able to be there to bless you. You have to be happy."

The short message was sent into Shen Xiao's black eyes, his originally cold face now looked terrifying.

Li Yan Jin opened his mouth, but before the words could leave his mouth, he had already turned around and walked towards the exit of the auditorium.

"Ji Xiao, what are you doing?!" The old man of the Ji Family, Ji Xiong, who was seated below the stage, asked with a deep voice.

Ji Xiao's mother, Lin Xia also stood up, and father Ji, who was sitting by the side, smiled a little coldly.

Ji Xiao's footsteps paused, and his hands that were at her sides clenched tightly until they were trembling, trying her best to restrain herself.

Lin Xia walked over, frowned and stared at him, then shouted, "If you dare to come out of this door, try me! Go back, Yan Jin is still waiting for you on the stage! "

The people below the stage were already whispering to each other. It was rare to see a man running away from a marriage at a rich family's wedding. As a person, all of them had a gossiping heart.

Li Yan Jin stood on the stage in an extremely awkward manner. His stunning face was somewhat flushed, and his black and white clear eyes were already beginning to mist, yet he bit his lower lip, and glared at him with a hint of stubbornness.

Ji Xiao stood below the stage for a long time. Finally, when Mother Ji urged him for the third time, she turned around and returned to stand firmly on the stage.

The priest embarrassedly coughed twice, and then continued reciting the oath. Not even halfway through, Shen Xiao had already flipped over the divine altar with his irritable kick.

Her cold eyes stared at the bride at her side, and she almost shouted, "I am willing! I'm so f * * king willing! "

Five years later

Outside the five—star hotel, the black Maybach stopped in front of the hotel entrance. The moment the car door opened, Li Yan Jin got off from his car, the surrounding doggies who had been hiding there for a long time immediately flocked over, pointing their guns at her for filming, almost hitting her in the mouth with their recording pens.

"Miss Lee, may I ask if you came here to get a room with Miss Bai?"

"Miss Lee, what do you think about the Mr. Ji and the entertainment circle's Miss Bai?"

"Miss Lee..."

… ….

's expression was much calmer when faced with the excited puppies who looked like they had smelled something fishy. Her faint smile was always hanging on her face, and she seemed to be calmly facing a bunch of people selling vegetables.

Everyone misunderstood, Ji Xiao came to the hotel because she drank too much, and Miss Bai did not have the convenience to send him back, so she decided to come to the hotel. Ji Xiao also called me before to explain to me, I only came to pick Ji Xiao up.

She spoke very sincerely with a faint smile in her starry eyes. There was neither anger nor anger in her words. Her gentle and magnanimous manner greatly disappointed Doggie.

The bodyguards at the back cleared the path, Li Yan Jin smiled and nodded to the crowd, and followed them into the hotel.

It was only when the elevator door closed that the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and the light in his eyes turned deep and bitter.

When the elevator reached the top floor, the bodyguard handed the room card over and stood at the entrance to the elevator. Li Yan Jin stood in front of the door to room 8888, took a few deep breaths, and then opened the door.

"Yo, look, Ji Family's Young Mistress is here." Within the room, a man with distinct contours was sitting on the sofa. His thin and firm chest was exposed under his open shirt. His black hair was a bit messy.