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The woman's love

The woman's love



  Overnight, the 18-year-old Miuxi was forced to drop out of school for one reason, she had. Overnight, there was only one reason why a twenty-six-year-old 'old' leftover girl had appeared on the front page of the gossip page. She did not want to be lonely, and had been broadcast live for the entire 'Human Creation Project'. "Mi'er Bao Mi Nannan, you two go look for sh * t." She had never imagined that she would be tricked by her own son and daughter. Then, could the 'Human Creation Project' be broadcasted live so casually? "Mi Dabao, you got a bargain so you can't act good. You enjoyed it a lot last night." The black eyes of a certain domineering CEO narrowed, showing an unforgiving expression. Miuxi wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She could only turn her attention to the disheveled man. "You're 'committing crimes' with others. What a shxt." "That's not just anyone else, it's the crystallization of our love. Great treasure, board the ship first, then make up the votes and ask for marriage." She looked back at the two smaller versions of the man, it wasn't easy for her to raise her son and daughter, she couldn't let the stinky man get away with it. Thus, she gritted her teeth, and Mi Zhixi immediately refused, "I don't want to marry …" The road to chasing a wife was a long one. Only then did Lan Mujing know that it was easy to have a woman's body, but it was even harder to have a woman's heart than to ascend to heaven …
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"Xiao Xi, ILOVEYOU." Outside the long glass window of Red Island Coffee Shop, dark blue English characters sparkled beautifully in the neon shadows.

Mi Yi Xi covered her lips in pleasant surprise, her eyes overflowing with emotions. Jing Chu Chen, this kind of pleasant surprise made her really happy and excited.

I love you.

Eighteen years old. Chu Chen was her eighteen year old present. He loved her, and she also loved him.

The neon light dimmed and the shadow of the lamp blurred. Mi Yi Xi lowered her head to glance at her wrist watch.

But, Jing Chu Chen still hadn't appeared in her field of vision.

Just then, a long shadow quietly hit the coffee table, attracting Mi Yi Xi's attention.

"You are..." ~ It seems that the woman in front of him is too similar to Jing Chu Chen.

"Is Miss Mi waiting for Chu Chen?" The woman smiled. "Can I sit down?"

"Auntie, please take a seat." Mi Yi Xi had already faintly guessed the identity of the woman, and hadn't expected that Jing Chu Chen would come looking for her just as he confessed to her.

But she's still a student. Isn't it a bit early to get married?

Thinking of this, Mi Yi Xi twisted the corner of her clothes lightly with her hands as her brain began to quickly think of ways to persuade Chu Chen's mother to wait a few more years until she graduated from university before getting married.

"Yixi, can I call you that?"

"Auntie, feel free." Mi Yi Xi smiled slightly.

The first time she saw her parents, without any warning or preparation, she was a little nervous. Her hands were wet from holding the handle of her coffee cup.

"Chu Chen has left. Before leaving, I have to pass you a letter."

"He's gone?" All expectations turned to nothingness.

Mi Yi Xi heard the frantic and chaotic beating of her heart. One beat after another, ripples surfaced on the surface of her lake.

Impossible, Chu Chen had just said 'ILOVEYOU' to her, she had not even digested the beauty of his words, how could he throw her out of heaven and into hell so quickly?

This is cruel.

The woman opposite to him picked up the coffee cup that the waiter handed to her, took a sip, and then opened the bag in her hands.

He took out an envelope and pushed it in front of Mi Yi Xi.

The contents of the sealed envelope were suddenly covered with layers of mystery.

His fingertips gently touched the ground. It was unknown if it was because he was shaking so much, or because this letter was too heavy, but Mi Yi Xi had to use a full five seconds to pick up the envelope.

Seeing Mi Yi Xi opening the envelope, her eyes slowly landed on the paper, and the woman continued to speak: Miss Mi, our Jing Clan only has Chu Chen, you are sick, we can't let our Chu Chen get married quickly and become a second wife, you can't just leave, you have to think about my Chu Chen, right?

This was the medical report for the first year of university.

In the advanced stages of liver cancer, the survival rate could not exceed three months.

Mi Yi Xi never thought that just a routine medical examination would end her life.

Three months. Hehe, her life is about to come to an end.

Mi Yi Xi took a deep breath, although his eyes were moist, they did not have crystal clear tears, nor were they pitiful. Instead, she calmly smiled at the lady in front of him and said, "Aunty, may I trouble you to tell Chu Chen that I wish him a happy life after meeting his true love?"

A happy life was the story of Chu Chen and another girl, it had nothing to do with her anymore …