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Find A Honey For Mommy

Find A Honey For Mommy



  One night, she had planned for a long time, her handsome but "sex" cold boyfriend drunk to the point of rolling over the sheets. Afterwards, she left a piece of paper, "happy to part with you", and took his seed far away. He was so angry that he never got close to a woman. He wholeheartedly immersed himself into Shang Hai to become a formidable businessman. "Five years later, the computers of some man who had blackened the city's' rich and handsome 'gave his mother a' ten thousand 'blind date." Are you Gao Fujun? " "What is it?" Do you think so? " "A certain man asked." "I think you're a rich and handsome man!" "Not bad, you have good eyes." "Then come home with me!" "Why would I want to go home with you?" To take you home to be my mother's husband, of course! "
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"Gu Dong, if we can execute it according to this time's Planning proposals, our Only Elites Online Shopping Shop and One Elites TV Shopping will definitely give us twice as much as before on the anniversary!"

The one who spoke was a woman with her soft breasts half exposed.

She was dressed in a black high—waisted suit and skirt, and she stood coquettishly by the projection screen.

In this huge meeting room, under a luxurious crystal chandelier, there were men and women sitting on both sides of the table. They were all wearing black suits and leather shoes.

Only the man sitting at the head of the conference table across from the projection screen was dressed in a silver—gray suit.

"The Gu Dong is currently a popular place in the Wechat Moment to be purchased from overseas. In fact, our Awareness Online Shopping Shop can also do it, and we can even guarantee that it will be a hundred percent genuine article …"

The corner of Zhang Pei Shan's mouth rose slightly, her lips red and her teeth white.

Whether it was intentional or not, she would always stroke the long hair on her chest. With a pair of enchanting eyes, she would always pay attention to Gu Rui Han's every move.

Gu Rui Han's facial features were deep and solid, the contours of his face was sharp and clear, and between his brows, a domineering air that only he could muster.

Just a slight movement of his lips was enough to captivate Zhang Pei Shan's heart. He wanted nothing more than to pounce at him and pull him into his chest.

Returning to the main topic, Zhang Pei Shan retracted her "ambition" towards Gu Rui Han and clicked on the last PPT.

"Gu Dong, the following are the main points of our Planning proposals this time!"

After Zhang Pei Shan finished explaining, she was preparing to talk about the next topic, but who knew that her laptop screen would suddenly go black.

"Sorry, maybe my computer is out of battery."

Zhang Pei Shan laughed awkwardly, a trace of displeasure flashed past her eyes, and she could not help but curse herself in her heart.

Damn it, he actually dropped the chain at such a critical moment!

Zhang Pei Shan quickly plugged in the power, causing the screen to light up.

She heaved a sigh of relief. She had thought that this would be the end of it. Unexpectedly, a cute four—dimensional color image of a baby appeared on the projection screen!

Gu Rui Han's sword—like eyebrows slightly raised, everyone present looked at the projection screen in astonishment. Only he had an indifferent look in his eyes, his fair and handsome face completely unperturbed.

He saw a picture on the black background. It was a baby with an earthy yellow color. It pouted its small mouth as it raised its chubby right hand to give a thumbs up to everyone.

Such a cute baby caused Zhang Pei Shan to turn pale with fright. She bent down and pressed the button to turn the computer on/off without any warning.

In an instant, Zhang Pei Shan's chest shone with an endless spring light, causing the gazes of all the males present to shift to her snow—white breasts which were wrapped in her bra.

But it was only Gu Rui Han, as his gaze was only focused on the projection screen from beginning to end.

The seduction did not work, Zhang Pei Shan frowned as she stood up straight.

She pressed the power button for a long time, but not only did the computer not respond, it even seemed to have its own consciousness as it played the following content:

A fresh baby, pink and wrinkled.

A Hundred Day Baby with her head up on the down blanket.

A July baby sitting in the grass laughing.

An August baby crawling slowly with a duckling.

A September baby with her mouth open showing her upper jaw and a small deciduous tooth.

After the photo was put down, the hearts of all the women seemed to have been softened by a baby.

Soon after, a red Ultraman mask appeared on the projection screen, and a red Ultraman sculpted suit appeared on the screen. He looked like a four or five—year—old child!

"Gu, Gu Dong … This is not the content of the Planning proposals, this must be … "It must be …"

Zhang Pei Shan was panicking.

Then, suddenly, she decided to turn off the projector and stop it.

However, the sound in the meeting room suddenly let out an ear—piercing screech, causing her to hurriedly cover her ears in fear, not daring to move another step forward.

After a burst of sound, the conference room suddenly became silent.

The next moment, the little kid wearing a red Ultraman mask started to speak, "handsome father ratio, after seeing so many lovely pictures of me, do you think I am very cute? Do you want to know who you made me with? "

Everyone sighed.

Zhang Pei Shan looked at Gu Rui Han who was seated opposite to him, at a loss.

A meaningful smile suddenly appeared on his lips. He was actually looking at the little kid wearing the Ultraman mask with interest.

"Then, at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, remember to come on time …" Wanda Music Fountain Plaza is looking for me! Otherwise, hehe, be careful that I don't turn all the computers around you black out! "Humph!"

After the baby girl finished speaking domineeringly, the screen went black and Zhang Pei Shan's laptop finally returned to normal.

Immediately, everyone whispered to each other as they discussed animatedly.

"Isn't Gu Dong still unmarried? How can there be children? "

"Who knows, maybe he's just an illegitimate child!"

"However... The babies in front who were from the photo looked quite similar to Gu Dong! "

Zhang Pei Shan closed her computer in a fluster and looked at Gu Rui Han innocently.

"Gu, Gu Dong … This … this child on top … No, not mine! It's me. It's my computer, seems like it's infected … "

Zhang Pei Shan stammered as she explained.

Gu Rui Han listened but did not make a sound.

The others shut up.

At the moment, the atmosphere in the conference hall was tense and silent.

Zhang Pei Shan looked at Gu Rui Han worriedly.

The light in his eyes dimmed slightly. His smile had already disappeared. He then indifferently stood up and left.


The meticulous man who had been waiting at the side the whole time was Gu Rui Han's personal special assistance — — Kun Jie.

"Cough!" Zhang Pei Shan coughed and immediately got her attention.

Seeing that Kun Jie was looking his way, Zhang Pei Shan looked at him with hope, hoping that he would be able to help his.

In the end, Kun Jie remained expressionless and ignored Zhang Pei Shan's existence. He continued to pack up Gu Rui Han's briefcase and followed him out of the room in a hurry.

Zhang Pei Shan frowned, bit her lips, and watched the two of them walk out of the meeting room.

Do you have to be so weak!

The reason she proposed to her boss Huang Xuan You was because she wanted to get close to Boss who was a part of Gu Group, and also wanted to get close from Gu Rui Han.

Zhang Pei Shan was not willing to be that woman's "lackey" for the rest of her life!

At this time, Huang Xuan You, who was sitting on the side with her arms crossed, was extremely beautiful and elegant. As the Director of Only You, not only did she not comfort her subordinates, she even sneered at Zhang Pei Shan, this woman who did not know her limits.

From the looks of it, Zhang Pei Shan's Planning proposals had been killed silently!

"Director Huang..." Zhang Pei Shan pouted her red lips and walked over to Huang Xuan You.