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My Sweetheart At School

My Sweetheart At School



  Wasn't it just calling him husband? Why is it not over yet? A certain man said, "I helped Miss Xia, so it's not too much to treat me to a meal, is it?" "Hmm …" A certain man said, "I helped Miss Xia, so it wouldn't be too much to borrow your help for a few days, right?" "En!" Xia Yi was speechless. If it wasn't for her grandfather's orders to send her back to the country, she wouldn't have been so patient! But! A certain man said, "I helped you out, so it's not too much for you to sleep, right?" Sleep your head? "You damned pervert!" Xia Yi wanted to escape, but when a man pampered her, he wouldn't allow her to take even half a step away from him! But how could he run with a ball in his stomach?
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"Yao Yao, listen to uncle and take your medicine on time. You can't be too excited, and you can't be too careless — — Sigh, Yao Yao, I can still finish my words!"

"Got it, Uncle Meng. Stop nagging. It hurts my ears. I'm leaving!"

"This child, take care of your rest. Your anemia is very serious!" Meng Xiang looked at Xia Yi who was about to leave and said.

Xia Yi was nineteen years old this year, and her nickname was Yao Yao. She, who did not like strong makeup, appeared even more natural and unrestrained when she was her age. With black curly hair, big eyes, soft and tender skin, coupled with her height of 170, she looked just like a real beauty.

"Uncle Meng really made a fuss about nothing. Isn't it just anemia? I have to explain it to mom again!"

The Uncle Meng that Xia Yi spoke of was a close friend of his father, who used to be a director of his company. However, Meng Xiang really liked medicine later on, so she left the company to work in a hospital. She was now a surgeon, and was also a medical professor hired by Gao Jin from several universities in the country.

Just as Xia Yi left the hospital, she received a call from her good friend Qi Xiao Xiao.

"What did he win?"

"You win. The top scholar isn't you. Why?" You are obviously very powerful! " Qi Xiao Xiao said in a dissatisfied tone. She thought that anyone who could agree to Xia Yi's request would win the first place, but who would have thought that Xia Yi, who usually had excellent results, would not even make it to the top ten.

"Ah, yes? This was within Xia Yi's expectations. It was because she did not finish answering the question, so she did not want to be the top scholar. It was because she did not want to go abroad.

"There's one more piece of bad news!"

"What is it? Is there anything worse than this? "

"Xu Zhe is the top scholar?"

"What?" Xia Yi asked in shock.

"Isn't he missing? "Stop joking around!"

"I'm not joking with you, forget it, even if I told you, you wouldn't care, so I think it's better if I go find my Yun Xi."

"Hello? Qi Xiao Xiao, this damned child, hang up my phone. "

"Ahhh! It hurts!"

Just as Xia Yi was about to give Qi Xiao Xiao a call, she bumped into someone. Raising her head, she saw that the man's face was pale white, and her left hand was covering her stomach.

It was really handsome, 185, with a perfect figure. White, tall, handsome. But wait, no, why did this man put his hand on her shoulder?

"Hey, what are you doing!" Xia Yi roared as she looked at Mu Rong Han.

"Don't say anything!"

"Hey, why aren't you letting me speak? I just bumped into you, do you have to go — oh!" Before Xia Yi could finish, Mu Rong Han had already kissed him.

"You guys go over there and look. You must find that brat!" Mu Rong Han heard the voices behind him getting farther and farther away, so he let go of the person in front of him.

But at this time, Xia Yi was completely baffled.

"Am I dreaming? No, no, no … I must be dreaming! Mhmm! I'm dreaming!"


"Just who are you!?" "Who sent you?" Xia Yi grabbed Mu Rong Han's collar!

Mu Rong Han looked like a Xia Yi. This woman's looks were not bad after all, and he would not suffer any losses. If Xia Yi knew what Mu Rong Han was thinking at this moment, he would definitely tear her into a thousand pieces!

"What are you leaving for? I'm still here. You bumped into me, and even stole my first kiss. Why do you want me to leave?"

"He's over there, big brother!" A lackey behind him shouted at the knife—scarred man!

"Run!" Mu Rong Han pulled Xia Yi's hand and was about to run.

"Hey, wait, what's going on with you! — — Be careful!" Just as Xia Yi was about to struggle free from Mu Rong Han's hands, she saw someone from behind take out a blade.