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The Lovely Doctor Consort

The Lovely Doctor Consort



  She was the softhearted head of the supreme ancient doctor family, known as the "hands-on poison doctor". When she opened her eyes, she turned into a "raw" naughty good-for-nothing who had become a laughingstock. A trash of a man and a lowly woman teasing and toying with him? Let's talk about it after the needle was destroyed! High-grade medicinal herbs that could move one's heart? With a flip of his hand, a pot of soup came out! Rare medicines going all out for it? A dozen would grow out of every minute in the space! "Let's see how the manual poison doctor Su Mu Li will transform into a face-smacking demon and attack with trash!" Look, that's the Su Clan's trash, Su Mu Li … " "Hehe, everyone who says that Su Mu is trash is an idiot!" Su Da's begging for mercy! " A certain Demon Emperor with a paralyzed face extended his hand, "Li'er, I want to hug you as well." Su Muli's gentle face: "Sneak away!" A certain Demon Emperor silently approached closer. His handsome, emotionless face suddenly broke into a smile that was like a flower. "If Li'er likes it, then I can also be more sensible."
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The Illusionary Spirit Continent, which was normally a silent forbidden ground of the Su Family, was bustling with noise and excitement today.


Accompanied by a loud beast roar, the Velocibeast suddenly pounced towards the badly injured girl.


However, what was even faster than the Velocibeast was the girl's contracted spirit cat.

"No!" The girl's eyes widened as she let out an extremely hoarse scream of despair.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

The black spirit cat in front of her was unable to stop the sharp teeth of the raptor, and its breastbone was crushed!


The sharp teeth of the Velocibeast instantly pierced the heart of the spirit cat!

The kitten painfully opened its round golden eyes wide. It took one last look at the paralyzed girl on the ground and let out a weak "meow". Slowly, its eyes became deathly still.

"No!" Don't die! Meow meow! "Don't die!"

The young girl was bright and beautiful, and although she was only twenty or eight years old, she was already extremely dazzling. I believe that in a few years, she will definitely become the most beautiful woman in the entire Great Business Empire.

The only flaw was the girl's dull expression. Although she was already sixteen, her expression and tone were no different than a three to four—year—old child's.

Clearly, this beautiful young lady was a fool.

At this moment, just as the spirit cat's corpse was about to be devoured by the Velocibeast, the young lady desperately jumped up and stuck her fingers into the Velocibeast's eyes!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The Velocibeast let out a loud howl of pain and suddenly flung away the spirit cat's corpse. It then charged towards the girl, causing the girl's chest to cave in and she died instantly.

Just like the spirit cat, the young girl's eyes were filled with grievance when she died. She looked in the direction of the spirit cat, her tears blurring the blood on her face.

The severely injured Velocibeast opened its mouth as it was about to bite the girl's corpse. However, it was caught off guard as a sword beam suddenly shot out from the shrubbery and struck its other eye!

The Velocibeast let out a furious roar. Sensing that the owner of the sword energy was capable of killing it, it immediately fled with its tail between its legs.

"Is that enough?"

Two figures, one tall and one short, walked out from the bushes. They sneakily looked at the corpse of the young girl and the spirit cat with expressions of disgust.

"What can I do? We still have to sprinkle this beast repelling powder on our eldest miss to ensure that she won't be eaten by any demon beasts for a day! The Second Miss has already made arrangements, in the morning, I will invite the Crown Prince to watch the demon beasts eat humans! "

The taller one sneered as he shook the powder in his hand onto the young girl's body.

"What the f * ck!" "How vicious!" The short one clicked his tongue, "But our young lady deserves it. She's silly and infatuated, and she even went around flaunting that she gave birth to a spirit cat. Just based on her, she's worthy to be the crown prince!" Even if I die, it's a waste of time! "

Lowering his head, he saw that there was a silver chain on the girl's neck hidden inside her clothes. Immediately, greed arose in his heart as he stretched out his hand to grab the girl's clothes.

The tall one also joined in.

They didn't notice that while they were fighting, the barrier of the forbidden area suddenly trembled. The blood of the spirit cat and the young girl mixed together and began to slowly flow back!

The originally dead Spirit Cat slowly moved, and its wound that was still dripping blood actually began to heal!

As for the girl, her pupils, which had originally been empty and deathly still, actually contracted as they gradually began to radiate with light!

That pair of beautiful phoenix eyes gradually turned from a confused state to a sharp and cold one, finally settling into a calm and cold one.

… ….

As Su Mu Li looked at the two people who were busy bowing their heads, the corner of his mouth slowly drew out a gentle and calm smile.

She didn't expect that after killing off all her enemies who had come to snatch her Family's medical manual and cultivation technique, she hadn't died, but rather used her corpse to return her soul to another world.

Furthermore, the moment she opened her eyes, she saw two people stripping her clothes and stealing her things!

She hated being hit by dirty things the most!

Without any hesitation, Su Mu Li picked up the dagger on the ground and slashed fiercely, separating the two people's wrist and palm in an instant.

Pata! Pata!

His palm fell to the ground, causing blood to splash out.


"Ao! Ao! Ao!"

The two of them were stunned for a while. They clutched their broken wrists and rolled on the ground in pain, wailing like wolves!

Su Mu Li, who had been struck by a foreign memory, felt an even greater headache. She raised his hand and pinched the center of his brows, feeling the pain, his eyes drooping down as he shouted coldly: "Shut up!"

Her voice wasn't that strict. At most, it was just a light reprimand. However, the two people on the ground seemed to have been called by the Infernal King, as they bit their lips in fear.

"Make another noise and I'll cut off your tongues!"

Su Mu Li nodded in satisfaction before frowning and closing his eyes.

The next time she opened her eyes, she understood everything.

He, Su Mu Li, the youngest Family Head of the Ancient Chinese Medical Family, after passing away from death, used his body to return the dead's soul, and became the laughing stock of the Great Business Empire.

The original owner's life was a tragedy. In order to save her fiancé, she became a cripple, but was instead rejected by her fiancé.

That useless man coveted the former owner's second sister, Su Muxue's beauty, but he was also unwilling to bear the ingratitude of her name. Thus, he hooked up with Su Muxue, framed many times, insulted the former owner, and ruined her reputation.

This time, in order to curry favor with that scumbag, Su Mu Xue had even directly caused the original owner and her demon beasts to die a miserable death!

It was simply unforgivable!

Su Mu Li looked down at the spirit cat's body on the ground.

She carefully arranged her clothes and extended her hand to hold the spirit cat in her embrace with great care. She carefully caressed the spirit cat's stiff body, revealing a gentle smile at the corner of her mouth.

This Meow was the original owner's "biological son", so it was Su Mu Li's!

"I will avenge you and Cat!" Su Mu Li whispered. He had a gentle demeanor, and his eyes were sharp.

At that moment, although Su Mu Li's clothes were in a mess, and his entire body was covered in blood, he had the aura of a strong Ranker, and with his bright and beautiful face, it was hard for people's eyes to shift away.

However, the two people, one tall and the other short, only felt that the scene before their eyes was extremely terrifying.

The girl who was smiling at them while hugging the spirit cat's corpse was no different from a suicidal god of the underworld!

"Su Mu Li, what do you want to do? I tell you, if you dare to touch us! The Second Miss and the Crown Prince will not let you off! "

The short one covered his severed arm and screamed in fear. Obviously, he had realized that his death was imminent.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

A steel needle suddenly appeared in Su Mu Li's hand, and pierced into the short man's Dantian.



After a dull thud, the short man immediately let out a miserable shriek. Not long later, he collapsed to the ground, bleeding from every orifice. He died with everlasting regret — his Dantian had exploded!

"Aiya, he hit me hard the moment I got angry. Actually, I still have something to ask him." Su Mu Li's face revealed an apologetic smile, he turned and looked at the tall one: "How about, I interrogate you?"

"No, no, no! No torture! Don't prick me! I say I say everything! This is what the Second Miss wanted us to do! She was the one who drugged you and told us to throw you into the forbidden area! "

"Second Miss originally wanted to steal your 'son' and dig out the spirit core! But your 'son' suddenly advanced and came after you, and died to protect you! "

"Second Miss also said that she would bring the crown prince here tomorrow afternoon to watch you get eaten!"

"Really! What I said was true! Don't kill me, wuuuuuu …. "

When had the tall man ever seen such a terrifying technique?

Just a small steel needle was enough to cause his companion, who was already at the Core Formation stage, to self—destruct his dantian!

This was too scary!

He wanted to go home, and he would never go against Eldest Miss again!

However, what answered him was Su Mu Li's gentle smile, as well as a steel needle that had also pierced his dantian!

'Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Do you want to watch me die without a complete corpse? '

They also wanted to see if Su Mu Li, the poison doctor, would agree to it!