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The Revival of Miss Doctor

The Revival of Miss Doctor



  She was the successor to the Ghost Doctor. She bore a grudge, and once her soul transmigrated, she was reborn into the body of a good-for-nothing that had been tortured by poison. When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the trash Third Miss who was being bullied and tortured. She had relied on her medical skills to awaken her innate talent. From now on, she was going to be her own master. As a low-key person, as a high-profile worker, she had always been a 'peace lover', and did not like 'fighting and killing'. As long as they did not bully her, she would be a cute 'little sheep'. He took his adorable pets and went out for sightseeing, taking in his subordinates and flirting with little girls. Puzzled, she brought the cute little girl around the world. When had she provoked a facial paralysis? Even though he had a nice face and eight abs of abs that he really wanted to touch … Cough! "But what the hell is with this paralyzed personality!" Great sir, do you like it? " "Pointing at his face, he blinked his eyes as he looked at Master Dian." "Yes!" "Alright, your words are like gold!" Great sir, are you satisfied? " "Then obediently beat up the lord's legs and looked at the lord with a fawning expression." "Yes!" "My lord is also a paralyzed lord." Great sir, can't I leave? " I have a fiancee by my side? "Why can't I leave?" "How dare you!" It was not easy... The old man finally said one more word!
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A sunny day.

In a corner that no one knew of, there was the most tragic scene.

A young girl, wearing a tattered robe, was hanging in the sky, whipping after whipping at her ruthlessly.

Blood had dripped to the ground and there was nothing left on her body. Her skin was lacerated, and every time the thorns on the whip lashed out, they would take away a shred of her flesh. The girl was no longer able to shout; she was on her last breath.

"Scream, continue shouting!" See who will save you! "Hahaha..." The youth ruthlessly mocked. Behind the youth, a well—dressed girl arrogantly raised her head. There was a satisfied smile on her face, but her eyes were filled with disdain as she looked at the girl being hanged.

"Little brother Xuan, stop hitting her. Save her breath!" I don't want to let her go! " The girl's voice was clear and moving, but her words sent chills down everyone's spines.

"Sis, are we going to let her off just like that?" The young man was clearly not satisfied and whipped him again.

"Look at her dead look, what other fun is there!?" "Let's play again next time!" The young girl smiled as she comforted him. She stepped forward and stroked the youth's head.

"It's useless even if this trash doesn't die. I really don't know why grandfather still wants to keep her. He actually dared to peek at the one in his sister's heart. He deserved to die even more! We should have dug out her eyeballs and kept her in shame for the rest of her life. " The youth said angrily. However, when he saw the young girl in a sorry state, he seemed to be in a much happier mood.

"Is the Big Brother Ye something she can see? You clearly have an ugly face, but you still dare to look at my Big Brother Ye! " The young girl agreed with what his little brother said. He had a bashful expression when he spoke of the one he loved.

"Sis, let's go!" I heard that Brother Ye is going to watch the Beast Competition today... " Seeing the bashful look on his sister's face, the youth smiled in his heart.

"Then let's go! "Hee hee!" The moment she heard news about the Big Brother Ye, the young girl immediately pulled the youth away in a hurry. The two of them completely disregarded the young girl who was still half—dead on the tree, and threw her there.

As the young girl watched the two leave, her eyes were filled with hatred. She hated them, she hated them! She hated him!

It was a pity that she no longer had the chance to take revenge. Her heavy eyelids told her that she didn't have much time left. No matter how much she hated him, the heavens wouldn't give her another chance …

Finally, the young girl closed her eyes forever …

A gust of evil wind blew past, and a bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the clear sky, striking right at the girl's corpse. The girl abruptly opened her eyes, and the sharp killing intent in her eyes shocked everyone.

The young girl suddenly scratched her leg and wrapped the rope around the tree. With a force of her leg, the rope was broken. The young girl turned around beautifully in the air and landed on her feet.

"I will help you repay your grievances. I will help you take revenge, and leave this place in peace!" No matter how much the young girl opened her eyes, a cold and emotionless light flickered within. She was her, but it was no longer her.

A cold wind blew. In front of the girl, where the sunlight couldn't reach, a white figure bowed to the girl. In the blink of an eye, the white figure had already disappeared.

"A world where the strong are revered? This really suits my taste! " The young girl clenched her fist, but she could not help but frown. This body is too weak, no wonder people always bully me. "

Following the memories in her body, the young girl passed through countless small paths and returned to her dilapidated courtyard. After changing into a new set of clothes and seeing the wounds on her body from whipping, the young girl disdainfully clicked her tongue.