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Spoil My Sweet Wife

Spoil My Sweet Wife



  The elders of the Qin Clan had a high and cold demeanor, but when Ye Xianglang married him, he received a large amount of tears of sympathy. One of the rumors he couldn't believe was that the Qin family's elder was a gay. Some taunted Ye Xianglang. Only a man would want to be married off to an empty house! She proudly expressed, her husband is amazing, the night life of the beautiful do not want not, jealous of the Little Bitch! A year later, when Ye Xiang Ye became pregnant and gave birth to his precious son, Qin Jingxuan received a lot of comfort. Rumors that he could not believe were two: The Qin family's elder had been cuckolded. Ye Xianglang was angered: "Qin Jingxuan, I want to separate from you. You are not allowed to touch me until the rumors about our son have subsided!" Qin Jingxuan pursed her lips. 'My wife is good, don't mess around. If I can't satisfy one, then I'll give birth to another …'
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So hot.

The blood seemed to be burning.

The young woman leaned lightly against the white porcelain wall, a cold feeling flowing down her spine, temporarily suppressing the boiling heat in her blood.

She took a deep breath, and her taut lines relaxed.

Damn it, he was just in a bad mood to get some fresh air, how did he fall for it?

If she knew who drugged her, she would definitely skin that person alive!

Qin Jing Xuan stopped in his tracks as he walked into the bathroom.

A slim woman leaned against the cold brick wall and lightly rubbed against it. She wore a beautiful white dress.

Her forehead was soaked with sweat, and droplets of it snaked down her beautiful neck. Her skin, which was as thin as porcelain, glimmered in the light.

She had her eyes closed, her long eyelashes trembling in a fragile manner. Under the pale light, she was especially charming.

Hearing footsteps coming in, Ye Xiang Wan immediately opened her eyes.

She subconsciously looked towards the door.

The man was tall and had delicate facial features. His eyes lingered on her for only a moment before he moved his gaze away. He walked towards the bathroom on his left with steady steps.

Ye Xiang Wan squinted at the side of the man's face as he whistled.

So handsome.

Qin Jing Xuan's feet did not stop moving, as though he was already used to women's captivating gazes.

Just as he was wiping his shoulders with Ye Xiang Wan, he suddenly felt a hand on Ye Xiang Wan's shoulder, preparing to push open the bathroom door, causing him to hear a pleasant voice resounding in his ears.

Ye Xiang Wan leaned on a brick wall with half of her body, smiled and leaned towards Qin Jing Xuan, and said softly: "Handsome brother, how much will I charge you for one night?"

Qin Jing Xuan glanced at the delicate little hand that belonged to a woman on his arm, and glanced to the side.

"Even if I sell it, you won't be able to afford it."

Ye Xiang Wan could clearly feel the indifference and contempt in the man's words, but how could she care about that under the effects of the medicine?

The man's sexy voice enchanted her even more as she greedily looked at the side of his handsome face.

Qin Jing Xuan had always hated people touching him.

He coldly took Ye Xiang Wan's hand away, pushed open the bathroom door and walked in.

Ye Xiang Wan was about to follow along, but after walking a step, she saw the man in front say without turning his head, "Look up."

Ye Xiang Wan subconsciously raised her head.

She didn't know why, but this man seemed to be someone who stayed in power all year round. His every move, every word, and every glance had an inexplicable deterrent force that made people want to obey him.

When she looked up, she saw the sign above the door.

[men's room].

She knew it was the men's room.

A lady stops or something, she won't.

Ye Xiang Wan lowered her head, her gaze of admiration once again landing on that man's body.

So handsome.

The voice was pleasant.

Good figure.

Qin Jing Xuan half turned his body, his bony fingers resting on the zipper of his pants, not moving for a long time.

She had thought she would see the sign for the men's room and know that the lady had stopped, but she was actually going to come in.

He looked at her coldly.

"F * ck off."

A short word, cold to the bone.

It was colder than the look in his eyes.

Ye Xiang Wan subconsciously shivered, her slightly lost consciousness under the effects of the medicine suddenly recovering a little bit when his cold eyes pierced over.

When he saw the cold look in the man's eyes again, Ye Xiang Wan immediately shut the door to the bathroom with his dog like legs.

Raising her head, the light from the crystal lamp pierced Ye Xiang Wan's eyes ruthlessly, causing her to regain some clarity of mind.

Like an arrow, he rushed to the front of the basin and turned on the faucet. The cold water poured over his face, finally suppressing the roaring beast in his blood and bringing it back to consciousness.

Thinking back to what he had just done, Ye Xiang Wan felt like crashing into a wall.

She pressed her forehead hard against the cold sink.

He tapped the sink.

He was too embarrassed to meet anyone.

Hurry up and get out of here before the person inside comes out!

In any case, he knew that he knew that I knew, and as long as I didn't see that man again, no one would ever know that such a disgraceful thing had happened.

Just as Ye Xiang Wan turned around, hurried footsteps came from the entrance.

A obese man walked in.

Seeing Ye Xiang Wan, the fatty's eyes lit up. She smiled and said, "Beautiful girl, you have finally let me, your uncle, find you?"


Ye Xiang Wan felt like she was going blind.

A man who was old enough to be her father was actually looking at her like that!

She had a broken voice, yet she still called the little beauty soft!

Beautiful your head!

"Today, you won't be able to escape from your uncle's grasp. Be obedient and accompany your uncle —"

Fatty walked towards Ye Xiang Wan while laughing obscenely.

Ye Xiang Wan thought, unless something unexpected happened, the one who drugged him would be this fatty!

He was fat and had a ton of weight. If he were to kick him, he probably wouldn't be able to overtake him. On the contrary, he would twist his leg. Violence was not an option, and he couldn't defeat the other party.

Ye Xiang Wan's eyes turned and she suddenly had an idea.

Her gaze swept across him once through the three paths up and down, and then looked down at him with an expression of nostalgia and sadness. She said softly, "Uncle, you … I used to have one. "

"... "Huh?"

The fatty was stunned, he did not understand what Ye Xiang Wan meant.

Ye Xiang Wan pointed to the area below his waist and sighed: "Um, I had this before, and I'm older than you."


Fatty lowered his head and looked at a certain spot on his body. He was starting to understand something, he thought.

However, his expression was darker than before.

Ye Xiang Wan acted as if he did not notice his change in expression and continued to talk to herself: "I used to like a guy in the same dorm, but he said that she didn't like men, so I gritted my teeth and cruelly went to Thailand and had a sex change surgery. Yet, when I returned, he found me disgusting, saying that I was abnormal and even my friendship had broken down … "

The more Fatty listened, the more stiff his expression became.

His gaze swept back and forth across Ye Xiang Wan's waist, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Ye Xiang Wan was still immersed in her own narration.

"Tell me, how could there be such a heartless man? I went to Thailand for surgery because of him, and when I came back, my parents beat me half to death. I dragged my wounds to find him, and it was raining so heavily, yet he locked me up outside the dorm, telling me never to look for him again …"


The corner of Fatty's mouth twitched even more and his face turned extremely dark.

Looking at Ye Xiang Wan's beautiful face, he suddenly felt a chill!

Ye Xiang Wan looked up at the fatty and blinked her eyes.

"Uncle, you don't believe me? Let me show you. The surgical scars are still there. "

"Uncle, why do you look so ugly?"

"Hey!" Why are you running! You can't afford to play big, so don't mess with me! "

Ye Xiang Wan had not finished speaking when the fatty turned around and ran out as if she had seen something disgusting.

Ye Xiang Wan watched as the person disappeared before his eyes. After a long while, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

What was the reason for the last person she had scared away?

Oh, I remember that time when she told people that she was an AIDS patient, they were scared to the point that their little faces turned pale and they ran away.

Hmph, a disgusting man like him should be scared like this a few times.

Let's see if they dare to lay their hands on a beautiful woman next time!

Inside the bathroom, Qin Jing Xuan looked in the direction of the door, listening to the sound of the woman's heels slowly leaving him, and the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile.

What an interesting woman.

This was the first time he had seen such a method of self—preservation.

However, it was a pity. She had thought that she was the stage girl in the bar, so she didn't pay much attention to her looks due to her disgust.

Even if he had the chance to meet her in the future, he wouldn't be able to recognize her.