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Rich Daddy and Poor Mom

Rich Daddy and Poor Mom



  He was the CEO of the Mu’s Group. He had a respectable status and a domineering attitude. His biggest weakness was that he doted on his daughter. For his precious daughter, he came to her and signed a contract for her to be his daughter’s nanny. She thought it would be fine to stick to the contract, but he interfered more and more with her, driving away every man around her without leaving a trace, locking her in his arms, saying to her affectionately and tyrannically, “We should give a companion to our daughter.”
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Zhang Xiao turned her bicycle and entered City T's number one hotel — Dragon Court Hotel. When the hotel's security guard saw her, her eyes were a little stunned. It was probably because she had never seen anyone riding a bicycle into the Dragon Court Hotel before.

"Miss Zhang, you're here. Our Third Young Master is waiting inside." Just as Zhang Xiao parked her bicycle, a man who looked like a bodyguard walked over and politely invited her in.

Zhang Xiao did not speak, and quietly followed the bodyguard into the hotel.

The Dragon Court Hotel was luxurious and grand. It was a hotel owned by the Mu Group and the Mu was the richest family in the city. But Zhang Xiao was not attracted by the luxury of the hotel, she did not even have to look around.

From the moment she had followed her bodyguard into the hotel, every move she made had fallen into the line of sight of a certain man.

"Mother, mother …"

The little girl who was being carried by a man and sat in front of the surveillance camera staring at Zhang Xiao. When she saw Zhang Xiao through the surveillance footage, her little body immediately leaned forward, her pretty little face showing a fervent expression. She continuously called out to Zhang Xiao, "Mom, Mom."

"Mu Ya." The man called the girl softly, hugging her tightly, afraid that she would fall down. A nanny who was standing beside him said respectfully: "Third Young Master, leave Young Miss to me."

"She wants to see her 'mother'. Let her see. I'll just hold her." The man replied in a low voice to the nanny.

The nanny wanted to say that Zhang Xiao was not Mu Ya's mother, but she did not dare to say so, because Mu Ya's mother had already died a year ago due to an accident. Third Young Master had very deep feelings for him, and the mere mention of him was equivalent to exposing her wounds.

"Mom, Mom."

Mu Ya screamed continuously, her body was also struggling, and she really wanted to jump onto the screen.

The man had to put a little more strength into hugging the child.

The nanny looked at this scene with sorrow.

The reason why Mu Ya called Zhang Xiao her mother was because a few days ago, their Third Young Master s rarely had time. Passing by the biggest night market in T City, Third Young Master's car almost bumped into a cart. It was a cart holding spicy stick s, and the owner of the cart was Zhang Xiao.

This was originally a very small and unexpected matter. After all, they hadn't bumped into each other yet. But no one would have thought that when the little Mu Ya saw Zhang Xiao through the car window, she, who had never spoken before, would actually call him "mother", and cry for him to ask for Zhang Xiao.

When Third Young Master was surprised that her daughter would become a mother for an unfamiliar girl who looked completely different from her mother, she was also surprised by her son's crying.

Mu Ya's crying spree continued for a few days until everyone had no other choice. Only then did the Third Young Master send someone to contact Zhang Xiao and arrange for him to meet up at the Dragon Court Hotel.

In this room, besides the nanny, there were four other bodyguards. All of them were in suit, and two of them were standing not far behind the man. The two of them were standing at the door of the room.

Outside the door was the manager of the Dragon Court Hotel.

It was because the man carrying the little girl was Mu Group's manager, Third Young Master, Third Young Master Mu Chen.

Zhang Xiao followed the bodyguard to the big room that Mu Chen was in, and was brought in by the manager. After she went in, Mu Chen waved his hand, signalling for everyone to go out of the room.

Seeing the surveillance footage in front of Mu Chen, Zhang Xiao only glanced at it once before shifting her gaze to the little girl. Mu Ya was very cute, fair and clear. Her pair of big black eyes rolled around, her eyes were so clear and pure that people couldn't even bear to look straight at them, afraid that the mortal world's vulgarity would pollute her. She was wearing a pink princess dress, which made her look even cuter. With just a glance, Zhang Xiao had fallen for this child.

"Mom, Mom."

When Mu Ya saw Zhang Xiao, she immediately struggled in hherfather's embrace. Mu Chen released her hands at the right time, allowing Mu Ya to slip off the ground. She jogged unsteadily in front of Zhang Xiao, his little hands hugging onto Zhang Xiao's calves as she raised her head and called out incessantly, "Mother, mother."

Being called like this, Zhang Xiao's heart softened into a pool of spring water. She bent down and hugged Mu Ya, and then lovingly kissed Mu Ya's little face a few times, as if she had taken back the part where she had been wrongly addressed as mother.


Mu Ya hugged Zhang Xiao's neck tightly, looking extremely intimate. It made Zhang Xiao want to tell the child that she wasn't his mother, but she couldn't say anything.

Mu Chen turned around as his deep black eyes focused on Zhang Xiao. She wore a light blue T—shirt and beige pants. Although her appearance was ordinary, it couldn't cover up her natural beauty.

"Many children would call out for their mother seven or eight months ago, but Mu Ya only called out for their mother when she was one and a half years old. Mu Chen did not come over, his low voice had the feeling that it ached for her daughter.

Zhang Xiao looked at the cute girl in her arms and casually asked: "Where's her mother?"

Mu Chen pursed his lips, pain faintly suffused his black eyes. The gaze he used to look at Zhang Xiao seemed to contain an indescribable resentment, but that resentment had flashed past his eyes. Only after a while did he reply in a low voice: "A year ago, I had a car accident and died."

Hearing that, Zhang Xiao raised her head to look at Mu Chen, and coincidentally caught sight of the pain in his eyes. She knew that was pained by his wife's departure, and apologetically said: "I'm sorry, I don't know."

Mu Chen did not speak, but used a gentle gaze to look at her daughter, who was still hugging onto Zhang Xiao and not letting her go. The expression in her eyes was again ever—changing, but in the end she still said in a gentle and heavy tone, "Do you remember how I nearly bumped into you a few days ago at the night market?"

Zhang Xiao nodded.

She remembered because Mu Chen had rolled down the window at that time and had stared at her coldly. That glance, was something she couldn't forget for several days.

"When Mu Ya saw you that day, she started to call you mother. She kept crying, and no one could coax her, and she kept calling her mother. I've hired a lot of nannies to take care of her, and my family dotes on her, but she never spoke. Only when they saw you did they speak.

Mu Chen's explanation was still warm and heavy, his voice was pleasant to the ears, mellow like wine, intoxicating one to hear.

Hearing Mu Chen's explanation, Zhang Xiao was a little surprised. A one—and—a—half year old child, with just a glance, considered an unfamiliar woman to be a mother? Lowering her eyes, she looked at the child in her arms. The child's adorable appearance once again softened her heart.

He gently pulled away the small hands of Mu Ya who was hugging her neck, then affectionately kissed Mu Ya's small face again. She then looked at Mu Chen and probingly asked: "You want to hire me as your babysitter?"

Mu Chen pursed his lips again, as if he was considering how to start.

Zhang Xiao was unable to wait for an answer, her gaze returned to the little girl who was in her embrace. After crying for so many days, Mu Ya finally saw his mother. Now, she was still tightly hugging him, afraid that if he let go, his mother would fly away.

"Miss Zhang, take a seat." Mu Chen suddenly invited Zhang Xiao to sit down.

The two of them had never introduced themselves, but Mu Chen knew Zhang Xiao's name. If Young Miss saw Zhang Xiao as his mother, he would definitely ask for Zhang Xiao's name.

"If Mr. Mou has something he wants to say, just say it." Zhang Xiao carried Mu Ya to the sofa and sat down.

She knew Mu Chen, Mu's manager, people would know him if he was on TV or in the newspapers.

Mu Chen walked over and sat down opposite of Zhang Xiao. His black eyes were still looking at Zhang Xiao, and after a while, he forced out a sentence: "I would like to invite Miss Zhang to be Mu Ya's mother."

Zhang Xiao was startled.

He sounded like he was proposing marriage.