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Two Different Loves

Two Different Loves



  He was an eye-catching superstar, and by some coincidence, she took part in his MV talent show. He threw her into a roll call, modified the MV story, made her look like a corpse in the rain until she had diarrhea; she stepped on his toes, broke his microphone, caused him to suddenly lose his voice; he was the domineering second generation of the chauffeur; coincidently, she recruited his tutor, he fought, drank, and went out to nightclubs …. He purposely fell to corruption for her to see, but she bitterly studied hard, ascended to the heavens, and advised him to be a new person! He was like a natural mortal enemy to her! He was her absolute nemesis! But they both said love to her at the same time, what kind of game was this! No! No! No! She was carrying a huge loan in her family! Therefore, the only things in her dictionary were working, earning money, paying off debts, and paying off debts!
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The sunset, blue sea, silver sand.

The scenery was picturesque.

A youth stood there bathed in blood.

The sunset was bright and warm, yet it could not match up to one of his silhouettes. His white clothes were soaked in blood, and he was lonely and murderous.


The director stopped him in satisfaction. Only then did the youth turn around. His ice—sculpture—like handsome face was stained with blood. He looked devilishly charming, causing screams to ring out all around him.

"Ji Xing Ze!"

"Ji Xing Ze! Ji Xing Ze! "

Outside the cordon, excited young men and women were waving and shouting.

As for him, he indifferently turned around and walked back to his resting chair to pick up the script. He didn't even look at them.

The assistant quickly helped him put on his windbreaker and handed him a long prepared soup.

The stylist also rushed over to help him with his makeup and to repaint his blood plasma.

The assistant director stood respectfully to the side, reminding him of the next scene that needed his attention.

All eyes were on him.

Except for the petite figure who was carrying a large backpack outside of the crowd.

"3, 2, 1, 0! "Let 'sgo!"

After the countdown, Lin Qian Yue clenched her fists, gritted her teeth, withdrew her abdomen, raised her head, stuck out her chest, and with the determination of a warrior breaking a wrist, she rushed into the crowd.

Wasn't it just selling things? She could do it!

Even though the things she was selling were a bit hard to say …

But none of this matters in the face of money.

"Hello, beautiful girl. I don't know if you brought any daily necessities this spring. If you need anything, you can come find me." If you did not bring the sanitary cotton, as long as you make this call, you will be delivered to your doorstep! "

Lin Qian Yue said to every girl with a bright smile on her face, conveniently giving out her "business cards" one after another.

It was called a "business card," but it was actually just a handmade piece of paper with her name and phone number on it.

"Disgusting! Don't hold us up while we look at Ji Xing Ze! "

"That's right, hurry up and move away!"

"Go away, go away!"

… ….

The repulsive words continued to reach Lin Qian Yue's ears, but Lin Qian Yue automatically closed them and maintained her smile as she continued with her "promotional work".

Almost all of the girls in the school were attracted by Ji Xing Ze's film and after giving out their "business cards", they didn't need to knock on the door of the hotel room one by one at night.

Ji Xing Ze, the student of Ivy Academy, was praised as the "Light of the Vines".

As a freshman, he had become popular with two fellow students who had formed their own band. Now, he was like an idol in the middle of the sky.

What's more, 99.99% of the girls in the school had a lover in their dreams.

However, Lin Qian Yue was the only one with 0.01%.

As far as she was concerned, regardless of whether it was the handsome guy or the beautiful guy, none of them were as reliable as the money they received.

She needed money. She needed money!

Unknowingly, she had made her way from the back of the crowd all the way to the front.

In the middle of the crowd, when the next shoot was about to begin, Ji Xing Ze left his seat and walked towards the beach. The photographer and the radio operator were in position, but the scene was still chaotic.

Without waiting for the staff members to maintain order, Ji Xing Ze turned his head and swept his gaze across them. Wherever his eyes looked, the commotion immediately lessened until finally, there was complete silence.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly. His expression, which seemed like a smile yet wasn't, was exceptionally bewitching on his stern face. It was as if this was a reward for their cooperation.

Fans's eyes immediately turned red, but he did not dare scream, and could only hold back until his face was red.


Someone was actually electrocuted.