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My Dissolute CEO

My Dissolute CEO



  He, who monopolized the hotel industry in the Southern City, was a legendary figure in the Southern City. It was said that he had great power and wealth in the southern part of the city. It was also said that he was a romantic man who had spent his entire life in the midst of thousands of flowers. In response, Ran Nian expressed a chuckle: "Take him to heaven! The woman brought it to his bed, and he looked powerless. You've seen it? "To tell you the truth, this man … cannot!" Gu Si Ye sneered. "How about you give it a try? Can I really do it?"
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How can you show your grace and make him regret it for the rest of his life?



Just as Ran Nian was typing out these words on his phone, the leader who was already roaring suddenly called for her name.

"Ran Nian, come over quickly and toast our Shen Tong."

Holy shit, she wanted to bury herself under the table. How could she see her?

Ran Nian, whose scalp was numb, had no choice but to stand up.

The current her didn't have a boyfriend to save her, nor was she so beautiful that she could go blind. She, Ran Nian, was just a normal little employee, while his ex—boyfriend Shen Tang Chuan was already the CEO of a business company!

Why did I meet him in such a situation?

Looking at Ran Nian's fair face, Shen Tang Chuan couldn't help but open the buttons on his neck as he swept his eyes across her body.

"Ai, this is the new student from our company, Ran Nian, a top student from A University. This is the young and promising Shen Tong, our cooperation this time is entirely dependent on the Shen Tong's affection, we must properly thank him! "

Ran Nian raised his wine cup with the courage to lift the explosive bag.

"You're still a student, and you're still using drinks as a bar." Shen Tang Chuan acted as a good person in front of others.

Once, she loved to hear him call her that. It seemed like he doted on her, but in reality, it wasn't true at all. He dumped her when she was at her lowest, making her the stupidest fool in the world.

Ran Nian held the white wine cup tightly in his hand, unwillingly looking at the trash of a man.

He really didn't want to watch it. If he were to stare at it too much, his eyes would be stinging.

Shen Tang Chuan stood up.

In the past, Ran Nian thought that the face of a humble gentleman was only left with one word in her eyes: vulgar.

He remembered the last time they had met, he had said, "I want to start over with you."

Her arrogant appearance was as if she was bestowing a favor to her, confident that she would shed tears of gratitude, and would then clean up before sitting down and moving about on her own. He was getting uglier and uglier, and the more he thought about it, the more beautiful he became.

"Do you forget how you managed to shake me back then? Have you forgotten that you are married now? Does your wife know how bad you are? "

Shen Tang Chuan looked at her with a gaze that seemed to be filled with deep love, but was actually extremely disgusted with her, "Although I can't give you a marriage, but I've already given it to you in my heart, what else do you want? If you follow me, I can give you a lot of money. Your mom's hospitalization expenses, as well as your tuition fee, don't try to be brave. "

This person didn't talk about it back then, but he was now a married man. How could he have the face to say such words?

Ran Nian was so disgusted that he almost puked out the New Year's Eve meal he had last year!

Cut back to tonight.

"Thank you, Shen Tong, for your good will." However, this kind of kindness, she did not care about!

Ran Nian raised his head and drank the white wine drop by drop.

A wave of heat rushed up his throat and spread to his stomach.

Shen Tang Chuan secretly raised his eyebrow, and gave Ran Nian Leader an unfriendly look.

The leader was immediately displeased with Ran Nian: "Why are youngsters so capricious?"

When the leader spoke, Ran Nian did not dare to disobey. The summary of the internship has not been sent out yet. It's entirely up to the leadership to give out points.

Ran Nian woodenly nodded his head and smiled, "Thank you for your concern, Shen Tong." He took the drink, but did not intend to drink it.

As if he expected her reaction, Shen Tang Chuan raised his eyebrows and smiled maliciously, with a double entendre he said, "Let's see how long you can keep this up for."

He was a patient hunter, thinking that it would be easy to take down the current Ran Nian. After all, he already had the money and authority.

Ran Nian clenched his fists, his fingernails digging into the meat of his palms, revealing a slight flaw beneath the feigned calmness.

Funny, he thought she was trying to capture him?