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Only Love You

Only Love You



  Elder sister's lover went on a blind date, so she was forced to cause trouble and ruin their plans. But wait …. Why did the man who turned around wasn't this sovereign and his sister had to call him … Second brother? This time, she was done for. She had gotten involved in something big! Dan Cheng Hao, the most respected man in Peace City, was a domineering and aloof figure. However, he had a soft spot for her. She was entangled with his scandal, and there was a storm going on. He chased, and she ran. "However, he was still unable to escape from his control." Second Brother, what exactly do you like about me? His unbuttoning hand paused for a second, and then he revealed a charming smile, "Alright, let's change our style. It's a lot more refreshing!" And then … He jumped in and turned off the lights. Once again, she raised her hand and surrendered! From then on, she was pampered and ran amuck around Peace City!
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In a corner of the restaurant, two women were sitting side by side on a table. Their faces were covered by a dining plate as they peeked over to a table while whispering to each other.

"Did you see it clearly? Table 6. With your back to the man in the dark suit — he's your target! " Qiao Ya De looked at the back of the man at the table, and said with gritted teeth and hatred in his eyes.

Qiao Lu De looked at his sister and pursed his lips to the side, but did not say a word.

Actually, it wasn't that big sister was angry. The man they were dating was her lover, and the big sister had been chasing after him for a whole half a year. Yet, she still couldn't get her hands on him.

When she found out that he had come for the blind date today, her sister couldn't wait to rush over with two kitchen knives to destroy the blind date. Fortunately, her rationality had the upper hand. After some thought, she switched the kitchen knife to her younger sister.

Seeing that she did not say anything, Qiao Ya De nudged her with his elbow, and unhappily asked: "Did you hear what I've told you?"

Qiao Lu De straightened his body, and said with extreme unwillingness: "Why do you want me to go destroy it? I'm not going. If you want to go, go by yourself! "

"Hey!" It's the opposite of you, isn't it? " Qiao Ya De suppressed her voice and said unkindly: "I'll tell you, you will have to go today, even if you don't want to! "If not, hmph, hmph..." She shook the phone in her hand.

Qiao Lu De glared at her, "Sis, every time you use this tactic to threaten me, won't you change one of them?"

"It's a hundred times a day!" Qiao Ya De raised her eyebrows and said provocatively.

Qiao Lu De looked at his phone deeply. There were a few photos of her being drunk and embarrassed, and they were too much to look at. However, it was always in elder sister's hands!

"Why must I go?" Qiao Lu De still did not compromise, and continued to ask this question until the end.

Qiao Ya De glanced over there, and taunted: "Why would I do such a shrewd thing? How damaging to my image. I'm going to do the trapping later. "

"Then it won't harm my image?" Qiao Lu De could not hold it in anymore, and raised his voice a little.

Qiao Ya De immediately covered her mouth and asked anxiously: "Why are you shouting so loudly? You did it on purpose, didn't you? " Then he let go of her and said, "Cut the crap, go quickly! Do as I told you before, and do it beautifully! "

Qiao Lu De took a deep breath, looked at his sister with resentment, and threw down the words "I'll steal those photos sooner or later" before rushing to table 6.

When Dan Cheng Hao looked at the face in front of him that had been altered too much, he was annoyed. In his heart, he scolded his little brother, Dan Cheng Lie, until his head was drenched in dog blood. He had clearly arranged a blind date for him, but he had actually forced himself to come here.

"Mr. Dan, I heard that your Ning Yuan Group is entering the entertainment industry this year? Coincidentally, I've also learned two years of acting. At that time, Mr. Dan will definitely promote me. " When the matchmaker said that, suddenly had the feeling that a zombie was talking, and his brows knitted even deeper.

He nodded perfunctorily and said, "The specific details have yet to be finalized. Everything is still unknown."

The matchmaker smiled as she covered her mouth, "Mr. Dan is so modest. In the Peace City, who doesn't know that your Ning Yuan Group is the leader, commanding the wind and rain, entering the entertainment circle and doing such a small thing as this? "I just hope that you will not forget the past when that time comes, and not forget me!"