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CEO's Tough Love

CEO's Tough Love



  He was the most powerful man in the Wealthy Class. Rumor has it that he has a fiery temper and is very proud and dismissive of anyone. However, he had to do everything he could to get her to marry him, no matter what methods he used. If you dare to anger me, you will have to pay a heavy price! " "Hubby, I was wrong. My finger broke. The price was too heavy …" "He immediately took out a medicine box and helped her bandage it." Your entire body is mine, if you dare to hurt yourself even a little, I won't forgive you! "
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Coastal City was famous throughout the country for being a holy land for entertainment.

In the brightly lit room, the warm light filled up all the air elements, leaving not even a crack.

The warm feeling even filled every cell of his body. The feeling of swelling and heating could explode at any time.

"Hot, it's so hot …" "Hmm …" The woman's uncomfortable moans were accompanied by anxious gasps as she flew at a low altitude in the warm space.

On the clean, warm stone floor, Su Nuan Nuan sat cross legged on it. Under her loose Korean pajamas, her curvaceous body was faintly discernible.

Beads of sweat slowly flowed down along her white oval face, and along the corners of her dark red lips, she sharpened her chin. Following this, they dripped onto her fine, translucent collarbone, depicting an endless amount of sexiness and charm.

She couldn't help but tug at her collar. Even though she was unable to endure the heat, her clear eyes were still determined and strong. She looked at Tian Yi Lan who was facing her without admitting defeat.

"Su Nuan Nuan, give up. You will die from dehydration in half an hour. You are too stupid to compete with me in endurance.

In comparison to Su Nuan Nuan's completely red body, Tian Yi Lan's expression did not change as she sat there steadily. Whether it was her expression or words, victory was within her grasp.

She really couldn't stand it.

After being in love with her for three years, her boyfriend was still together with her best friend.

When she saw the two of them fighting each other on the bed, her patience had reached its peak.

Towards the anger and despair of that time, what did this little bit of suffering count for!

Su Nuan Nuan coldly pulled at the corner of her mouth, and beads of sweat dripped into her eyes, blurring her vision, "Even if I were to die, I won't admit defeat, and even more so, I won't break up and let you go!"

Why did she have to suffer so much and let them, this wretched couple, off to the side to enjoy themselves?!

I can't let her suffer alone, can I?

"You're already engaged, what's the point?" Tian Yi Lan said.

Engagement? Su Nuan Nuan's glass—like eyes, which were filled with starlight, swayed for a moment.

"It's still too late for you to admit defeat now. Otherwise, you'll end up like it. You'll be in deep trouble then." Tian Yi Lan glanced at the tray on the side.

There was a chicken in the tray. It had been half—cooked just now, but the high temperature in the room had already made it completely cooked.

Su Nuan Nuan raised her hand to wipe away the droplets of water on her forehead. She then retracted her train of thoughts as her beautiful lips curled up into a sneer.

Although Tian Yi Lan had been pretending, she could still see that his hands were trembling.

"It's just a game, it's not good to lose your life just by playing. Why don't we play something else and decide who wins?" Tian Yi Lan said.

"Play what?" No matter what, she would accompany him.

Anyway, she wouldn't quit and let them have their time.

Tian Yi Lan stared at the chicken in the tray, "Whatever I do to it, you do to the person you met the first time you walked out of this sauna. If you don't dare, then it's your loss."

It was a small trick, he couldn't possibly get on this roasted chicken, right?

"Alright." Su Nuan Nuan answered without hesitation.

Tian Yi Lan laughed lightly, bent her head down and licked her chicken butt.

Su Nuan Nuan was flabbergasted.

Tian Yi Lan looked at her proudly, "Admit defeat!"

Su Nuan Nuan clenched her fists tightly. In order to be together with Dai Xiu Xiu, he fought with everything she had, she had no moral integrity!

Having been in love for three years, he had never once considered's feelings, even though it was for her sake.

Admit defeat?

She had always been admitting defeat. Since she was three years old, she had been left in an orphanage. She had later been paid to work, so after having some effect on that family, she had to take her home. She had admitted defeat.

After that, for the sake of benefits, he decided to give up to a fool he had never seen before?

It was up to her whether or not she admitted defeat!

It was all up to her whether or not she would bow down to fate, wasn't it!

Su Nuan Nuan clenched her teeth. She clearly knew that if she lost this time and let Tian Yi Lan go, it would be equivalent to her tacitly agreeing to be engaged to Liao Li that fool.

She suddenly stood up. Because she had been sitting cross—legged for such a long time, her body swayed a few times with dizziness. However, she didn't care about anything else. She steadied herself and directly pulled open the door to the sauna.

A man wearing a black suit walked into the room. His figure was tall and straight, and his eyes were deep like the ocean. His noble aura was clearly visible between his handsome eyebrows.

Su Nuan Nuan's gaze swept across the entire arena. Other than him, there was no one else.

"Mister." Su Nuan Nuan opened her mouth.

Panic was hidden in her beautiful eyes. Although she knew it was not good to speak to a stranger like this and felt inexplicably uneasy, she had no choice but to do so in order to prove herself.

The man lifted his eyes and his lazy and noble gaze fell on her. He followed her flushed face and looked at her collarbone that was drenched with sweat. The woman's invisible charm caused him to squint slightly.

"Can you take your pants off?" Su Nuan Nuan forced out a sweet smile, which was as gentle and harmless as the wind.

A trace of astonishment flashed through the man's eyes. After a short while, his sexy lips curled up slightly. He smiled coldly and looked down at her.

"You want me to go up?"