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Grap A Wife to My Home

Grap A Wife to My Home



  Gu Yan, the young master of the Gu family, had good looks and long legs, and was good at making money by slapping faces. Tong Xin and junior sister Gu Yan kept a low profile while being in the dark. They were good at playing the pig to eat the tiger. He was forced to go to a coffee shop to make a blind date, but he happened to run into her who was working to pay her debts. Gu Yan said, "I need a wife." Tong Xin: "I need money." Thus, in a single stroke, the two of them rushed into the Civil Affairs Bureau, starting a sweet journey of marriage …
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Spring afternoon. The sun was still warm.

Gu Yan was sitting by the window at a coffee shop on the corner of the street. Sunlight shone through the window and covered him in a layer of soft, warm yellow. He ordered a cup of coffee and took out his cellphone from his windbreaker, ready to see the player's evaluation of his company's new swimming event.

It was a message from his good friend, Lu Kai.

Lukai: My good disciple was foolish again. She went back to the village to attend the funeral, but she cried the wrong person!

Gu Yan almost choked on his saliva. The corner of his mouth slightly lifted, and a smile appeared on his handsome face. His smile was too warm, and the waitress passing by couldn't help but give him a few more glances.

He focused on his phone, and a face that was mostly covered by thick bangs and black—framed glasses appeared in his mind. The owner of this face was precisely the good disciple that Lu Kai had spoken of, Tong Xin.

"You must be Gu Yan, right?" A female voice sounded. Even though it was a question, it sounded firm. With that, the owner of the voice sat down opposite Gu Yan.

Gu Yan raised his eyes and looked at the heavily made up face.

"Hello, Miss Song. I'm Gu Yan." He nodded slightly, his smile unchanged, and put the phone back in his pocket.

Song Xiaoqi was Gu Yan's matchmaking partner today. She was the second daughter of the Song Family. She had a proud temperament, liked to smoke and drink, liked beautiful men, had a messy private life, and had a terrible reputation.

"Mr. Gu is indeed as handsome as the rumors say." Song Xiaoqi stared at Gu Yan's face for a few seconds. Her red lips curled up as she revealed an unfriendly smile.

When she entered the room earlier, she had casually glanced around and coincidentally caught sight of Gu Yan, who was sitting in the sunlight with a faint smile on his face. At that moment, her heart had stopped beating.

Unfortunately, when she thought of Gu Yan's actual situation, she crossed her arms over her chest and raised her chin slightly. She bluntly said, "Let's go straight to the point. The reason we're sitting here making a blind date is purely because our reputations are too terrible."

"However, I am a bit better than you. I am not disabled."

When she said the word 'handicapped', Song Xiaoqi's gaze paused on Gu Yan's left leg. The meaning behind her words was very obvious. She liked good—looking men, but she really wasn't interested in Gu Yan limping along like this.

The smile on Gu Yan's face didn't change. "Miss Song thinks I'm lame?"

"Of course, with my family background, why do I have to find a cripple?" Song Xiaoqi snorted, her delicate face full of pride.

"Then why did Miss Song come on time?"

"Because you have money."

"Miss Song is really direct." Gu Yan picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip. The smile on his handsome face faded, and he said apologetically, "But I think there's a misunderstanding here. I do have 25% of the Gu Group's shares, but my expenses are huge. To tell you the truth, Miss Song, after I paid all the bills for last year's bonus, the rest of the money was barely enough for me to eat. "

Song Xiaoqi was stunned. She understood what Gu Yan meant. "You're saying that you don't plan on raising me?"

Gu Yan also wore a surprised expression on his face. "Miss Song, we've raised quite a few people outside. Even if we're getting married, we'll still be playing on our own." You pay your bill. "

"You're shameless!" She didn't expect this answer. Song Xiaoqi was so angry that she stretched out her hand to grab the cup of coffee in front of Gu Yan, wanting to splash it on his face.

Gu Yan quickly pressed his coffee cup. Not giving Song Xiaoqi a chance to make a move, he said doubtfully, "Miss Song, don't be angry. There must be a misunderstanding. What did Aunt Lin tell you? "

"She said that although you love to play, you have money. Not only do you have 25% of the Gu family's shares, when Old Man Gu died, he even left you with his entire private property!"

She couldn't move, and Gu Yan's attitude was quite sincere, so Song Xiaoqi could only withdraw her hand and speak angrily.

Furthermore, Lin Si Rui had also said that although Gu Yan was playing around, he would give his wife the respect she deserved. If she became his wife, he would be responsible for all her expenses.

If not for Lin Si Rui's words, why would she have come over to make a blind date with a cripple?!

Upon hearing this, Gu Yan's expression changed from suspicion to seriousness. He explained in a sincere tone, "Miss Song, I don't know why Aunt Lin lied to you, but my grandfather really didn't leave me any secrets."

"Grandfather's most beloved grandson is my half—brother Gu Zi Chen, not me."

"But everyone outside is saying that Old Man Gu left all of his belongings to you." Song Xiaoqi looked at Gu Yan with her beautiful eyes, and asked doubtfully.

"That's a rumor. It's fake."

"You're not lying to me, are you?" Song Xiaoqi looked at him suspiciously from top to bottom. This Gu Yan was not the same as the rumored abnormal guy.

"No, I lied to Miss Song." Gu Yan apologised with a serious expression. "I'm very sorry, Miss Song. Actually, I'm already married."

"Then why did you come on a blind date!" Song Xiaoqi's expression changed drastically.

"I was forced by Aunt Lin to divorce her. My wife's family is in a poor state, so Aunt Lin looked down on them. "Oh, that's her." Gu Yan looked behind Song Xiaoqi and beckoned to the figure who was wiping the table with a cloth. "Tong Xin, come here."

Tong Xin was listening in on Gu Yan and Song Xiaoqi's conversation, "..."

She straightened her body and looked at Gu Yan with both innocence and confusion. "Senior Gu, you called me?"

When did Gu Yan meet her!?

"Yes, come here." Gu Yan nodded with a smile and waved his hand again.

Tong Xin took the cloth and slowly moved in front of Gu Yan.

Gu Yan stood up and extended his arm, holding her waist intimately. He then looked at Song Xiaoqi and said, "Miss Song, this is my wife."

Song Xiaoqi stared at Gu Yan and Tong Xin with a livid expression, her chest heaving up and down. She was obviously infuriated.

Covered by Gu Yan, Tong Xin smelled the scent of a man's perfume. Although she didn't know his name, it smelled really good. Her whole body stiffened as she looked at Song Xiaoqi and smiled apologetically. "Miss Song …" He wanted to say something but hesitated. Her face was filled with pain, just like a wife who was not liked by her mother—in—law and was abused.

"Shut up!" Song Xiaoqi stood up and angrily stared at Gu Yan. "You're already married, and yet you want to date me? You're a scum and a pervert, you can only trick this kind of stupid student girl. None of the young mistresses think much of you!"

With these words, Song Xiaoqi left with her bag. It was a waste of her time, so she came here for nothing!

He would go back and settle the score with that Lin fella!

Tong Xin watched as Song Xiaoqi flung the door open and left. She turned her head to look at Gu Yan, who was still wrapped around her waist. She felt a little uncomfortable as she opened her mouth and said, "Senior Gu …"

Gu Yan lowered his head. His small, helpless face was reflected in the darkness of his eyes. His face, which had been meticulously carved by God, suddenly revealed a smile that made one's heart tremble.

Tong Xin's mind went blank when she saw Gu Yan's smiling face so close to her. It was only after a while did she realize what she had said. She was instantly dumbfounded. "Senior Gu, did you say those words just now to anger that young miss away?"


"Then you …"

"I need a wife."