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Love Affair of Hades

Love Affair of Hades



  He had transmigrated to the unfavoured Third Young Miss of the Prime Minister's Estate. His father was heartless, and he was a scum of a man. How could his concubine, his concubine, step on his head and bully him? Blessed by her misfortune, she had obtained a ring containing a mysterious power, as well as a beautiful husband! This pretty boy, I know that you are the Monarch of the Underworld, but I have no interest in putting on a show with you. Later on, she found out that her identity was extraordinary and that all sorts of Demon Emperors and Demon Emperors had come looking for her. What sort of choice would she make behind all these schemes and plots? Who exactly was her true benefactor?
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The human world's entrance to the underworld was filled with large areas of mana beads. The red was strange, red was enchanting, and red was intoxicating, like the most beautiful red clouds in the horizon, extending all the way to the majestic Hades' Hall.

His skin was snow—white, his black hair as black as ink, but the colour of his lips was extremely beautiful and red. When matched with the red clothes on his body, even the fiery red mane outside the hall was not as beautiful as his; it was like a top—grade jade, flawless and extremely enchanting.

He was the master of this Hades' Hall, the one in charge of the Lifeline Division of the Three Realms.

The great hall was originally very quiet, but suddenly, the peerlessly beautiful man who had his eyes closed while cultivating suddenly opened his eyes. His pair of beautiful eyes seemed to be bottomless, almost to the point of captivating a person's soul.

At this moment, a white—robed man appeared in front of him. Compared to the gloomy and heavy atmosphere here, this white—clothed man was exuding a thick immortal aura. His aura was noble and inviolable, and his handsome face carried a trace of indifference.

When Feng Ye


saw him, a trace of obvious anger flashed past his eyes, but was forcefully suppressed. He slowly said, "Haven't you already experienced the tribulation?

"Yours Truly has come to confirm the arrangements for the tenth life?" This sovereign does not have that much patience left! "

"Xuan Yin, why are you so heartless? She is willing to follow you for ten lifetimes to help you withstand all kinds of calamities. She has done so much for you. What more do you want to do to her? "

The man in white coldly looked at him, and then said, "From beginning to end, she was the one who kept pestering this monarch. This monarch only wanted her to retreat after knowing that it was impossible. No matter how much you do, it would all be futile."

"But don't forget, you promised her. As long as she can persevere and not give up, you will definitely marry her to become your empress." In the entire Immortal World, other than you, the Celestial Emperor, you are the only one with the greatest power. The grand Monarch actually went back on his word, wouldn't it be a joke if word were to spread? " Feng Ye reminded him of the promise he had made to the pitiful girl.

Xuan Yin's eyes suddenly turned cold: "This king doesn't care anymore, I hope you can take care of her fate in this life for me. Don't make any mistakes, I must make her feel afraid and retreat, don't come and bother this king again."

Seeing that he was really so heartless, Feng Ye's expression became heavy: "Are you for real? Wasn't her fate miserable enough in this ninth life? "In the first life, she died alone because of you; in the second life, she was originally a rich girl, but because you were pregnant before her, she became infamous and ended up as a pig in a cage; in the third life …"

Before he could even finish his words, he was interrupted by Xuan Yin: "Enough, she clearly doesn't need to go through all this, as long as she can give up!"

"You clearly know that she likes you. Since you can't marry her to become your empress, why must you give her hope?" Feng Ye felt that she was deeply unworthy of that woman, and he had seen everything that she had endured for Xuan Yin. Her infatuation passed silently, and she had no regrets.

"Because this sovereign owes her a promise, I must repay her. But Yao Guang can only be the empress of Zi Wei Palace. "

In the end, Feng Ye did not say anything else and returned to the main topic at hand. "Alright, since this is what you want, then This King will grant your wish. In this tenth life, you will be reincarnated in the family of the human emperor, becoming the first Second Prince Ning Ru Xuan. The This King has his own plans too. In short, he won't disappoint you. "

"It's best if that's the case. Hopefully, after this event, this sovereign will not have anything to do with her anymore." After saying that, Xuan Yin quickly flew away.

After he left, Feng Ye's eyes became extremely cold and detached, her entire body emitting an ice—cold aura. Her slender jade—like fingers were clenched into a fist, and the veins on the back of her hands were exposed, showing his current anger.

Xuan Yin, since this is the choice you made, you better not regret it.

Since you gave up on her yourself, from now on, she's under the protection of the This King.

One day, This King will definitely make you regret what you did to her today, and let you understand what true desire truly means.

… ….

On the banks of the River of Forgetfulness, by the Three Lives Stone, there was a legend. It was said that after drinking the water of the River of Forgetfulness, one could turn back from the past, purify everything, and reincarnate back into a human without any pain.

However, this River of Forgetfulness could only erase the memories of others, but could not erase the obsession that had sunk deep into their bones.

At this moment, a man and a woman were standing by the river, seemingly in a dispute over something.

"Little White, don't be so stupid. You have already suffered nine lives for him, why don't you understand? Even if he cares about you a little, he can't watch you suffer like this."

The woman in white shook her head with tears in her eyes, "No, he promised me that as long as we succeed in surviving the tenth lifetime tribulations, and as long as I don't give up, he will marry me."

"No, no matter what you say, I can't agree to it. This was originally a heavenly tribulation that belonged to him, a tribulation that he should have suffered himself, and it shouldn't have been left for you to bear it all for him. In every life, you would have given your all for him, and it wouldn't have ended well for you."

"I don't care. If I can't be with him, then it would be a life worse than death. I'm only lacking my last life. I can't give up. Feng Ye, I know that you are doing this for my own good, but this is my only wish, I hope you can respect me! " It was obvious that the woman in white had already made up her mind. No one could change her decision.

Feng Ye painfully closed his eyes. Little White, why are you so foolish? What's so good about Xuan Yin? He hurt you so badly, why do you still love him so much?

"Feng Ye, I'm going. After the tribulation ends, I can fulfil my wish and become the wife of the Monarch. At that time, I will come back to thank you." What was clearly waiting for her in front of his was utter disaster. However, a faint smile appeared on her face. It seemed to be hope, and also relief.

She looked at the surging River of Forgetfulness and jumped down without hesitation.

"No!" Feng Ye was no longer able to control his emotions. He flew up and hugged her body that was about to fall into the water, his entire heart trembling violently. Luckily, he had not really succeeded in making such a huge mistake, and had not completely lost her.

The woman in white had already fainted. Her face was terrifyingly pale. It was obvious that her soul was extremely weak due to the nine generations of suffering. He couldn't just watch her disappear like this.

Little White, I'm sorry. This time, I can't listen to you. No matter what the price is, I will help you change your fate.

Xuan Yin is not the only person who should live your life, you should live for yourself.