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Hounted By Love

Hounted By Love



  As an independent college girl in the 21st century, she naturally didn't believe in the authenticity of nether marriages. But that night, she fantasized about her husband, who was beautiful all night and married to a ghost.
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My name is Yan Hong Ling. In our Tuo Zi, those whose names have red characters usually represent bad luck, and bells are even more unlucky in Tuo Zi.

But the origin of my name is because my mother died unexpectedly the night I was born.

That night, the Tuo Zi s of the small red flag were dancing wildly, all kinds of bells were ringing loudly under the eaves, and strong gales were blowing loudly …

My Tuo Zi is a remote and small place in the upper reaches of the Yalu River. Although it is just a small unremarkable Tuo Zi, the Yalu River is still known as the River of Revolution.

Naturally, I am proud of this river.

But all of these were built under the condition that I hadn't returned to the Tuo Zi …

A few days ago, my father desperately sent someone from the Tuo Zi to deliver a message to me, telling me to hurry back to the village.

I thought something big had happened at home, so I hurried back.

However, when I was forced to wear the red wedding dress to the Yalu River, I immediately burst into tears.

My father wants me to come back, and he wants me to become the bride for Lord River God!

Originally, they only saw the people from Tuo Zi from here and there, but now, they all came to the riverside at the same time.

Some had expressions of pity, some of schadenfreude, but no one dared to untie me and rescue me.

I cried. "Is that why you called me back?"

The Dagang in charge of this "wedding" slowly walked towards me in large strides. He pinched his goatee and spoke with a haughty manner:

"Hong Ling, to be able to catch the attention of Lord River God is your good fortune!"

With that, he put a bracelet made of white jade on my wrist, and suddenly I felt as if something had bitten my wrist hard, causing me to feel a pain that made my whole body tighten.

He looked down and saw that the bracelet had turned blood—red, as if it were a pair of eyes devoid of life.

I wanted to see more clearly, but in the blink of an eye, that bracelet instantly disappeared …

My eyes widened in fright! This was too unscientific!

I couldn't help but shiver. Could it be that there really was some kind of god or monster in this world?

Dagang said, "This bracelet is Lord River God's most trusted object. Once you accept it, you will only be a woman for the rest of your life."

I opened my teary eyes and held onto the last glimmer of hope as I said to Dagang. "Is it possible that Lord River God doesn't really like young women like me?"

I felt that this reason was not bad, and continued to say: "Look at the age of that Lord River God, is it possible that he likes mature and charming women more?"

Dagang glanced at me indifferently. His wrinkled face gave a weird smile.

"How could that be? Lord River God must like a young and beautiful girl like you, who has energy, knowledge, and a kind heart. "

With a bitter face, I replied, "Actually, I'm not as good as you say I am. I … …"

Just as he said "I", Dagang waved his hand, "Carry her down!"

A few people appeared behind me like ghosts. Before I could react, those people threw me onto the boat with a 'shua' sound. The words that I didn't say out immediately became:

"Holy shit!"

As soon as I got on the boat, the boat began to make creaking noises. I was scared out of my wits and cried out:

"This boat is out of steam, call the doctor!" That's not right! Get the boatsmiths to fix it! "

Dagang has completely ignored me, but the little brother at the side couldn't bear to watch and said, "Don't worry! Although our village is a bit poor, there is still quality to it. "

I quietly shed tears and said, "I don't feel at ease because it's domestically made!"

"Alright, the ceremony begins. Silence!"