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The Rebirth of Phoenix

The Rebirth of Phoenix



  She, the most amazing military doctor of the twenty-first century, had once been transported over and became the number one good-for-nothing, a fool. When all the bones in her body were dug out, when her mother died a miserable death in front of her, when her father became a slave to a demon for her, she would be bathed in fire and not die, becoming a phoenix that defied the heavens! Since a trash can become a genius, there will be a day when she will stand above the nine heavens, becoming an existence that everyone will look up to! " "Woman, stay by my side and peacefully wait for labour!" He, the empire's Duke of Qin, was cold and tyrannical, his methods cruel and merciless, yet he firmly believed that she was pregnant with his child. He locked her up by his side, pampered her to the bone, and doted on her without restraint. In each and every one of these fights, she would sink into depravity step by step … Until one day, she found out his true identity …
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The Eternal Continent.

Qin Nation.

Duke Zhen's Mansion.

"Big sister, where are you taking me?" The skinny girl asked softly.

"Of course it's a good place. Li'er, don't worry, you won't be willing to come out of that place once you go in."

He would never be able to get out!

After Jiu Tian Xue finished speaking, he turned her head to look in front of him. Her smile was still there, but her long and narrow eyes were deep and distant, filled with ruthlessness.

"Big sister is so nice to Li'er!" , the good—for—nothing and retard of Duke Zhen's Mansion, opened her eyes wide and clapped happily. In her impression, Jiu Tian Xue was the person who treated her the best, because Jiu Tian Xue would bring her to fun places everyday.

Jiu Tian Xue laughed disdainfully, then increased her pace.

They arrived at an underground stone room. There was another person inside: Jiu Tian Xue's father, who was also the Patriarch of the Duke Zhen's Mansion, Jiu Xuan Hua.

"Father, do you think we can really succeed?" Jiu Tian Xue pulled the foolish Jiu Mu Li to her side, and asked a little nervously.

Jiu Xuan Hua's tone was filled with excitement and confidence, "Of course! You are close to her, and she grew up drinking your blood. Her Emperor Bone naturally has your aura as well, so the Emperor Bone will definitely not reject you! "

Hearing that, Jiu Tian Xue revealed a beautiful smile, like the most enchanting man—eating flower, beautiful but deadly!

Jiu Xuan Hua looked at his daughter gently and said softly, "Xue'er, Daddy believes that in the future, this entire continent will tremble because of you. You will be the most brilliant martial cultivator in the history of the human race. You are a natural born Great Emperor! "

"Of course! I, Jiu Tian Xue, will become the first person in Qin Nation! " Jiu Tian Xue arrogantly lifted her chin, revealing a disdainful look in her eyes as she looked down at the world.

"Big sister, you're hurting me!" Jiu Mu Li wrinkled her little face, looking pitifully at the arrogant Jiu Tian Xue.

After Jiu Tian Xue heard this, not only did she not let go of her right hand that was filled with excitement, she grabbed onto it even more tightly. She smiled gently, and vicious words came out of her lips, "You good—for—nothing fool, what right do you have to call me big sister? Jiu Mu Li, let me tell you, you are just a stupid dog in my hands. I have raised you for so long, it's time for you to repay me! "

"Big sister, what's wrong?" Jiu Mu Li looked at Jiu Tian Xue in a daze, smiling as gentle as before, but why did she say such strange words?

"Li'er, Eldest Uncle is asking if you want to borrow something?" Jiu Xuan Hua took out a long blade as thin as a cicada's wing, and smiled like a warm jade.

Jiu Mu Li looked at him in confusion and slowly nodded.

"Swish ~ ~ ~"

The sharp blade split open the flesh, Jiu Xuan Hua used his strength to peel open the bloody wound, holding onto the golden bone in his hand, he tore it off!

"Ah — —" Jiu Mu Li was still in a daze, but the bones in her right hand had been completely ripped off.

Jiu Mu Li's entire body trembled uncontrollably. She had never experienced pain like this before, from her right hand all the way to her entire body. The pain made her scalp go numb.

"Uncle, it hurts! Sister, save Li'er!" Jiu Mu Li was so scared that she was at a loss for what to do. She kneeled down and used her left hand to hug Jiu Tian Xue's leg, begging him, "Big sister, don't treat Li'er like this …."