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Evildoer CEO

Evildoer CEO



  A blurry and beautiful photo of the kiss was published, revealing the love affair of the national school grass?! The netizens were in an uproar as they began searching for the female lead in the photos one by one, swearing to uncover her true identity! And as the "gossip heroine" Pei Zai said: the heart tired, never want to be a good person again. If time could be reversed, she would not have helped him that night! To provoke a troublesome complex like Shang Zong Xuan! Zong Xuan (laughing): Since I have been saved by you, I can only give my life for you. [Shrugging] Pei Zi Yun (Explosion): Who asked you to repay me with your body! fall)
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At the back of the most bustling shopping street in J City was a remote and deserted alley. The environment was dirty and messy. People rarely passed by.

Shao Si bribed a few unscrupulous reporters to follow him for an entire day and finally caught him. He brought over a dozen bodyguards and thugs to chase Zong Xuan for an entire ten odd streets, and they were about to collapse from exhaustion.

In the dead of night, the surroundings were deathly still. The miserable and hazy moonlight shone down, illuminating a tall figure in the corner.

This was a handsome youth who had been surrounded.

His face was gloomy, and his appearance was a gentle one. His facial features were solid. His eyes were like thick ink frozen. His skin was pale, and he exuded an aura similar to that of a Strigoi.

Even though he was surrounded by a group of people, Zong Xuan's face did not show any signs of panic or fear.

"As expected of the leader of the FOX's team, you're still so calm even now." The leading Shao Si panted a little. He held onto the back of his waist with both hands and stared at Zong Xuan with shining eyes and said: "It's such a pity, you're destined to fall into my hands. Zong Xuan, is your mood really emotional now?"

Zong Xuan lowered his head. The surrounding dim light hid the indifference and contempt in his eyes.

"Director Shao, you went through so much trouble just to find me for a movie? "Alright, as long as you are able to pay up, I can throw away the burden of the idol and fully cooperate."

The scene that Shao Si wanted him to film was not an ordinary scene. Simply put, it was an action movie that was filled with literature and art.

The brokerage company s that belonged to Zong Xuan didn't allow it, and he himself was also disgusted and disgusted, but they were unable to stop the power behind Shao Si, who had great backing and strong wrists.

Ka—cha! * The default voice from the camera at night was exceptionally ear—piercing. Shao Si looked at the image of the disheveled teenager on the screen with satisfaction, and kept his phone with a mischievous smile.

As if he had noticed Zong Xuan's gaze on him, his smile became even more complacent and proud.

"Let's take a photo to commemorate the occasion. I believe that Zong Xuan, whose name is completely red, wouldn't mind, right? The image you create on the screen is as lofty and unreachable as a god. Every action you make is linked to the hearts of tens of thousands of fans. Where is your devilish temperament, the overbearing CEO? Or could it be that the most realistic side of you is now in a sorry state? "

Zong Xuan, the leader of the Red Man Group FOX, was an all—around talented composer.

It could be said that Zong Xuan was the one and only soul leader in the combination of FOX. He was extremely popular, his fame spreading throughout all of Asia, and being praised as "Girl Killer", "Evildoer CEO", was the ideal type in the hearts of millions of women.

"Director Shao, my idol is also a human. After he shed his gorgeous appearance, he is no different from an ordinary person. I have never thought of myself as a 'god', but Director Shao is flattering me, I'm so ashamed. " Zong Xuan dodged the heavy attacks easily, exhausted all of his physical strength, and could only lean a large portion of his body against the ice—cold hard wall.

He raised his hand to wipe away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth, narrowed his eyes, and said with a tone of consultation:

"So many brothers crowded in this alley just to catch me. Anyways, I can't run anymore, so just tell the others to leave. It'll just be a few people watching me."

Shao Si waved his index finger at him, his expression solemn. "You little rascal, don't be like this, I'll bring you back no matter what I say tonight. Either die here, or obediently follow me, you can choose! "

His personal belongings were all taken away, his phone, wallet and car keys were all missing. Zong Xuan had to fight against the dozen or so bodyguards and helpers in the alleyway, his win rate was negative.

His lips formed a bitter smile, what should he do, could it be that he, Zong Xuan, had finished playing tonight?

If he was taken away by Shao Si just like that, then, he didn't even dare imagine what would happen next.

The atmosphere darkened as Shao Si took a step forward, and looked down from above at the youth who seemed to be lost in thought. "If you still have any illusions right now, I advise you to give up.

After being silent for a long while, Zong Xuan slowly closed his eyes, his eyes revealing pain and despair, "I …"

At this time, a lively and melodious sound suddenly rang out from not too far away. It was gentle and pleasant to the ears, like the gentle tinkling of a zither string or the tinkling of wind bells. The sound was especially clear and distinct.

"So many of you are bullying one person, isn't that a little bad?"

At the exit of the alleyway, a thin and slim girl's figure had appeared. The moonlight shone down in a translucent gauze that seemed to cover her entire body. Her long, black hair fluttered with the wind, making her skin as white as snow.

The girl's facial features were blurry and indistinct, but from the contours of her face, she should be a good—looking girl.

So what if they are ganging up, if you have the ability then fight it out! I can't stand a single passerby, really. "

Pei Sui walked out of the shadows with slow steps. She was dressed in simple casual attire, a white halter top and a thin, long jacket that swayed in the wind, revealing a pair of slender, straight, and beautiful legs.

Her gaze that was filled with contempt, passed through the crowd and landed on Shao Si's face. The girl curled her lips: "You made such a ruckus at night without anyone noticing, yet you're using such a hard method, eating both black and white?"

"Where did you come from?" Shao Si was startled for a few seconds, then reacted and scolded: "It's none of your business! Little girl, I warned you not to meddle, do you believe that I would beat you up?"

"I'm just being nosy!" Pei Sui choked on her words, her gaze sweeping around, she suddenly revealed a provocative smile, took out her phone, and actually called the police in front of everyone's eyes.

"I don't believe it. How heaven defying are you? How can no one dare to interfere even after you've reported it to the police?"

However, before Pei Sui could press the last number, her phone was suddenly hit flying by a bodyguard.


The phone fell to the ground.

"Where did this reckless girl come from? To dare to call the police when you don't understand the situation?" Do you want to die? " The bodyguard who had sent her flying had an angry look on his face as he threatened:

"You have nothing to do with this place, hurry up and scram!"

Pei Sui exclaimed. She first turned her head to look at her phone that was lying on the ground alone, then she turned back to look at the bodyguard in front of her.

Master had told her many times, Pei Sui, do not bully others when you are outside, but if the opponent made the first move, then …

The elegant and graceful young girl's gaze dimmed, revealing a trace of danger. "Remember, you were the one who made the first move. Don't blame me for being impolite later on."

He had seen people who weren't afraid of death, but he had never seen people who were so eager to die. The bodyguard smiled, he extended his hand and ruthlessly poked the young girl's fair and clean forehead, his tone was fierce and domineering:

"I just attacked, so what? You, a dead girl, can't be Zong Xuan's brain residue powder, right? Yo, you want to learn from the hero who saved the beauty on TV? Why don't you take a look at yourself! "

Upon hearing that the other party was possibly his fan, Zong Xuan's smiling face revealed his panic and fear, he shouted towards Pei Sui and roared: "What are you still standing there for, hurry up and run! What does this have to do with you? "Hurry up and leave!"

He could admit defeat, but his fans definitely could not suffer any harm because of him!

Otherwise, he would never be able to forgive himself in this lifetime …

The sturdy bodyguard pushed Pei Sui away with all his might, but he did not expect the girl to be as steady as Mt.

He could not help but be taken aback. He pushed Pei Sui a few more times in disbelief as he stood at the same place, his feet seemingly rooted to the ground.

Her amber eyes were as bright as the stars. At this moment, she looked at the man with a smile at the corner of her eyes. "Uncle, you pushed me a few times. Isn't it my turn now?"

As she spoke, the girl's gaze suddenly turned darker as the aura around her suddenly changed!

The corner of her mouth curled up into a sneer. Before the man could react, she had already knocked him over with a swift roundhouse kick!