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Escaped Wife

Escaped Wife



  The night of the wedding was long and unending. On the second day, however, there was no bride to be seen, and only a single cultivation letter was left behind. Good, very good, she actually escaped for him on the night of the bridal chamber?! Looking at her extremely arrogant letter, he was not angry, but instead smiled. Looking at the entire world, there was still no one who could escape from his hands. He wanted to see where she could escape to?! He had originally thought that he would be marrying a pure and innocent little white rabbit, but to his surprise, it turned out to be a black, cunning and destructive little fox. These days seemed to be getting more and more interesting.
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Hot. Very hot. The heat that made people go crazy. It was mixed with an uncontrollable urge. It spread throughout her body. Her delicate body trembled uncontrollably.

Pain! It was so painful that her head felt like it was about to split open. It tore apart every nerve and swallowed up her already blurry consciousness.

The destruction felt like hell was about to submerge her, making it impossible for others to escape.

Even so, this was still the first time Tang Ke Xin forced herself to calm down.

What was going on? She was clearly on a mission? How did it become like this?

Obviously, she was drugged?

She, a secret military doctor of some high rank, a famous doctor of psychology, really didn't have many people who could drug her.

"Although I'm a little silly, I can still see through your face. You should enjoy tonight." Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door. Although the obscene voice was trying its best to be quiet, it still reached Tang Ke Xin's ears.

Although he still had not completely understood what was going on, it was just that with this sentence, Tang Ke Xin understood what was going to happen next.

Tang Ke Xin knew, at this moment, she had to save herself.

However, his head was aching so badly that his body felt even worse. He could not even crawl up, let alone escape, without even the slightest bit of strength in his body.

This medicine is really powerful.

His hands were struggling wildly as he tried to get up. He wanted to, but he was powerless.

Just as the door was pushed open, the bed suddenly collapsed!

Then, Tang Ke Xin fell straight down!

The moment she fell, the bed closed and returned to normal.

The moment she landed on the ground, there was no pain like she expected, it was only that the place she landed on wasn't right. Tang Ke Xin squinted her eyes, as though she was pressing down on a person.

Through her perception, she was certain that the person she was suppressing was a real man.

The man's aura was somewhat chilly, but it had a unique aura that could cause one to be intoxicated. It filled her aura and instantly enveloped her within.

Tang Ke Xin looked at him, her intoxicated eyes were blurred, the light could not be seen clearly, his entire person was blurred, his body was trembling uncontrollably, and a crazed desire started to surge out from his body.

She was like a person who had been struggling in the desert for days and nights on the verge of drying up. Suddenly, she saw a green zone, like the redemption of heaven. A fatal temptation instantly seeped into every cell of her body.

"Right." Tang Ke Xin could not help but moan softly. Her consciousness that she had forcefully endured instantly collapsed at that moment, crumbling. She lowered her head, and just like that, her burning hot lips kissed the man beneath her, at the base of his neck.

The man stiffened. His expression was indiscernible within the darkness. However, the freezing coldness instantly spread out, filling every inch of his body. In that instant, a hair—raising killing intent gathered around him.

This woman who fell from the top of the stairs had actually pressed down on him and forcefully kissed him?

If it weren't for the fact that he had just dispelled the poison in his body and couldn't do anything now, he would definitely have shattered this reckless woman into thousands of pieces.

It was a pity that the current Tang Ke Xin could not feel any danger, she only knew that this close proximity made her body no longer feel so uncomfortable. The desire in her body finally had a breakthrough, so she needed more.

Her kiss grew more frenzied as her sweet tongue extended outwards, continuously attacking his neck. She even started to bite down fearlessly.

The man's body was visibly stiff.

"Be good and don't be afraid." While in a trance, a voice sounded out faintly. Tang Ke Xin could not identify who it was, and when she was half drunk and half awake, she felt a large hand grabbing onto her waist, as if it was trying to break her slender waist.

Hmph, he didn't know how to care about a woman at all.

At this moment, she was actually still able to fearlessly request for a strong man to treat her like jade. His courage was indeed quite fat.

If it wasn't for the fact that the man couldn't move and the hand on her waist had used up all of his strength, she was afraid that there would be nothing left of her.

Her lips moved up his neck until they were on his lips.

The man pursed his lips, clenching his teeth, Tang Ke Xin could not go any deeper, her lips slightly raised in dissatisfaction, but in the next moment, her hand suddenly pressed down on the man's waist. As a doctor, she still had a way to deal with this kind of situation.

Tang Ke Xin's consciousness had already blurred, it was just that the crazy desire in her body had stimulated her to do all of this. If she was not poisoned, she would not even dare to do so.

Because of the detoxification just now, the man who had no ability to resist at all started to moan softly due to her sudden action, his lips slightly parted.

Tang Ke Xin took the chance and went in.

Tang Ke Xin smiled with satisfaction, his smile rippling with the spring wind, his smile enchanting and charming, his smile proud and dazzling.

The man's face darkened as the killing intent in his eyes raged wildly. Even in the darkness, his gaze could instantly kill.

However, that killing intent did not affect the current Tang Ke Xin at all, her sweet tongue with a few points of probing slid into his mouth, with a faint medicinal taste, it also entered the man's mouth completely, and the remaining bewitching medicine in her mouth entered his body.

Just as Tang Ke Xin had expected, this was a very strong bewitching poison.

Moreover, the current him had no power to resist.

The coldness on the man's body gradually faded, and his killing intent lost its initial power. His pair of deep eyes dimmed slightly as a strange color appeared in them.

Tang Ke Xin's burning hot body stuck closely to him, and a small hand reached into his clothes amidst the chaos, crawling towards her somewhat hot chest.

In the next moment, his sexy thin lips slowly curled up as he fainted in many places. His charm penetrated to the bone, captivating the soul. With a flip, he had already pressed her down, and the two of them instantly changed their positions.

Not knowing if it was a deliberate punishment, the man suddenly lowered his head and fiercely bit on her shoulder, even though he was unconscious, Tang Ke Xin still cried out in pain.

This bite was not light. It was likely to leave behind traces.

As she gasped, he let go of her mouth, but in the next moment, he forcefully kissed her lips, taking away all her breath. At the same time, his hand quickly pulled away her clothes.

At that moment, Tang Ke Xin was no longer able to think, and could only sink under the blazing madness.

Within the entanglement, the flames burned fiercely, crazily, crazily demanding, crazily seizing, endlessly …

Tang Ke Xin was impressed by herself, even in such a state of madness, she did not faint.

By the time he stopped, the medicine had dispersed. She regained consciousness, but also calmed herself down. She had to leave as soon as possible.

In the darkness, she fumbled for the clothes, wanting to put them on, but found that the clothes in her hands were a little strange. Fortunately, she managed to put them on.

"You want to leave?" However, just as she got off the bed and was about to take a step forward, a gloomy voice suddenly came from behind her.

The voice wasn't loud, but it was bone—chilling and dangerous. It was like a life—threatening talisman that came from the deepest depths of hell, causing one's hair to stand on end.

In the darkness, Tang Ke Xin did not turn her head but he could clearly feel the gaze that was directed at him.

Tang Ke Xin, who was usually calm and had lost all sense of fear for many years, suddenly froze as a chill went down her spine.

Tang Ke Xin clearly knew that this man truly wanted to kill her.

Tang Ke Xin smirked. Even if she had trespassed into his room, and even if she had the slightest intention to rape him, the one who would be at a disadvantage in this kind of matter is still a girl.

Furthermore, he took the initiative to viciously bite her shoulder time and time again, and even now, her shoulder was still hurting.

It was fine if she didn't admit to it, but why would she want to kill her for no reason?

But, if he wanted to kill her, it would not be that easy. Tang Ke Xin's body did not move, but his hands secretly clenched tightly.

Just that, after waiting for a moment, there was no movement from behind him, and with some suspicions, Tang Ke Xin slowly turned around.

When she met his eyes that were ice—cold and filled with raging killing intent, someone as calm as her was still so shocked that her heart trembled.

She had never known that a single glance could have such power. She knew that this man was not simple, and was also extremely dangerous.

At this moment, he was sitting on the bed, staring fixedly at her. However, he didn't move an inch.

However, if he did not attack with such an obvious killing intent, there was only one possibility. At this moment, there was no way that he could move.

The corner of Tang Ke Xin's mouth slightly slanted as she heaved a sigh of relief. What?

Just as Tang Ke Xin had expected, he could not move at the moment. Just a moment ago, she had suddenly stood up, causing her Qi to flow backwards, but even so, the Qi released by his body made people tremble in fear, not daring to come close.

Seeing that his entire body was filled with killing intent, and that he didn't want to immediately shatter her, yet was unable to move, the corner of Tang Ke Xin's lips curled up into a faint smile.

"Hm, he left just like that. He's indeed not kind." Tang Ke Xin looked at him, and nodded seriously, his voice was obviously hoarse due to the madness.

When this man wanted to kill her, he was so frightened by her that he gave her a false alarm.

She, Tang Ke Xin, had never held a grudge.

Furthermore, she had always been the most considerate of them all. She was truly sorry to have him solo, so she decided to cooperate with him.

The man glared at him as his killing intent intensified. However, a trace of surprise could be seen in his eyes.

"Although your skills are not very good, after all, you've worked hard just now. So, more or less, you should at least give me some." The corners of her lips continuously curled up into a smile. However, her attitude was even more serious and solemn.

In the darkness, he couldn't see the smile on her face, but he could clearly distinguish the damn lightness in her voice.

Damn woman.

"Woman, you're courting death!" In the blink of an eye, his eyes abruptly narrowed as he glared at her. The killing intent that gathered here struck her as if it wanted to skin her, pull out her tendons, remove her bones and then grind her into ashes.

Tang Ke Xin believed that if this man could move, he would definitely do so. But unfortunately, he was unable to move at this moment.

Therefore, Tang Ke Xin was not afraid of him.

Faster than his heart, Tang Ke Xin's hand subconsciously reached into a pouch on his waist and pulled out a few broken bits and pieces of things.

Looking at what he took out, Tang Ke Xin was startled, it seemed to be some broken silver.

Since when did this twenty—first century use silver? Moreover, there was a black bag tied around her waist?

Towards his murderous gaze, Tang Ke Xin did not have time to think about it. Whether it was the money or the pieces of silver, it did not seem to affect what she was about to do right now.

"This silver shard is for you. This is the money you painstakingly earned from selling your body. You must definitely take it." Tang Ke Xin placed the shattered silver in his hands, and very considerately handed it over to him. Then, she elegantly turned around and walked outside.

"Woman, you'd better not fall into my hands, or else …" Staring at her back, the man gritted his teeth. He gritted his teeth so hard that the sound of his teeth grinding could be heard. This damnable woman actually dared to … "

"Don't worry, there won't be that day." Tang Ke Xin's answer was firm and confident.

With her identity and ability, as long as she didn't want to, no one would be able to find her.

Poisoning was a conspiracy, but it was an accident when he met this man. The teasing he did to him just now was due to him having killing intent, so he treated it as a harmless joke.

Only, she did not know that the sky had changed. She was no longer the Tang Ke Xin of the twenty—first century, who could still escape in the midst of a bloody storm.

What she didn't know was that she had personally placed a few pieces of silver in the man's hand. There was another object there with a special symbol carved on it.

There won't be that day? Looking at the direction he left in, he was so angry that he started laughing. Very, very good, he wanted to see how that woman would escape.

Even if he had to dig three feet into the ground, he would dig that woman out. Looking around the world, he was afraid that he could not find the person he was looking for.

Suddenly, he felt something different from the silver pieces in his hands. His eyebrows slightly raised and the corner of his lips slowly curled up into a smile that was not a smile. However, the ethereal sight made his heart tremble.