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Cold-blooded CEO's Adorable Wife

Cold-blooded CEO's Adorable Wife



  He was the president of the Emperor International. He was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. "After a crazy night, she woke up under his body," "Bastard, let me go!" Let go? Are you sure? Just now, he was shouting, hurry up, continue, the person I want … "Who is it?" The man gave a bloodthirsty sneer. In order to achieve his goals, he married her with ulterior motives and forced her to stay by his side. Every night, he would happily humiliate her. Just then, she met a man who was as beautiful as a god. Twins? Twins? Who was he? In order to find out the truth, she had sneaked into his study and discovered the huge secret he had been hiding all along. Two identical looking men, one holding her right hand and the other left, were incomparably domineering. "An Xiaoming, he and I, who would you choose?"
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Night fell.

A white private luxury cruise ship was floating in the shallow sea area thousands of meters away from the beach.

At this time, on this luxurious cruise ship worth millions dollars, the lights were brilliantly lit and there were people singing and playing. A grand dinner had just begun.

In a luxurious and elegant VIP room on the third floor of the cruise ship, Jessica Jones was half lying down on the sofa depressingly, shaking a glass of red wine in her hand lightly.

"Damn it. Lily, you actually stood me up again. You said you will be back in ten minutes, but it's already been half an hour. If you still don't show up, then I will leave."

After saying that, Jessica took another sip of the red wine. She very causally propped her feet on the head on the sofa and changed her body into a more comfortable semi—lying posture. At this moment, she heard the door rattle softly, and then she heard quick footsteps.

"Lily, you finally come back. You let me stay here …."

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Jessica thought that Lily Miller who was her best friend had returned, so she excitedly sat up. Just halfway through the reprimand, she saw a slender black figure walking towards her.

Obviously, it was not Lily!

"Who are you?"

Jessica sat up alertly. Although the room was dark, she could still tell by the faint moonlight that the person who entered was a man.

The man did not speak, but directly walked to the bed and pounced on Jessica.

"Rogue! What are you doing? "

Feeling something was wrong, Jessica immediately panicked. She struggled, but her hands were firmly held on top of her head.

"One million a night. Women, satisfy me obediently!"

The man's voice was very magnetic, with a hint of evil and dominance that could not be refused.

"I don't care about a million. If you dare touch me, I will kill you at any cost! "

Jessica was embarrassed and angry at the same time, and she was so angry that she was about to cry. The humiliation that she had never felt before welled up in her heart.

"What a stubborn little wild cat you are! But...it's useless!"

The man's voice started to become hoarse and impatient. Before he finished speaking, he started to violently kiss her.

"You … What are you doing? Let me go! Don't touch me! "

"No? I'll let you…shout nonstop...."

Jessica opened her eyes wide in despair. In the dark, even though she couldn't see his appearance clearly, she could feel the frightening domineering aura and the ruthlessness that could not be refused of the man.

Her body couldn't stop trembling when her skin came into contact with his body. The man touched her sensitive parts with his hands which were burning hot.

"There's a reaction so soon? Don't be nervous, the night is still long."

His lips once again bit hard on hers, not giving her any chance to dodge. The kiss almost made her suffocate.

"Hiss! Damn it! Women, you will not have a good result if you are not obedient."

"Ah.... "

Then, the tearing pain caused Jessica to scream and shred tears. She wanted to cry out loud, but she was gagged by a crazy and overbearing kiss.

Half an hour later …

Jessica felt as if her body was emptied, and she lay face down on the edge of the bed, gasping continuously.

Sweat soaked her hair, and there was a special atmosphere in the room.

"Your performance is not bad. Woman, come here, let's continue!"

When Jessica heard the man's evil voice behind her, she was stunned and frightened.

"Don't touch me! Go away!"

"But I just touched…."

In the darkness, the man's eyes flickered with a bright light he smiled. Her seductive voice was still vaguely ringing in his ears.

Hearing Jessica's angry voice, he felt that it was extremely interesting, and had the urge to continue playing with her.

"As long as you please me, I can give you whatever you want."

As he said that, the man slowly approached Jessica, his words full of ambiguity.

"You! You'd better stay away from me! Otherwise...."

"Or what?"

The man was not scared by Jessica's fury and threat. Instead, he sized her up with even more interest.

"I will kill you!"

Jessica said as she gnashed her teeth. Her first time was taken away just like this, so now, she even wanted to die.

"Kill me? Then let me see how capable you are. In New York, no one dares to touch me!"

After the man finished speaking, he grabbed Jessica's wrist and tried to drag her under him again.

Jessica realized that the situation was not good, so she bit on the man's hand fiercely.


The man immediately released his hand in pain.

Woman, did you want to die?

Jessica seized the chance, picked up the dress and covered herself with it in panic, and then fled the room without looking back.

The man jumped out of the bed and wanted to chase her, but when he realized that he wasn't wearing any clothes, he stopped.

After escaping from the VIP room, Jessica found a corner to put on her clothes, and then left the cruise ship by yacht.

She couldn't let anyone know what happened tonight, otherwise she would be ashamed of this in the future.

…At two in the morning, an ordinary BMW stopped in a luxurious villa.

Jessica turned off the lights of the car, calmed herself down, and then got out of the driver's seat. Seeing the third floor with the lights on, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

After hesitating for a while and taking a deep breath, Jessica finally walked in.

Jessica went from the spiral staircase to the third floor. The moment she entered the room, she saw Betty sitting on the sofa with an unhappy face.

"You finally come back?" Betty snorted coldly, her tone full of sarcasm and disdain.

"You are waiting for me to come back so late. Is something wrong?" Jessica asked indifferently, her tone not very good.

Betty was Jessica's stepmother, she was her biological father's mistress before, and after her mother died in a car accident, she lived in the house with her daughter named Yolanda, one year older than Jessica.

As for her father, he was the boss of a construction group. He was often busy socializing, so he very rarely managed this home. All the big and small matters were decided by Betty.

Jessica knew that Betty did not like her, and she had never admitted that Betty was her stepmother.

"I arranged a marriage for you. The other party is a president of the Empire Group. The date of the wedding is set to be five days later."

"Shut up! What qualifications do you have to arrange my marriage? When did my dad give you such a great right? "

After hearing Betty's words, Jessica suddenly became angry. She glared at Betty and thought it was awfully funny. She was only 20 years old this year. She hadn't graduated from university yet. However, she was asked to marry a man she didn't know.

"Humph! Your father has already agreed to this. Do you even go against you're the will of your father?"

Knowing that Jessica would not care what she said, Betty directly said it was also Edward's decision, her face still full of complacency.

"I won't get married!"

Jessica firmly refused. How could she not see through Betty's intentions?

No matter how prominent the man was, she would never marry a man she did not love.

"It's not up to you!"