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Win Your Heart

Win Your Heart



  His father went to prison and his mother fell ill overnight. Ye Wan, who used to be a rich family's daughter, suddenly found out that her boyfriend broke up with her when she was in trouble — she met the man from the North City, Pei Yehui, with a cup of spilled coffee. Pei Yehui was pressing forward with only one goal in mind. He wanted her. Ye Wan: "Mr Pei, are you that interested in my body?" Pei Yehui: "No, I'm interested in this place." He pointed at her heart. Ye Wan didn't understand. She didn't think that she had anything on her that Pei Yehui would miss. However, she knew that in order to save her father and mother, when everyone would abandon her, she would have to rely on this man to return to the peak! Even if she, Ye Wan, was an unpopular mistress, she was still the mistress of the most powerful man in the North City!
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The A City's autumn was at its peak, and Ye Wan, who was dressed simply, walked down the road with a face covered in sweat.

"Miss Ye, we have tried our best. It's not that there is no way to deal with Uncle Ye's matter, it's just that we need a lot of money to do it." The other side sighed, "Maybe... You can also ask for help from Mingming. "

Ye Wan focused his mind, his voice still gentle. "Okay, thank you Uncle Wu."

After hanging up with Uncle Wu, Ye Wan looked at his phone. One of them was to find out where Shao Ming Lang was, and the other was that Aunt An's mother had already been delivered to the hospital, so she could be at ease.

Ye Wan's vision became blurry. His father had been sentenced to fifteen years, and his mother had fainted in court, but … She had to hold on.

Standing on the side of the road and hesitating for a long time, Ye Wan decided to take a taxi to the Ashton Inn, even if her family was bankrupt and she didn't have much money on her.

But she was afraid she would miss the chance to meet Shao Ming Lang.

When the taxi arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Ye Wan was still a little pained when he paid the taxi.

Who would have thought that he would have such a day?

Through the glass window, the Ashton Hotel was as magnificent as ever.

She took a deep breath and pushed open the door of the car. Just as she was about to turn around, she heard a soft voice behind her. The sound of their conversation caused her body to stiffen slightly.

Then he turned around.

Shao Ming Lang gently supported the enchanting woman beside him, and said in a low voice: "How could I be so careless, and hurt my child?"

The woman raised her eyes and looked right at Ye Wan, who was standing by the revolving door. After a long while, she revealed a smile and wrapped her arms around Shao Ming Lang, "Hubby, look who's here."

Ye Wan felt a little sore in her throat, she took a deep breath and used an unusually steady voice to tell Shao Ming Lang, "Brilliant, I have something to talk to you about …"

"Why are you looking for him? Shouldn't ex—girlfriends avoid suspicion? " Lin Ya dragged Shao Ming Lang's hand and walked towards the hotel's lobby, not giving him any time to talk with Ye Wan at all.

Actually, from the moment Lin Ya appeared, Ye Wan already knew that there was no need to find him anymore.

However, as she brushed past him, she asked, "Is she pregnant?" So you fell in love with her while we were dating? "

Shao Ming Lang's usually gentle eyes instantly dimmed, but Lin Ya actually scoffed lightly, "Who told Miss Ye to always be conceited? Always treating others as people? Your man can't stand it, so who are you blaming? "

That's right... Who should he blame?

Always blaming her for being blind.

… ….

A pure black Maybach car stopped outside the hotel. The assistant, who was sitting on the first passenger seat, took a look at the situation outside and asked, "Director Pei, are you going to get off?"

The man in the back seat was tall, with a long black coat over his white shirt. The buttons on his shirt were unruly, revealing the marmalade of his collarbone. He had one long arm stretched out on the back of the chair and the other hand holding a cup of coffee.

The coffee was slightly cold, but it did not affect his mood in the slightest. Pei Ye Hui's gaze was firmly locked on the three people who were arguing outside the hotel, and in the end, his gaze landed on the haggard Ye Wan.

The fragmented sunlight shone into the car, making his appearance even more distinct. His eyes were like blazing stars, handsome and extraordinary, handsome and handsome.

A deep and gentle voice came from the car. It carried a hint of playfulness in it as it said, "Get off. Of course get off."

After saying that, the assistant quickly got out of the car and opened the door. Pei Ye Hui took a step forward and bent down while carrying the coffee.

She was originally going to hand the unfinished cup of coffee to the assistant, but just as she stretched her hand out, the woman dressed in red opposite of her suddenly pushed Ye Wan away, causing her to stumble and fall backwards.

The delicate body of the woman was pulled into her embrace, coffee splattered onto the floor with a loud 'hualala' sound.

"Pa ~ ~ ~"

The crisp sound made the scene fall silent for a moment.

Ye Wan awkwardly leaned on the arm of the unfamiliar man, the brown colored liquid not only covered her entire body, but also dragged the man behind her along.

Lin Ya was just about to continue beating her up, but Shao Ming Lang grabbed her hand and said softly, "Stop messing around, if not, the party will start soon."

Lin Ya received Shao Ming Lang's signal, she anxiously glanced at the man who was holding Ye Wan, and his expression immediately changed. She then left a few hard words, pushing all the responsibility onto Ye Wan, and dragged Shao Ming Lang into the hotel lobby.

"Pei Ye Hui won't find trouble with us, right?" Lin Ya remembered the look in that person's eyes, and she was still a little fearful. She lowered her voice and asked Shao Ming Lang.

While speaking, she turned her head to look outside, her heart was thumping hard, and when she raised her head to look at Shao Ming Lang's gentle eyes, she felt at ease.

"A debt has its owner. It was Ye Wan who bumped into him. What does that have to do with us?" Shao Ming Lang said, "Whatever it is, just do not meddle in other people's business, and don't provoke Pei Ye Hui."

Lin Ya nodded.

Pei Ye Hui was a well—known bully in the business circles. He would never reason with anything he did, it would be a headache if he got into trouble.

… ….

Outside the Ashton Hotel.

Ye Wan was still in Pei Ye Hui's embrace, and she had not recovered from the conversation just now, "Shao Ming Lang, let me ask you one more time, my family's bankruptcy … Does it have anything to do with you? "

"Whether or not I have a relationship with you has nothing to do with you, right?"

"Hur hur."

A low laugh came from above, Pei Ye Hui said playfully, "Miss, are you addicted?"

Ye Wan jumped in shock and straightened up to look at him. As the young miss of the Ye Family, she had always known that Pei Ye Hui was from different worlds, so he had never interacted with him before.

She realized that this man was really tall.

Ye Wan had never thought that his interaction with Pei Ye Hui would be such an embarrassing situation. She was in a very sorry state, and he had been made into a bit of a mess by her.

She paused and took out a clean handkerchief from her bag. "I'm sorry, sir. Can I help you?"

The hand holding the handkerchief was held tightly, a hint of interest flashed past Pei Ye Hui's deep eyes, "Miss Ye, if you want to wipe it, you have to wipe it here. Of course, luckily this coffee is not hot, otherwise you would be responsible for the rest of your life. "

Ye Wan's hand was pointed downwards.

She didn't think that this collision would actually spill onto the bulging area below her, causing her face to instantly turn red.

Ye Wan forced himself to ignore the hint, closing his eyes tightly, then calmly lifted his eyes and looked at his opponent, "I didn't think that Mr. Pei would actually recognize me … As you can see, I have nothing at all right now, so the Mr. Pei shouldn't be making life difficult for people like me, right? If you need an apology, I can sincerely apologize to you. "

Even though the woman in his eyes was thin, she had a tenacious temperament to her.

The blade of grass was as tough as silk.

He smiled, extended his hand and grabbed Ye Wan's wrist, and directly pulled him towards the lobby. "There's not an old saying, but if apologizing is useful, then what do you need the police for?"