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 Prince's Troublesome Consort

Prince's Troublesome Consort



  "Marrying a chicken follows a chicken; marrying a dog follows a dog. Before you married into my family, didn't anyone teach you that?" "Yes, but in my heart, I have never treated you like a chicken or a dog. Don't look down on yourself like that, my lord." The moment he transmigrated to the Cheng Lian palace and abandoned his concubine, his life became a dog's blood. The white lotus flower would come to his house every day to cause trouble, and he treated you like a human, but you still had to learn to bark like a dog to see his sister ruthlessly destroy his white lotus. Prince husband comes looking for trouble all the time? No! Since his elder sister had someone on her side, the sloppy-looking man would not show any mercy. However, what kind of situation was this? She wanted her husband to marry a concubine and have a good family, but he only wanted her to "repay kindness with enmity"? The concubine is right, the Qi family governs the country and the world. This King will first have a good family with you, then I will rule the world. " "Fool bomber, I treat you as my best friend and you actually want to fuck me!" The dregs of a man, who couldn't feed her every day, pressed down on her like a tiger or a wolf. A certain woman exploded in anger, "Scum, do you have enough Qi Family members?!" "It's not enough. This King intends to form a kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu!" A cuju? Your sister! A certain woman lifted the table while stroking her waist! The prince had so many petticoats, causing his wife the wangfei to break her waist in pain!
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Cangyuan. Prince Rong's Mansion.

Engraved pillars, pavilions, glazed roof tiles reflected the dazzling sunlight which shone onto the slightly closed door of leaf dryer.

"Princess, not good, Princess … Princess... "

The originally tranquil courtyard was disturbed by this urgent sound.

The leaf dryer was an inconspicuous side hall of the Prince Rong's Mansion, but the current Princess, who was the prince, Chu Ci, lived in this place.

The dense and verdant shrubs covered up the sunlight. Chu Ci lied on the reclining chair, shaking one of her legs. She squinted her eyes and enjoyed the cool feeling the summer breeze brought her.

, who was lazily lying on the chair and resting with his eyes closed, slightly frowned as he heard the servant's urgent cry.

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and saw the servant who had been waiting at his side the whole time hurriedly running into the courtyard and heading straight for her.

"What is it that makes you so flustered?"

"Princess, silver … The Ginkgo biloba are being beaten, quickly go take a look. "

9527 ran out of breath.

"Taking a beating? "What's going on?"

Chu Ci was startled, and in the next second, her graceful figure quickly disappeared from the leaf dryer.

"Sister Hong Jian, I was wrong, sorry, please forgive me this once, Sister Hong Jian … …"

Just as she stepped into the front yard, she saw a servant dressed in red holding a long whip, and hitting the servant Ginkgo biloba several times. In a few seconds, the Ginkgo biloba was covered with wounds.

She knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the red—clothed maid, begging for mercy, but to no avail.

She recognized this red clothed maid. She was the personal servant of Bao Yan, the concubine of the Prince, and her name was Hong Jian.

The corner of Chu Ci's mouth curled up, and a sharp glint of light flashed past her eyes. Without batting an eyelid, she picked up a small stone from the ground and threw it towards Hong Jian, hitting him squarely on her wrist.

Sure enough, you mustn't forget the famous saying that if a tiger doesn't show his power, you'll be a Hello Kitty.


Following this sharp voice, Hong Jian's wrist went numb for a while, then the long whip in her hand dropped to the ground.

"Who is it!?" Whoever threw stones at me! "

What kind of time did Hong Jian have? In the Prince Mansion, other than the Prince and the Madame Bao, no one would dare to throw stones at her. Even the trash of the leaf dryer, the lower class Princess, would have to be courteous to her.

Just as Hong Jian was thinking this, a lazy voice swept past her ears, "I threw it out."

"Who gave you the guts … …"

Hong Jian's eyes turned red, she turned hherhead and wanted to curse, but when she saw Chu Ci, his voice suddenly stopped, and in the next second, her previous anger turned into astonishment.

However, this astonishment did not last for long before it passed through's body in a mocking manner, as he shot a cold glance at him.

How could Chu Ci not see the undisguised look of disdain in the depths of her eyes?

"So it's the Esteemed wangfei. I don't know what this servant did wrong, but may I trouble you to teach this servant a lesson?"

Although Hong Jian called herself a slave, she didn't look like a servant at all. She almost stepped on her nose and thought that she was Empress Dowager Ci.

Chu Ci swept a glance at her, covered her mouth, and chuckled twice. She shook her head, walked forward, picked up the Ginkgo biloba kneeling on the ground, and gave it to the 9527 beside him.

"I didn't do anything wrong, but I saw that you had rabies, so I decided to treat it. If I accidentally bit your master, I'm afraid you won't know how to explain it to Prince."

Hong Jian was startled, she did not expect that this lower class Princess, who was not even as strong as a servant in the Prince Mansion, would actually have the guts to speak to her like this.

"You … calling me a dog? "

In the next second, Hong Jian understood the meaning of Chu Ci's words, and her face immediately turned green.

Chu Ci raised an eyebrow, she did not deny, and only sized Hong Jian up to the side while covering her mouth as she laughed, "Looks like she's still a very smart dog. If I didn't cure him earlier, it would be a pity."

Chu Ci turned around, and saw that the servants and servants beside her were looking at her like they had seen a ghost, a proud look flashed past her eyes.

"If you bite my people today, you might go out on the streets and bite someone else tomorrow. At that time, no matter what my Prince Rong's Mansion tells the people, I can't just let my Prince clean up your butt, right?"

From start to finish, she wore a smile on her face, but the words that she spoke caused the surrounding servants to burst out in laughter.

At the same time, he was a little surprised. This Princess was clearly the ruler of the Princess, and this Prince Rong's Mansion didn't even have a chance to receive the official imperial concubine.

It did not sound like it came from the mouth of a venerated Princess.

How could Hong Jian still pay attention to this? Her face was red and white from anger, especially seeing the servants holding back their laughter to watch a good show, she was finally angered.

"Chu Ci!"

She stared with her eyes wide open, calling him by his name, without any sort of haughty attitude, and in her eyes, there was no Princess like Chu Ci, the so called, "You dare to call me a dog, are you not afraid that I will tell you this?"


Before he could finish his sentence, he flung a palm straight at her face without any warning.

And Chu Ci's actions, already caused everyone who was watching to become dumbstruck once again. Seemingly everyone had their eyes opened wide, as they looked at this inconceivable scene before them.

Wang... The Princess actually beat up the red person in front of the Madame Bao! Heavens, did Princess see a ghost!

The only thing he saw was Chu Ci's fierce face. His usually weak and cowardly eyes now revealed a sharp and fearsome light that shot towards Hong Jian's stunned eyes.

"Is my name even something a lowly maid like you has the right to call me?"

When she finished speaking, a cold light flashed past her eyes again, causing Hong Jian's heart to tremble.

"Didn't your master teach you how to be humble?"

She took a step forward, and since she was slightly taller than Hong Jian and had the aura of a Princess, she had already scared Hong Jian silly.

She used her hands to cover her face as she stared at Chu Ci in disbelief. She was so frightened that she couldn't say a single word.

"It seems that your dog is quite sickly and can't even differentiate between high and low. Since your master doesn't know how to teach you how to be a obedient servant, then I will personally teach her."

Chu Ci's words shocked Hong Jian greatly. At the same time, it also allowed her to recover from her shock and she could not help but curse herself for being so useless, to actually be frightened by an infuriated Princess.

She had her beloved Madame Bao backing her up, what was there to be afraid of?