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A Cutest Rival

A Cutest Rival


After suffering all kinds of infertility treatment, Mango was finally pregnant with Nathaniel’s child. But it turned out another woman had already conceived Nathaniel’s child for 5 months. Just after claimed her pregnancy, she was kidnapped by Nathaniel’s bodyguard and almost died in the fire he set. It was universally acknowledged that she was dead. But that’s not true. After five years, Mango came back to Nathaniel’s side as a famous international car designer seeking revenge. Except for a different title, she also had a different face which looked more gorgeous and a different identity, mom. Her son Zion, a four-year-old boy, who shared the same beautiful almond-shaped eyes with Nathaniel was much more mentally mature than the kids of his age and also sought revenge for Nathaniel. However, revenge wasn’t the main purpose of them coming back...
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When Mango Shen got the pregnancy test result, she shed tears of joy.

She was pregnant!

She was pregnant with Nathaniel Ye's child!

After three years of marriage, she finally had his child, which was too difficult for her.

She was on her way out with the test result in her hand, and a smile on her face. She couldn't wait to deliver the good news to Nathaniel. Yet, when she turned around a corner, a familiar figure flashed by.

"Macy Cho?"

Nathaniel's first love! She came back! How come?

Mango quickly followed her, only to find that Nathaniel, who was supposed to be in the company, was accompanying Macy and carefully holding her. And her stomach was obviously impregnated with a baby more than five months old.

"Nathan, I'm fine. Don't be nervous. The child is going to be OK."

"Be more cautious. After all, the child in your belly is the first child of our Ye Family. We can't take the risk."

Macy's smile looked happy, and Nathan treated her gently. This scene deeply hurt Shen Mange.

"What are you doing?"

Mango suddenly held the pregnancy test sheet in her hand, and her nails pierced her palm through the paper, but it was less than one-thousandth of the pain in her heart.

Mango was not always in her best health condition. In order to give birth to a child for Nathaniel, she tried all the folk prescriptions and tried every hospital in the past three years. She almost died several times. Yet, when she finally confirmed her pregnancy, the least she would expect, was that Macy pregnant with Nathaniel's baby too.

"Why are you here?"

Nathaniel's brows suddenly furrowed. His eyes, which were as gentle as water, had also become sharp and cold, as if the temperature around him also dropped to subzero.

Mango could not help but went forward to question him, when seeing the change of his attitude.

"Why am I here? Nathaniel Ye, I am your wife. Now you are accompanying the mistress to the pregnancy test. How dare you ask me why I am here?"

Her question attracted the attention of the people around.

Macy suddenly cried with grievances.

"Nathan, I'm sorry. I got you into trouble. If I hadn't come back and told you about the existence of our child, or if I had forced myself to give up the baby, maybe I wouldn't have you misunderstood by Mango. Sorry, it's all my fault."

After that, Macy turned and ran.

"Tom, follow Miss Cho and watch out for her. Make sure everything is alright with her and the baby. Or you are in trouble."

Sense the anxiety in Nathaniel's voice, Thomas Song, Nathaniel's assistant, sprint to follow her.

Mango only felt it hard to breathe. Nathaniel had never shown such concern to her.

"Nathaniel Ye, you jerk!"

She suddenly raised one hand, trying to slap Nathaniel hard, but didn't expect to be stopped by him halfway. His forced grasp made Mango frown in pain.

"Mango Shen, when you came into my bed by dirty means and forced me to marry you three years ago, you should know that I couldn't give you the love you want in this marriage. I warn you, Macy's baby is very precious and it is the Ye Family's blood. If anyone dares to harm her or the baby, I will hunt the person down, no matter how that person is connected to me, even she is my wife."

After the warning, Nathaniel threw her away.

Mango couldn't stand up and almost fell on the wall beside her. The pregnancy test result slipped out of her hand and landed in front of Nathaniel.

"You, you are pregnant, too?"

There was a moment of astonishment in Nathaniel's eyes.

Mango laughed, tears dripping down the corners of her eyes.

"Do you even care? I've explained to you three years ago, but you don't believe me. No matter how hard I tried to please you, you don't care. Now your first love is going to give you a child. Nathaniel, I do love you, but I also have dignity and pride! I will deal with this child. We should end it."

Her heart was hurt like being stabbed by a knife, but she turned around and left resolutely.

Nathaniel stared at her with anger.

He quickly walked forward, picked up Mango, and walked out of the hospital.

"Mango Shen, who do you think you are? You forced me to marry you before, now you are giving up my child? Do you really think I have no temper and let you fool me around? Let me tell you, I'll keep the child!"

"Let me go! This is my child, it has nothing to do with you!"

Mango struggled violently in anger, but she couldn't break free from Ye Nathaniel's shackles.

"Your child? You can breed without me? Mango Shen, you'd better not provoke me at this time!"

Nathaniel's beautiful phoenix eyes suddenly narrowed, and the piercingly cold gaze instantly shrouded the surroundings, was showing a very depressing feeling.

Just at this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

In order to make it easier to answer the phone, Nathaniel put Mango down, but still hold her with one arm, which was overbearing and possessive.

Mango couldn't help but feel a little sad.

Every time she had an illusion that Nathaniel was concerned about her somewhat, just like now.

"What did you say? Macy wants to commit suicide? Watch out for her. I'll be right there!"

Nathaniel's sudden nervousness made Mango's warming heart to freeze again.