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WARNING!!!!! THIS BOOK IS PURELY EROTICA AND IT CONTAINS EXTREME EXPLICIT CONTENT IN ALMOST EVERY CHAPTER. RATED 18+ ? IT'S A COMPILATION OF THREE TABOO EROTICA ROMANCE STORIES IN ONE. MAIN STORY Eighteen years old Marilyn Muriel is shocked on one beautiful summer by her mom when she brings in a strikingly, handsome young man and introduces him as her new husband. An instant unexplainable connection is formed between her and this Greek god as he secretly begins to cast various unwanted signals towards her. Marilyn soon finds herself going through various, irresistible sexual escapades with this charming, seductive fellow in the absence of her mom. What will be the fate or outcome of such an act and will her mom ever get to know the atrocity going on right under her nose?
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My eighteenth summer.

A summer never to forget.

The summer I .....I did the most abominable.

I can't be blamed.

I really can't.

The forces of nature all had to turn their backs on me and send the most irresistible nemesis I have ever seen.

A beautiful, attractive, stunning nemesis in the form of a man assigned to be my father.


Anyways...the story goes thus....

“Last card!!!!!“

Steven yelled and I groaned as I felt my world crumbling at that single sentence being said.

I glared at grinning Steven who winked at me mockingly.

“Just give it up, you know you have no choice.“

He said and i rolled my eyes. 

“Alright you won.“

I said and tossed the cards on the floor and he leaped up from the ground. 

“Hurray. I win again.“

He said and i smiled as i watched him celebrate around the house. 

“How the hell do you do it?“

I asked and he shook his head. 

“No. No. No. Nothing will ever make me expose my secret strategy….“

I waved my hand at him.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I get it. It's definitely worth a try. Now let's get this sitting room in order before mom arrives with her new husband. We don't want to make a bad impression do we?“

He chuckled and smiled.

“What do you think our new dad will look like?“

He asked as he picked up the litters in the sitting room. 

I smiled.

“How else, if not like she looks. He could be a million times older, you can't tell.“

I said and he rolled his eyes. 

“I'd better not judge that way if I were you. Mom has a way of picking out good looking men…..“

I scoffed.

“Where the hell do you want to find a good looking man that's above the age of forty?“

I asked and he scoffed. 

“You might be surprised.“

He said and walked up to the kitchen.

I sighed and shrugged as i packed  the rest of the trash taking them outside to the trash can. 

I took a deep breath as she stepped out through the back door of the kitchen remembering what was to come before me the moment i got to the back lawn. And as usual, it met me.

A cute brown haired tempting cookie stood there as usual mowing the lawn at the other side of our fence. And he was shirtless and sweating.

Definitely hot. 

I smiled and bit my lip admiring his glistening muscular arms gripping the machine with every sturdiness.

He suddenly paused to wipe away the sweat from his face.

He took a deep breath and turned to me, catching me off guard. 


I blinked rapidly and immediately rushed back into the house embarrassed that he had caught me ogling him. I took a deep breath and saw Steven staring at me with a glass of lemonade in his hands. 

“You know, you should just get over your crush on this guy if you can't even say hi to him.“

He said and i rolled her eyes. 

“Pfft. What makes you think I can't talk to him?“

“Because you spend every summer stalking his back and running away the moment he sights you. I am definitely sure he's going to start wondering what's wrong with you.“

I scoffed.

“Not like I care.“ 

“Yeah. Exactly. You don't care.“

He said and rolled his eyes heading towards the door to the kitchen.

“Uhh…by the way, I'll be glad to announce to you that I am no longer a virgin.“

He said with a smile and i looked at him with wide eyes. 


He chuckled.

“Yes sis. With my girlfriend. We kinda drank a lot at Joseph's party and it kinda turned into an orgy. Damn…..you should have been there. Everyone got laid. Even stubborn Betty.“

I gulped.

“Just what is the younger generation turning to these days?“ 

i chuckled.

“Wow. I am completely blown away.“

“Believe me sis. You should try it. It feels so good to be laid. Go grab that cute guy next door and invite him for an orgy lunch before he rips his pants off with his erect cock.“

I blinked.


“I can tell that guy wants to take you to bed.“

I flushed and shook my head.

“Yeah. Right. Like he would….“


The doorbell rang and we looked at each other.

“Okay. Mom's home. Time to see new daddy Bosco.“ Steven said and i rolled my eyes. 

We both made sure everything was in order then Steven walked up to the door while i stood back with a smile. 

He opened the door and…..


We both exclaimed and mom smiled at us both.. 

I walked up to her and hugged her tightly.

“Miss you so much Mom.“

I said and she smiled. 

“I've missed you too, baby. How's college?“


“You didn't ask me about school?“

Steven said with jealousy and mom smiled. 

“Oh I know you are always alright. Aren't you a big boy?“

She said and he beamed.

“Alright. I would like to introduce you two to Fredrick….“

I glanced behind her to see the man we hadn't noticed had been right behind her all the while and my eyes went wide.


He smiled charmingly and walked up to us with his beautiful gaze not leaving me for once.

“Hello kids.“

He said with the softest sexiest silk voice i had ever heard.


I was so dazed for a long period that i didn't notice his extended hand towards me. 

“Marilyn.“ Mom called my attention, jolting me from my field of thoughts. I looked at her and she gestured towards his hand. 


I chuckled.

“I am so sorry. I just….I became confused.“

I said and he smiled. 

“It's alright. I get that all the time.“

He said still not taking his gaze away from me and that was driving me insane. CAN'T HE STOP STARING AT ME?!!!!


He's so beautiful.

How the hell is this even possible? 

He's definitely older than mom isn't he?

But jeez..... mom looked even older than him. 

Or did she decide to pick fish from the younger flock? All these questions ran through my mind as mom held his hand romantically and dragged him towards the sofa.

I folded my arms and watched them.

Mom seemed so happy with him. 

I chuckled softly to myself.

Steven was right.

Mom really got a good catch.

And it itched me all over that this amazing good catch hadn't taken his gaze away from me all long. 

“I will be right back. Let me get some drinks.“ mom said and i beamed. 

“Sure. I'll go with you mom.“

I said with the attempt to get as far away as i can from this beautiful god sitting in our sitting room with his long muscular legs crossed piercing me with the most beautiful alluring crystal blue eyes and smiling.

I couldn't help blushing stupidly as i made to follow mom but….

“No no no. Stay back and keep your daddy company. I'll handle it. You don't have to.“


“No buts Marilyn.“

She said and i grunted.

I turned to see him relaxed against the chair smiling at me. 

“You don't have to avoid me Marilyn. I don't bite.“

He said and i found herself blushing profusely with the way he said my name so sweetly.

I bit my lip and nodded slowly and nervously.

“I wasn't running from you.“

I said and sat down on a sofa quite far away from him. Steven walked up to him and sat beside him.

“So. New dad…. “

he began.

“It's good to know you and welcome to our home.“

He said and Fredrick smiled at him. 

“I like you already. You seem much more welcoming than your big sister over there.“

He said and i turned to him just in time to see him wink at me. 


I blinked and blushed uncontrollably before turning my gaze away quickly with my heart thumping wildly in her chest.

“Uhhhh….I'll be right back. I gotta go check out something I dropped on the lawn.“

I said and turned to go. 

“Are you sure about that or it's just another excuse to get away from me?“

He said and i paused in my tracks. 

“It has nothing to do with you….Dad.“ I said and walked away.


He smiled and nodded, turning his attention back to Steven who chuckled softly and they both laughed. 

“Your sister is a little fiesty. How old is she?“

Steven smiled.

“She's eighteen. Just turned eighteen last month.“

He said and Fredrick smiled.

“What about you? How old are you?“

Steven asked him and he chuckled. 

“Well you might not believe me since that's always the case when I tell people my age but uhh… I am forty-five.“

Steve's eyes went wide.

“What??!!!! You are forty-five?!!!“

He exclaimed and Fredrick chuckled. 

“Yes my boy. It seems I have the young looking gene strong in my bloodstream.“ 

He said with a chuckle and Steven smiled. 

“Obviously, Dad. Damn. I thought you were twenty something or so. I also thought my mom had made a mistake this time.“

He said and Fredrick laughed. 

“No. She didn't.“

“So..you play football?“

Steven asked and Fredrick chuckled. 

“Don't fret it. I play almost every game of every kind.“

“Oh wow! That's splendid. I have a football practice I go to every weekend, you could come with me. I need a  steady coach. I get bullied every time by my mates for my poor skills.“

Fredrick smiled.

“Sure. I will be glad to train you once in a while and clear that confidence off their faces.“

He said with a smile and Steven beamed. 

“I know it's not a mistake you stepped into our home.“ He said and Fredrick smiled.

He glanced at the door at which Marilyn exited from. “Yeah. It's definitely not a mistake.“