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Mr.Evil you are mine

Mr.Evil you are mine

Author:Nian Hua Re Xiao


The first time she saw his thing, she was very disgusted. This thing was really ugly! When they met again, his long and cold fingers flashed across her face. Woman, do you know the price of upsetting the prince? She used to be the first military doctor of the special forces. After her soul was transported to the notorious hostage princess, she was framed by others and her engagement was cancelled, which was nothing to her. The worst thing was that she accidentally angered the prince, who was the god of war, and then she could never escape...
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The weather in June was scorching heat outside. In the cave of Ganxi Mountain, the cold pool sent out a cold breath that made people feel cold.

However, in stark contrast to the cold pool, the man sitting in the pool to exercise his power and heal his wounds was haunted by his burning genuine qi, making the pool water near him transpire layers of water mist.

The man's delicate and peerless facial features gave out the noble breath inherent in him. His porcelain-white skin was radiant with alluring pink luster in the mist, and his black hair half soaked by the pool water lazily hung over his shoulder, in sharp contrast to his jade-like white skin color.

In the presence of a stunning man who was too handsome to be imagined and had such a beautiful appearance, both men and women couldn't help screaming when they saw him, thinking of becoming his slave in bed and allowing him do anything on themselves...

He was sitting between ice and fire, which was produced by the interweaving of the water and the heat from his body. His long eyelashes were above his closed eyes, while his rosy thin lips revealed a suffocating chill.

All of a sudden, in a quiet cave, there was a sudden surge of strong wind, and murderous expression appeared...

Yes, it was murderous expression! It was in this cave, which was heavily guarded by his men, that the huge murderous expression came from above his head.

However, this is the most critical moment for exercising his power. Once he gave up, he would lose all his achievements, which would not only make him unable to heal, but would make him more seriously injured.

With a "pit-a-pat" voice ringing, a medium-sized unidentified object landed from the sky, and then directly fell into Chu Xuanchi’s arms.

The reason why we said this object fell directly was because he already felt that a small head was rubbing against his chest, and he did not know what this head was doing.

Suddenly, Chu Xuanchi’s body tightened and his beautiful eyelashes trembled slightly. He almost jumped up and slapped the animal out!

However, he still had to endure. Because he was only so close to his success!

“Purr, purr...”

The animal that fell apparently choked on the water several times and made a clatter. A wet head emerged from the cold pool.

Mu Qiqi gasped heavily, she almost choked to death in the cold pool!

It was so cold.

The thing in her hand was warm, even hot. She couldn't help grabbing it again, and unconsciously moved towards the heat source.

"Wow! Monster! " She felt that what she was holding in her hand was "growing up" inch by inch. She bowed her head in fright. Before she could see what was happening, she first stared at what was in her hand.

Although it was underwater, she could still see it clearly. This thing was dark purple, its shape was very strange, and it would continue to grow crazily...

"How ugly!" She showed a look of disgust, threw away the thing, then raised her head and saw the man she was pressing on. Her beautiful eyes were immediately suffused with a peach blossom.

It's so beautiful, it's so beautiful... I couldn't help drooling...

"Unfortunately, that thing was really ugly." Her eyes still involuntarily flitted a trace of disgust.

Chu Xuanchi’s handsome face suddenly became dark.

This was the second time that this crazy and ignorant female animal thought that his willy was ugly and hated it! She not only expressed her aversion to this, but also touched it!

As the prince of a country, he was the god of war who frightened the enemy on the battlefield and the first handsome man in the Imperial City! She dared to think his willy was ugly!

This woman, you must die! As a prince, I must cut you to pieces!

The woman on him was still commenting on him recklessly, "His chest muscles are so developed and his physique is quite strong. It is really good."

His black face finally showed a trace of warmth. However, no one should think that if she had good taste, he would let her go.

"This person has developed four limbs, and everyone knows that this person has a head of a moron."

Fuck! When I was in power in the political field, you were even not born!

"The skin is really nice..."


"Unfortunately, that thing is really ugly." With this, she also sighed with a long sigh, with a feeling of compassion.

This was the third time that his willy, which he was proud of, had been rejected by this woman!

His blood and qi kept rolling... If I didn't avenge this, I would not be a man!