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My teenage love

My teenage love



It all started years back when he received an unknown a phone call from an unknown girl, proposed her, eventually get in relationship. Problem arises when she totally committed towards him and he was genuinely confused at later stage as his identity was more Important to him Then the Union she was trying to create.
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  Hey everyone. This is Ahyan Deniz, born in INDIA, turns 16 this January. My father was in gulf country and visit us once or twice in a year. He left India when I was one year old. Since then he tries his best to give us best life. My mother is a housewife, educated much enough to teach students but as our maternal and paternal parents were conservative and Orthodox, she was never allowed. We are two sisters and iam the youngest and two brothers who are younger to me. I learnt very much from my mom and dad. I was a sincere student back then. Not intelligent though but an average one.

  My best friend yildiz Mdi. She was the most attentive, punctual, intelligent and beautiful person and the best girl I have seen so far in my life. I love her. And I miss her. We joined extra classes. "Tution" - and the idiom is 'The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side'. Well we never studied during our extra classes. Today the subject is social science and as we are least interested she narrated me the story of "Emraan Hashmi" movie. She was quite impressed with his works and the movie "JANNAT". She narrated the movie in such a way that I don't feel like to watch it. We never had a boyfriend, or teen crush, or involved in such kind of thing. We were last benchers. We loved to eat during classes.

  For study purpose my brother lend me his phone for a short period of time until the semester so that I can prepare for my exams. As my family was conservative he changed the sim, copied all his contacts to his sim and handover me the phone. I started using that phone, feeding all my friends number and yeah using personal phone for first time that too used one still gives happiness. And I was excited to the peak. I started making calls to my friends.

  Days passed. We were done with exams and waiting for results. One fine day I was going through my contact list and found an unknown number. I wasn't sure of calling that number and was busy I ignored. As it was holiday and later same evening my maa went to downtown for marketing. I was home alone, bored. Suddenly it flashed my mind about that unknown number in my phone. I took my cell and stared those digits for a while thinking whether to make a call or ignore as I never recive or call any unknown number. I don't know why all of sudden I called that number.

  Someone answered my call in young but confident and low pitched voice. He said "HELLO". I was stunned listening to a male voice and I disconnected and activated vibration mode.