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The calling

The calling



An individual's journey and tormented memories. How he tried the various ways to overcome leading to his own destruction. Going in the wild losing himself to attain some kind of relief or nirvana. When he finally got relieved from his tormented past and back to hid self destructive habit, still there was something missing. Until and finally the call that he has to respond to it.
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  In the epitome of youth, full fledged . He not care about his life that has long gone or the coming. He lives in the present doing everything his way and life could present to him. He firmly believes in karma, never ever did he wronged to any living beings. But once in a while, he felt that intense pain aching every nerves and bones though he tried to suppress and forget many a times. Not a single pain killer, intoxicants are left that he hadn’t tried, so as to be relieved even for a sec or breathe…

  So many a times, he tried escaping from the thoughts that has been buried deep never to retrieve again. Many had told, go in the wild, find Nirvana and get in peace with past. Not informing anyone he vanished in the wild mountains up in north. He went deep in the wild loaded with all the available intoxicants in his blood. He started to loose the sense of reality as his mind escapes into a relaxing mode of pleasure. A pleasure that took his mind off the reality of life, drawing him to another sense of reality . A reality of Utopia that he wasn’t at all ready to go back. He did not know how long he was in that state of Utopia. Neither his past was tormenting anymore. Life as he knows, whatever it may comes, it will slowly disappear somewhere back on his skull, until he wish to retrieve it. But now, it seems, the memories that he hide in the furthest corner of his skull never to retrieve again was lost somewhere.

  Like a new born baby, he felt the freshness in his breathe. He don’t seem to understand what changes has gone through him and he don’t want to change or loose it. One fact that he could recollect was that an Angelic Hand was there everytime. Neither did he give a second thought of whom he/she was. He was ready to head back to his old fast life style. But he was lost in the middle of woods of nowhere. He didn’t know which way to head back. With his eyes closed, he took his first step in the middle of nowhere and started continuing his steps. He doesn’t count how many days he travelled but just followed his own steps as if he was guided by that same Angelic Hand. Finally, he reached the edge and saw a small village road. He was delighted thinking he could be his old self without the pain. He reached his room asking few people on the way back

  Once reaching his room, he looked at the mirror. He was shocked to see himself, how shabby he had become in search of Nirvana that he finally achieved in his own way. He took a clean shower, shaved and trimmed himself the best he could. Rested for the day. Early next morning, he was ready to hit back to his normal self destructive life, the night parties, the girls , the booze, the ecstasy flowing endlessly. Back to his normal way of living, attending his businesses that he missed out. Every day was like a boon to him free from that bone shaking pain. He almost forgot everything even the guiding Angelic Hand, lost in his own extravagant lifestyle. Not a single day, he missed partying with different girls on his bed every night. He thought to himself as he own his life and could do what ever may comes on his way. Never did his body complain about a single sickness leaving apart the hangover. Months, years passed like a sand slipping away from hands living his own terms of life.

  On a beautiful full moon night, lying on his bed naked with girls around him. He could feel a vibration somewhere, he raised his hands searching for his phone. He picked up without noticing the number on it. Before he could say Hello, a strange heart warming voice comes from the other end calling out a very rare name that was once his name. He was terrified, happy, sad, angry and all the emotions that he had came out all of a sudden hitting him hard. He was gloomy when he picked up the call but now he is wide awake with open eyes lying on bed with sweat over his eyebrows. He wiped out the sweat, terrified and look at the screen of his phone. It was dark as if no recent activity except the moonlight falling on the screen. He turned on the phone to see who called him but there wasn’t any recent calls apart from the few girls that he called earlier.

  His mind racing trying to think, was it really a phone call or was it just a dream. It cant just be a dream as the name, it called was never mentioned since his childhood. Just with the remembering of his old name, he was thrown into an ocean of memories and it released a waves of memories that he once feared. Slowly the agonizing pain craves in shaking every bones of him. In that tormenting period of pain and fear, his mind racing of whom the caller might be. With sweat all over him, he suddenly recollect of the guiding Angelic hand who once helped him to gain the reality of Utopia. With that thought and that strange warm voices syncing on his head, the pain slowly recedes from his body. He let the girls sleep there and walked towards the couch with a beer on his hand thinking what to do next. The whole night he didn’t sleep for a minute lying on the couch wide awake with some regret as if his love has died when he could have done something. He decided something that night that he should have done long way back. He seems to know why, the occasionally heavenly out of the world shattering pain he suffered once in a while, the Angelic Hand, The Call with the strange sweet voice calling a name no one had ever called.

  Early next morning, after the girls left, he made up his mind to go back to the place where he was brought up to meet the Godmother, the love of his life. The lady who took every care of him. Though he hadn’t forgotten her at all. He had helped the orphanage he grew up in every possible way no one would have gone or done it. He had this strange feeling of why an Angelic Hand and The Call…..

  With this thought on his mind, he heads towards where he grew up..