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Mandela's Clock

Mandela's Clock

Author:Kai Seige


A detective named Danny has been solving the ali case for over 5 years but to no avail.A dismissed case which he dug up at the station.He didn't believe that there was no one responsible for the child's disappearance so he set foot upon an old file and blew all the dust.Will he be able to solve the mystery or be left empty handed?
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  It was,how do I say this,quite strange,mysterious yet very familiar.

  I was at my office clearing some paper work when a knock came through my door.It was a friend.His name was Jerry.He told me that there was a murder report on Colinton so he wanted me to come check it out.

  I grabbed my coat and left.Oh,and I havent told you I lived on U.k and it was the year 1963.And not to mention it was one of the worst winter I have ever encountered.

  I droved straight to Colinton,again,one of the worst places you could ever be in.

  As I was driving,Jerry murmured to himself.All I heard was clock.Probably the London Tower.We arrived on the scene.I checked on the victim.

  A girl,18,she was stabbed on the side.

  A clear motive of the suspect was robbery.Did I not tell you that the crime rate reached through the roof around the 60's?.On point,I followed the trail and led to a discovery.This thief was unprofessional.He left with some useful clues which led to his capture.Ofcourse,cases like these were common.It only took me a day and a half.I was a dedicated detective back in the days.

  When I got back home,as usual,my dog greets me at the front door,I hang my hat and coat,watch a little tv and headed for bed.But this particular night,I could not sleep.Something came to my head,A room full of old files.It was strange.A room I have never been before.It kinda felt familiar yet not.I try to ignore but it always comes back.The ambience getting louder,and louder.I stood up and washed my face at the bathroom.This particular scenario felt like it happened somewhere else before but I could not remember.

  It was 6 in the morning.I woke up from the sound of the alarm clock.I went to the bathroom and groomed,headed to the kitchen to make breakfast,and poured a cup of coffee.I lived alone.It doesn't bother me too much really.

  After some time,I grabbed my hat and coat and headed for work.When I got into my car,I couldn't start up the engine.When I came to check,it was busted.I called my mech man to come pick up my car.I rode a bus instead.

  I arrived at the station pretty much late."You seem late today,anything up?" said Jerry.and I said "my car broke down so I called a mechanic".After some small talk,we headed to our stations and started our shift.Usually I work an 8 hour shift but today was extended to 12.Quite unusual but it didn't really bother me.

  It was past 6 and I was ready to head home when an officer called me."Danny,you got a minute?" and I said,"I could spare some" then he said "good,I have something important to tell you." Usually,this guy likes to joke around,but this is different.

  "Whatever you do,dont let any other officers get near the evidence storage room,not even a private like you,understand?"

  I told him if there was anything very important stored on that room because most of the cases stored were either closed or dismissed but he never spoke another word after that and just left.I was a bit confused but I put it on the side and left.

  When I got home,I realized that I never got to see what was inside that room and last night,that image that came to my mind could solve everything.Now I knew what the officer said but I have a slight itch of wanting to check out what was inside that room,besides closed cases ofcourse.

  It was 2 a.m in the morning and I waited for a bus.I could've gone with my car but when I called my mech,he didn't respond.I kep waiting.Then I decided to call it off.I headed back to my house and went back to sleep.

  I woke up at around 8 in the morning and I thought I was late but I realized it was saturday.It's my day-off.I also realized that John must also be on a day-off so maybe this could be my chance.Oh,and John was the officer who spoke to me about the room.

  I called my mechanic and finally he responded."I'm almost done with the car.I'll get back to you later." and so I waited.Surprisingly,my car arrived 40 minutes later."So you done with the car?" then he said "Yeah,your radiator was clogged and it almost damaged the internals.Luckily I unclogged it on time." I said "Thanks for the save" and so I paid the mechanic and went straight to the station.

  There were officers around but not as much on the weekends.I act naturally and headed for the room.But as I was headed,a detective stopped my track.In case you didn't know,I wasn't the only private around.We were on the same shift but I guess he's schedule was changed.

  "Hey..Max,how are you?" I was trying to act casual but that didn't work."You were trying to enter the evidence room weren't you?"

  He was more wise and smarter than I am.Judging by his looks,he must be in his 40's.I dare not ask about his age for it might offend him.

  "No,ofcourse not,I was just" I had to make up an excuse,then I said "grabbing a cup of coffee." Since the coffee machine was near the evidence room,I used that as an excuse.It was not easy fooling detective Max but he seems to have bought it.

  "Ahh,is that so?then you wouldn't mind grabbing me a cup while we sit down and talk?" I said "No,ofcourse not." then I grabbed some cups and fill them up with coffee.We talked about the murder on Colinton.He said he didn't make it on time because there was another report on Niddrie.Cities are going crazy because of deprivation.

  After a while he said "Ah,I gotta go,got some things to do,I'll leave you to it" and then he left.Then I headed straight to the room without anyone noticing.

  It was dark,felt like it was abondoned.I struggled to find a switch but then I stumbled onto something along with the switch.I turned on the switch and what I saw was a case.It reads:Ali,Case Dismissed.