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My love My Star

My love My Star

Author:Ahgase Jeanne


Im jaebeom was a kpop star from south korea and Angelic was his fan from Philippines. Two person in different country, different status in life and totally different personalities. Would have a chance for them or destiny will allow them ? Join me guys to to create the two worlds to be as one.
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  " get up you lil squeeshii" angelic's mom waking her up. But angelic is still sleepy after all night long streaming the latest music video of Jeabeom.

  "Lemme have some more sleep mom" angelic answered in a low tone. "But it's already noon and your still on your bed, get up and prepare for lunch, don't make the food to wait" after saying that her mom went out to here room.

  Angelic was still sleepy but have no choice. She goes to her bathroom.

  She was about to go out to her room when she heard people talking. She was clearly noticed the voice talking to her mom, it was Jinyoung her childhood friend.

  Jinyoung was her childhood friend/bestfriend and also the the person that her parents wanted to be her future husband. He liked Jinyoung before and also thinking to be her future husband but things change when Jaebeom came to her life.



  "Please get ready sir you're the next to perform" maysie said to Jaebeom. Maysie is his personal assistant. "Okay" he nodded

  After the show he wanted to get some fresh air so he ask if he can go to beach for a while. "It's a no no sir ,you have another sched 1 hour later". Jaebeom have no choice but just sigh.

  Since he was 15 he started training at YJP Entertainment. After 3 years he debuted and his luck contenues. But after he bacame famous he felt like he was overprotective and was never enjoying being an idol, but he can't just stop because of his family.

  After the last show for today he went straight to his condo. Staring at the box full of gifts and letters from his fan. He never touch them not ever once.

  Finally he got the courage to just pick one . He saw the smallest letter and picked up . He don't know if he would laugh or get annoyed of what he read.

  " Jaebeom come home I'm not angry anymore - Angelic"

  That pharse was a famouse line frome the Philippines, they would love to say that whenever they saw beautiful/handsome .

  After reading the letter he opened his phone and was about to check his IG account. He posted his picture laying on his bed and captioned "stressful day"

  Just the moment he posted there's someone commented 30seconds later " just go home I'm not angry anymore" he was so surprised that it was definitely the same name who wrote the small message he read earlier.

  He was about to reply the comment but his phone suddenly ringing.