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Lola: Lady Of Sorrow

Lola: Lady Of Sorrow



A tragic story of a young girl who was cursed with the name Lola. Brought to the world through pain and hurt. She suffers in the arms of selfishness, misery, and sorrow. Left alone to cope with herself, it pushes her to the extreme, making hasty decisions that may ruin her.
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  I stared into the darkness of the sky without a single star, digging my small fingers into my scarred arm. I sighed. My stomach rumbled, begging for at least a drop of water.

  I looked down, gently patting it. Raindrops continued to slap harder against the glass, followed by a strike of lightning, lightening the pitch-black abandoned room.

  My eyes caught a glimpse of the analog clock hanging on the wall.

  12:56 AM.

  I turned my head behind, with the door slowly creaking back and forth. I slowly returned my stare to the partly broken window in front of me, getting used to the daily haunting sounds that echoed in my old room I stayed alone in.

  For a seven years old, darkness wasn't even the least of my fears. I clutched on tightly to the dusty worn-out doll in my arms, trying to count the raindrops on the gass. Footsteps began to echo in the hallway.

  My eyes immediately widened, as more than a chill ran down my spine.

  "She back....", I whispered to my doll.

  I carefully jumped away from the window, rushing for my empty metal bed. Without a mattress on it, I roughly straightened the paper-like sheet on the iron bars and springs. I hastily threw the doll behind the bed.

  As quietly as I could, I rose myself to the bed and laid, shutting my eyes immediately. I felt the sharp pointy ends of the bed strings, piercing into my flesh, adding to the numerous injuries on my back.

  The door slowly creaked open. My body froze, unable to breathe. Slowly the sound of shoes tapped on the floor, slowly approaching me.

  My heart couldn't even skip a beat, it was too scared.

  "Lola?", Her hand gently landed on my arm.

  I exhaled silently, gently lifting myself up, "Sister?".

  I turned to her scratching my eyes, pretending to be sleepy. With the candle lamp in her hand, I could see her all-black long gown and the veil around her head to her neck.

  She gave me a warm smile, appearing innocent and gentle. I gulped my saliva, feeling the aura of pure evil and wickedness from the grown woman in front of me.

  "Welcome Sister Regina", I added, dropping my head.

  "Have you eaten today Lola?", She rose my head with her index finger.

  I hesitated, afraid to respond, I timidly played in my fingers.

  "No sister".

  "Do you want to eat?".

  Again, I felt a huge lump in my throat. I fell my eyes to the glowing Rosey around her neck, hoping for a miracle to save me. I looked down at the floor. My stomach pounded against my abdomen begging.

  "... No sister".

  Her smile widened, showing her upper teeth, as she straightened her back. "Good girl". She took a step back, stretching her hand to me.

  "Come". She ordered.

  I stared at her palm, hesitant and scared. I stretched my hand forward.

  "Yes, Sister".

  We walked down the hallway, to the staircase, with my head fixed down. My room was on the top floor, the third floor, which was under construction but later abandoned, so I was the only one up there. We made our way to the kitchen floor, the first floor.

  "Where are we going to sister?", I said unable to suppress my curiosity.

  "Patience Lola...".

  We walked to the kitchen then towards the storeroom door. She slowly pulled out a bunch of keys, unlocking the door.

  "... Patience is a virtue Lola", she pushed open the door, releasing my hand. She walked down the three steps into the store, slightly lifting up her gown.

  I stood by the door, staring at her. She walked towards the shelf full of grains, pulling down a half-filled bag.

  She turned to me, "Lola? Come!".

  I didn't move, staring at her with a plane expression. She dropped the bag on the floor, untiring it.

  "Lola?", She called out again, this time, standing up straight, right next to the open bag.

  "I said come!".

  For my own safety and well-being, I immediately walked towards her, seeing the content of the bag.

  "Rice?", I rose my head confused.

  She gently placed the lamp on a shelf and walked close to me.

  "Lola dear...", she placed her hand on my cheek. The top of her fingers slowly caressed my skin.

  "Yes, sister Regina?"

  "Mother Stella gave me some work to do this night, but unfortunately I also have to pick out the rice for tomorrow's breakfast. So, since I won't be able to do two things at once, I thought you could help me", Her voice deepens, "Pick out this half bag of rice".

  "What?...", I mumbled unconsciously as my stomach grumbled in hunger.

  She looked down at my belly then at me. Ignoring my pain with a smile she continued, "I want you, Lola, to help me pick out each grain of rice from this bag, into this bag, without any single dirt in it ".

  She extended her hand to go the side, pulling out and an empty bag.

  "So tomorrow, we can have rice for breakfast. For you, me and your dear siblings of course". She smiled.

  She stood up straight, "Is that okay?".

  I ran my eyes in different directions of the floor. "But... But why ... What. What about my siblings??", I stammered.

  She took in a deep breath and bent down to my eye level. She gently grabbed my jaw, slowly applying pressure to my cheeks.

  "Are any of your siblings named Lola?". I shook my head looking down.

  "Answer Me!!", She squeezed my cheeks harder.

  "No Sister Regina...", I mumbled, shutting my eyes.

  She released my jaws, standing up smiling, "Good". She walked to the small wooden window of the room, pushing it open. The cold wind blew in, along side the flashes of lightning.

  She walked back to me, picking the lamp from the shelf.

  "Now Lola... I expect you to be done within an hour. Okay?".

  I nodded.

  She looked at the window, "The lightning should be more than enough light for you to see. After all, you're still young... Your eyes should be sharp enough".

  She smiled, walking towards the door.

  She placed her hand on the doorknob.

  "Oh! I almost forgot".

  She turned around, taking a few steps back to me. She kicked the half-filled bag of rice down smiling. I looked up at her surprised.

  "When you're done with this, then maybe you can have dinner". She turned to the door. "Lazy girl", she walked out, shutting the door.

  I stood there with an ocean of tears filling my eyes, which unfortunately could fall out.

  I slowly went on my knees, grabbing the empty bag by the side. I slowly began picking each grain of rice from the floor. In a few minutes, placing more than a two handful of grains into the bag, I stood up and began to pull up the fallen bag. I grunted with all failed attempts.