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Melting the Ice: The Devil Beside Me

Melting the Ice: The Devil Beside Me



"You can run but you can't hide. You can scream but only for my name. You are mine, mine to hold and kiss. My little angel, you've entered the devil's lair, and now you can't escape." -Ezekiel Zeus William Lockheart
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“Welcome back, Young Master.”

Everyone bowed as a man in his early thirties entered the estate. His god-like features demand attention, but no one dared to take a glimpse. Like a ruler looking down on its subjects, the man just gave them a cold shoulder. His piercing eyes are as cold as ice. One look from him will send shivers down your spine.

Like the devil himself, he is known as ruthless and a monster. He is one of those who stood at the top of the pyramid.

He is Ezekiel Zeus William Lockheart, the devil. He fears no one and silences those who get in his way.

“Young Master, here is the information about the Young Madam.” A middle-aged man broke the chilly atmosphere.

A cold smile creeps from the face of the devil.

“Prepare the car, we’re going to get my angel.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the devil left the estate. The tension in the air was gone, but pity also rose from their hearts. Pity for the woman who’ll be facing the devil’s wrath.


In the Adams’ Estate garden, an angel graced its presence. Her gentle face brings happiness and warmth to people around her. With her eyes closed, a breath-taking view can be seen. Her beauty is really captivating, that even the devil was caught by her charms.

She is Skyleigh Reign Elliot Adams, the precious daughter of a well known business tycoon, Stanford Sky Gates Adams.

She is currently enjoying the peaceful ambiance of their garden when her thoughts are interrupted.

“Pardon me for my intrusion, young madam, but the master wants you in his office.” It was their butler, James Linox.

The angel opened her eyes and her warm gaze was directed to the middle-aged man.

“It’s alright uncle James, thank you for informing me. And by the way, didn’t I tell you to just call me by my name?” The angel raised one of her perfectly arched brow.

“I’m afraid I cannot do that young madam, you are the daughter of the master, and I am just your lowly servant.” The butler replied in a serious manner.

The angel just sighed seeing the butler’s determined face.

“I understand uncle James. I shall be off then. Goodbye.” She gave her warm smile before making her way to her father’s office.

A gentle smile plastered on her face thinking about his father, the most important person in her life. She grew up with only her father taking care of her. Her mother died just after she was born, but her father didn’t let her feel unloved and incomplete. Her father had given her everything and poured all his attention to her despite his busy schedules. But despite that, she still can’t hide the longing in her heart. The longing for her mother’s warmth.

Before her thoughts wander further, she finds herself in front of her father’s office. She then knocked on the door.

“Father, may I come in.”

“Yes, precious, come here.”

After hearing her father’s response, she then pushed the door open. Her gaze then landed on the man seated across from her father. The man’s piercing gaze met hers and she froze in her place.

“Devil.” The angel thought.