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My sweet Life.

My sweet Life.



When Ela an easy going girl have a little crush on Ezeiku her New Boss!!......something Terrible happens and then changes everything!! But Our Ela now have a chance to tell Ezeiku that she love him OR she would never see him Again So This is NOW or NEVER!!
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  A unknown but Familiar Voice: "YOU Bi*ch!!! You will Never live Happily........

Voice Fades Out


  *Ela's dream breaks because of ALARM CLOCK!!*

  "Ow My Head pains!! Wait I AM LATTEEE!!!".

  *Ela Runs downstairs takes a cold Shower. "I know I am Smart no need to die on Me, Come on!!" .

  And this is how are Ela wins an Imaginary Argument and Imagines that People

Shampoo Bottles

are Clapping for her. After some makeup and dress up she Jumps on her cycle without breakfast and Rides to her Office for a brand new Interview*

yeah Ela have small budget so need to make it out with Cycle only...