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Game of the Heirs

Game of the Heirs


Homer, a nobody, was invited to join a game of the billionaire's heir. Before that, he went to jail for being framed by his boss. He caught his girlfriend cheating on him after being bailed out by a mysterious lady. That day, he got drunk in a bar and stirred up chaos, but a hot lady settled everything for him, told him he had a billionaire uncle, and he, was the designated heir! He wanted to see his uncle, but only after he had passed the game of the heir. He accepted. Then he got his first task, spending $100 million in a month! What's more, hot ladies helped him change his pants everyday. With one incredible task after another, he could never imagine what was waiting for him. Because in this game of the heirs, it had only just begun...
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"Mr. Homer Stuart, I'm the lawyer to bail you out!"

At the entrance of the Metrocity police station, a suited middle-aged man opened the passenger seat side door of the latest model Brandnew. He came out and smile politely at the haggard young man who was in a messy attire.

Homer was shocked when he saw the luxury car in front of him that costs nearly two hundred thousand dollars. He hesitated to move forward, just kept staring at the elegant and dignified looking man in front of him from top to bottom. He then said in a low voice, "Lawyer Maurice..."

"Mr. Stuart, you're being too courteous, you can just call me Ian."

The man in the suit continued smiling faintly, and stared at Homer with a profound gaze trying to size him up.

Homer was silent for a moment, but he explained insistingly, "Lawyer Maurice, I really didn't embezzle the money, it was..."

Ian Maurice smiled and interrupted him, "Mr. Stuart, I'm willing to hear your explanation, but are you sure we should talk in a place like this?"

After he finished speaking, he turned and looked at the sign behind Homer that had the words ‘Metrocity Police Department’ written on it, he then let out a smirk.

Following the gaze, Homer also noticed the sign, and he could not help but shiver. He did not want to recall what had happened on the day he was confined at the police station.

To him, the experience out there was like a living hell.


He stopped hesitating, took a few steps forward, and got into the car's passenger seat.

Ian thoughtfully closed the door for Homer with a polite smile. He then walked around the front of his car and opened the door to the driver's seat.

As the door closed, the loud engine sounded, the luxurious car that was near unattainable for the average working-class attracted the attention of many pedestrians, the car then headed straight into the traffic.

About half an hour’s drive through the bustling streets of Metrocity, the car stopped in front of an old building.

"Mr. Stuart, I have a rough idea of the situation you're in, that's to say, you didn't steal the one hundred thousand dollars of public funds from Patrick Company, but it was your boss, Jameson Patrick, who did it and then framed you. Am I right?"

While holding the steering wheel, Ian turned his head and said to Homer, who was looking distressed.

Homer nodded hurriedly and hesitated for a moment, then he asked in a soft voice, "Lawyer Maurice, do you think we can win this lawsuit?"


Hearing Homer's pleading, Ian couldn't help holding back his smile, but there's a hint of strange emotion flashing across his face.

After realizing his blunder, Ian paused for a while and said with courtesy, "Mr. Stuart, it seems that you know nothing about your lawyer... let me introduce myself again. My name is Ian Maurice, Ace lawyer of Metrocity, I've been in the industry for sixteen years. I've handled more than two thousand cases, which consists of both major and minor cases, and I've never lost even once. So even if you really did embezzle the one hundred thousand dollars, I can still prove you to be innocent, just like... how I bailed you out just now."

After hearing Ian's answer, Homer was not too impressed, instead he stared at Ian with a strange look.

Ian smiled and said, "What I mean is, you can rest assured."

Then, Homer nodded. When he was about to pull the door open, he seemed to have remembered something. He turned around and said hesitantly, "Lawyer Maurice, about the fees..."

When this was brought up, Homer's voice got softer, he glanced at Ian's expensive suit and stared at the latest Brandnew that he was in right now. Meanwhile, he was trying to calculate how much money he had left in his bank account, then he could no longer finish his words.

Ian took a hard look at Homer’s cheap suit which even had a burr on the cuffs, he simpered and said, "Mr. Stuart, someone has already paid for your bail and the retainer fees. All you need to do now is to show up at court, and I'll take care of the rest."

When he heard this, Homer breathed a sigh of relief, but he still asked tentatively, "Was it my girlfriend, Bonnie, who sent you to bail me out?"

Ian looked at the old building that Homer stayed in, he said slowly, "Mr. Stuart, I'm afraid to tell you that neither you nor your girlfriend can afford my retainer fees. Because the client who asked me to bail you out and win the lawsuit for you had paid me two hundred thousand dollars in a one-off payment."

"W-what? Two hundred thousand dollars?!"

Homer's light blue eyes suddenly widened, and his handsome but tired face had an astonished expression on it.

"Yes, two hundred thousand dollars. The price was two times more than the amount of the public funds that got you involved in this lawsuit in the first place."

Ian's smile made others feel at ease.

Homer was panicked because he could not even afford twenty thousand dollars, let alone the exorbitant price of two hundred thousand dollars.

"Lawyer Maurice, can you tell me who sent you to bail me?"

Ian kept quiet when he saw Homer's doubtful look. But he only replied regretfully, "I'm sorry, Mr. Stuart. The client only paid for the expensive fees, putting me in charge of your lawsuit, she didn't leave her name."


Homer realized that there was something strange with what Ian was saying, so he immediately asked.

Ian seemed to have thought of something and gave him a staggering gaze. He said slowly, "Yes, it was a lady, a lady that was as beautiful as an angel."

Homer still did not get the answer he wanted even after they got off the car, but he tried to recall whether or not he knew a woman who could afford to pay two hundred thousand dollars.

"Mr. Stuart."

When Homer was about to close the door, Ian called him.

"May I ask you one last thing? It has nothing to do with the case, it is out of pure curiosity as a lawyer.”

Homer looked at Ian's smiling face, hesitated for a moment, and nodded.

Ian smirked and said, "Before I went to the police station, I did a background check on you and found out that this wasn't the first time that you were detained. May I know what happened seventeen years ago, when you were just four years old?"

What Ian had said frozen Homer's expression and had him standing there like a statue, not moving at all.

Ian quickly apologized when he saw Homer's expression. "I'm sorry, I'm just worried that this would affect the judge's judgment on you. If you don't feel like talking about it, then I wish you good luck and I'll see you in court."

Afterward, Ian smiled again at Homer, then started the car and left the street, a symbol of poverty and downtroddenness.

Looking at the expensive car that was leaving, Homer was lost in his thoughts and stood there for quite some time. He then thought of something and ran towards the entrance of the old building.

Due to the disappearance of one hundred thousand dollars from the public funds in the account, he was detained by the police for a whole day and he was not allowed any outside contact during this period of time. The police only returned his belongings after Ian bailed him out.

"Bonnie must be very worried, I had to get home soon and give her a surprise."

Homer was an orphan since he was a child, he grew up in a welfare home. Because of his family background, no one liked this eccentric boy. But during his university days, he met his current girlfriend, Bonnie Dell.

Ever since then, Bonnie became everything for him.

Homer quickened his pace to his house when he thought of his lovely girlfriend.

He did not take out his key, because he wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise. He could even imagine the surprised look that was about to appear on Bonnie's face when she opened the door and saw him here safe and sound.

Thinking of this, Homer could not help but smile, his pleasant mood slowly made him forget all the incidents at the police station.

As he was about to knock on the door, he heard some weird noise.

"Oh, dear Bonnie, such a beautiful face, soft lips, and sexy body, Geez, you're just a God's gift. I can't wait to be inside you, and never separate from you!"

The smile on Homer's face suddenly froze, because the voice was from a unknown man.

Then, the familiar voice of his girlfriend could be heard, it was filled with temptation.

"Don't worry, from now on, every part of me only belongs to you. That idiot, Homer, is now locked up at the police station. I've heard that he would be imprisoned for the rest of his life. So, just enjoy every inch of me with the most exciting way you can!”

As she finished talking, a cat-like moaning noise and the banging sound of two bodies hitting against each other could be head. The man gasped and laughed exaggeratedly, "Oh, Bonnie, you're so beautiful, I want to savor every inch of your skin!"

Homer did not want to believe what he had heard, but the intense and undisguised breathing sounds were so real.

A surge of anger welled up in his heart immediately. While he was framed by his boss and put into prison, his girlfriend Bonnie was having sex with another man on his bed!