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Mr.tallent's ghost

Mr.tallent's ghost



It is a ghost story of an eccentric writer who begins to haunt his relatives and the executor of his will. But in the end it is found that he was pretending but in real he never died. It is a story that is written by Mary Gladys Webb who was an English novelist
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  The first time I met mr Tallent was in the late summer of 1906,in a small ,lonely inn on the top of the mountain. For natives,rainy days in these places are not very different from other days, but for the tourists, rainy day are boring.I had been bored for a week and was thinking of returning to London,when Mr tallent came.and because I could not place Mr tallent nor elucidate him to my satisfaction, he intrigued me.for a barrister should be able to sum up men in a few minutes.

  I didn't see mr Tallent arrive,nor did I observe him entering the room . I looked up, and he was there,in the small fire lit parlour .he was reading a manuscript, slightly moving his lips as he read . He was gentle , mouth like men very lean and about six foot three or more.he had a neutral coloured hair and eyes,a nondescript suit,limp looking hands and slightly turned up toes.the most noticeable thing about him was an expression of passive and enduring obstinacy.

  I wished him good evening , and asked if he had a paper.

  "No", he said softly ,"no only a little manuscript of my own."

  Now,as a rule I am wary of manuscript as a hard 8s of grayhonds having once been critic,I am always liable to revive parcels of these for advice. But the day had been so dull,and I had nothing else to read.

  "May I have the privilege?" I queried , knowing he intended me to have it.

  "How kind"! He exclaimed." As a stranger , knowing nothing's my hopes and aims ,yet willing to undertake so onerous a task."

  " Not at all!" I replied, with a nervous chuckle.