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The bodyguard

The bodyguard



Jerry graduated 3 years ago and has impressively shoot up the ranks. He needs himself occupied more and also he is in need of money to do certain projects. A wealthy entrepreneur needs an addition of a part time body guard in his squad for his little princess. Will Jerry accepts a part time job? Then what?
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  It's a Sunday evening again, I just didn't think the weekend will pass this fast. I can't say it was the best weekend, it was like every other weekend.

  In two weeks, i would be going for my annual leave yet I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the break.

  Certainly, staying at home wasn't part of the deal or rather how I planned to spend my 18 days.

  Well, my salary can afford me a decent holiday but that was not my focus this year.

  I wanted to change careers but I was not sure what I wanted to purse as all this just came to my mind just last week after I saw a colleague of mine, Alfred get injured in the line of duty sending him into a coma. The Doctors say if he wakes up is a miracle, his family is keeping the hope alive and as for me, am wishing him quick recovery.

  Perhaps, i might be considered a coward for taking a step back and wanting to change careers but honestly, i was not planning to be a personal body guard all my life. How I got to the academy i can say it was an accident, a story for another day.


  "Hey Jerry, the big boss said he'd like to see you once you arrived" Peterson said.

  Peterson just joined the squad about a month ago and he's quite impressive when it comes to his work.

  Walking down the hallway, I passed looking at the mirrors a long the corridor to just confirm I looked sharp as I went to meet the big boss Mr. Gregory.

  It was always rear to have the boss sending for someone up unless there was a new assignment or one is getting suspended or fired. Looking back, I was certain I had not done anything wrong.