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Childhood love

Childhood love



Story about two childhood friends who love each other when they don't know about love. But luck is not with them and they get sperate. They behave like stanger with echer other because of accident which happend two years ago. They not forget each ther but don't know how get their love again.
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  In university, students sits in cafe, some are doing talks and some do their works. There one group is do there assignment who studied the BBA of forth smester.

  "It's enough"Ahmed said who has good personality and funny nature, his hair color is black, eyes color brown,face color is light brown and wear formal black pant and dark red shirt.

  "No it's not enough, we have to complete this, don't forget it submit wenesday and today is monday" sajjid said, he hard working student, mostly focus on his study. His personality also good with white color, black eyes and light brown hair and wear casual blue pant and white shirt.

  "why? Ahmed you are tired" Shahid said. He is mature in our group and act like a big brother of whole group, he is tall in group wear kameez shalwar

muslims tradition dress

black color.

  "Not tired but he is hungry" Rania said, we all laugh because we now that Ahmed always think about food. Rania is short red hair girl always ready for make trouble with ahmed. She is beautiful and wear the casual blue pant and blue kurta.

  "Yes i want to eat"Ahmed reply and make us laugh again.

  "No,first we complete the assignment then eat" I reply and everyone agree expect Ahmed.


oh sorry i forget to introduce to my self

my name is Amber shah my father is famous business man in pakistan and my mother runs angio agints domestic voilence on womens.

  Before two years we were lovely family and am only daughter of my parents and they love me or i thinked that now i confused, they gave me every thing but take most precious thing mine. Now our relation destroy, they said that they love me and try to show but i not feel their love beacuse of that accident which happen two year ago. I am very beautiful girl, my color is white, long hair of light brown color, green eyes, wear the red kurta make desighn with black color on it and white trouser with white duppata and hijjab of black color. My height is 5,3.

  "But we can this tomarrow"Ahmed said.

  "We make other plans for tomarrow, remember?" Sadia said who have averge personalty, her hair black wear the the white pant white kurta and white scarf around her neck.

  "Ok complete that" Ahmed said and try to make sad face for showing us which make us smile.



  In hall student stands and sits, some walks, somes in hurry to go the class. One boy comes he is handsome, tall,height 6.2 , blue eyes ,wear casual black pant and black shirt and jacket also black. He look very angry and comes toward one group, near him stop and hit one of them on the face and start to beat him others members of group is afaird and run away, they not help their friend. Then few boys come and Try to save the other person.

  "Rayyan, stop it" zahid said and try to stop him, his personality is average and wear casual pant shirt.

  "Stop you will kil him" Tahir said and finally they able to stop him.

  "I want to kill him, let me go" Rayyan said. He try again to beat other person but can't. Their hold on him is very strong. And other person is run away i want to catch him but they not let me.

  "Just relax" Tahir said and strong his hold.

  "What happened? why you angry on him?" Zahid asked.

  "Using bad word about her" Tahir said.

  "He deserve it, i regart for stoping Rayyan" zahid said. And they loose their hold me , i stand here take the breathe heavily to control my angr because she not like to see me in angry.

  "Exactly" Rayyan said.

  "No, it's enough. Now come and handle your wound" Tahir said.

  we start come out the building.

  Episode one



  we sit in cafe , complete assignmnet and finally we complete it.

  "Finally" Ahmed said.

  "Ya shukar Allah ka " i said.

  "Now we can order, i am hungry" Ahmed said which make us smile.

  "Ok" Sajjid said.

  "Thank god" Ahmed said which make shahid nodded head left right with smile.He call one boy for order.

  "Order?" He asked all of us.

  "Pasta" i reply.

  "Biryani" all others said. Ge gave order.

  "Now, i am happy" Ahmed said. "Nothing can happen to you" shahid reply with smile on his face. Then Ahmed mobile ring make voice and his experrsion change.

  "Again fight" Ahmed said.

  "Who" Rania asked.

  "One and only Rayyan" sajjid said. My heart beat increase without my knowldge from listning his name.

  "Why he fight" i asked without reliazation that comeout.

  "No one know, like evry time" Shahid said.

  "I think he has the reason of fight" Sadia said.

  "He always fight without reason " Shahid said that make me sad.

  "I don't think, why he fight without reason?" i said.

  "ya, must any reason but no one know " Rania said.

  " why, we discuss him" Ahmed asked. That make every one silent then we start to discuss other things and wait for our food.After eating food i got call from my driver, he came to pick me

  " oky guize, my driver is come. So, Allah Khafiz


" i said.

  "Oky Allah Khafiz" everyone said and i come out the university.



  They come the medical department. Doctor check the wound and after apply medicien do bandage.

  "who's bad luck today" doctor asked. They always come this doctor, he is professor also in university and he know them very well because he see them from first smester. He is old man who wear white coat likh his hair which also white now.

  "From our department" tahir said.

  "What did he " doctor asked.

  "something very bad, he ready to kill him we came on time , his good luck today" zahid said.

  " That i know " he not asked further understand that they don't want to tell.

  "ok its finished "he said.

  "Thank you doctor" I said who silent from start. Doctor just nodded his head. After came out the medical department.

  "Can you drive"tahir asked.

  "Ya it's not first time , i hurt"I said.

  "we know that" Zahid said.

  "Come i drop you" tahir said to me.

  "No need" i said but zahid get the key from my jacket.

  "Shut up and go with him, my driver come and drop your car "Zahid said, i want to stop that

  "but" I try but they not listned.

  "Not but come" tahir said. I have no ither choice to go with him.



  In the evening, i sit in my bedroom and use mobile seeing drama then Amelia who work in our house from ten years, her age 58 now she look not old but her face tell that she is 50 above in this house just that person now i can trust because she is always with me and undestand me well more then my parents and she stay with me that time in which my parents leave me for their work and i am not well.

  " beta come eat, dinner is ready" she said with love in her voice and smile on her face that make me smile.

  " ok, i am coming" i said and go downstair for dinner my room is on second floor. When we come out my house have first coridor and three others room with my room on second floor then come stair from both side right and left, on first floor have 3 rooms and one study room and 2 guest room in fornt have dinnar hall and kitchen. I go dinner hall there is no one, i sit and Amelia get my dinner.

  "How was day" Amelia asked.

  "Good" i reply and start eating.

  "Your parents go to party" she told me.

  "I asked?" I said

  "no, i just inform you , forget that beta and eat" She said an i nodded my head.



  Room is dark, there is one person is stand in fornt the mirror and seeing his hand and thinking about something because of mobile his thinking trace destroy, he come toward mobile which on side table of bed and showing the name dad.

  My dad asia bussiness man now go to france for bussiness and my mother house wife.we are four people family me and brother saad is two years younger then me.

  I pick mobile and cut the call. My room is decorated according to her wish in middle have king side bed then a mirror and two others door in my room one of dresser and second bathroom. Every think decorated by her which very important girl of my life but now she is not in my life my parents take her away from me.