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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson

Author:Emi Helk


This is a romantic novel about an independent women who had a difficult childhood, but in the end she finds the love of her life. A novel with ups and downs. Sarah Wilson will meet the man of her life when she will never the least expect it.
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  Sarah was an independent women. She grow up almost alone when she got 14 years old. Her Father got a car accident when she was just 6 years old. From that day her father never get back the same person. Her mother try everything to help her father to get better. He got an mental illness which couldn’t be cure. Her Mother tried all the possibilities all the doctors to find a cure. From that day her Mother never had time for her and for her sister. Her Mother was a painter she had lot of exhibitions before her love of her life got sick. After this incident her mother was occupied only with her father, she never had time for her and for her litter sister Mila. Her sister was only 4 years old, most of the time they lived with the grandparents or other family friend because their mother was mostly in the hospital. When she got 14 year old she ask her mother to live alone with her sister. So both of them Sarah and Mila got very independent from a very young age. They had enough from that they always have to adjust to other family house rules. Of course their mother wanted the best for them so she got agree with this proposal. So their mother always sent the money for the living expenses and when she got time she was at home with them.

  Sarah was good student and she finally graduated from Economics at the Birkbeck, University of London. She did this for her Mother and Father they wanted her to have a good degree so she could have a good earnings. Wilson family was not to rich they always belong to the middle class. So Sarah parents thought that they will encourage their daughters to have a good study with a good degree so they could have good job and they can support themselves.

  Sarah never like this University and she also hated to learn about economics. But she finally finished it. She would rather been an artist like her mother.

  So this day was a joyful day for Sarah Wilson and for her family also. Her Mother made a reception to celebrate this day. They invited close relatives and family friends.

  Their house was close to Watford General Hospital. They lived in a semidetached house. It was not to big but was enough for the three of them.

  “Congratulation my little Pumpkin! Finally you made it!” Hank Morris said enthusiastic. It was her cousin, her Mothers sisters son.

  “Thank You Tiger!” Sarah said with a happy face looking very playful to Hank Morris. They always like to call them self in nicknames. When they were little Sarah and her Sister Mila sleep a lot of time at the Morris family and they played a lot they had a very close and strong bound.

  “How have you been doing I haven’t seen you from when you left in Toronto? How is life there did, you come back now for a visit or you will stay from now at home?” she ask with hope in her eyes. Hank was her closest relative and she really hoped that he will stay this time in London.

  “I came back for a year to see how the business are going at the moment, so if you need a job I can help you, you could be my financial adviser at the company, it would be great to work together. Think about it, I give you 3 days.” Hank Morris was looking at her very hopefully.

  “Thank you Tiger I will think about it. Thanks for the offer. Are you sure that just a graduated student with no experience will be good for you?” She look at him very surprised.

  “As far as know you are the most talented student, and the most sharp-witted. I am sure that will be not disappointing of you!” he said very serios looking at her with appreciation.

  “Ok if that so I will take it in to consideration!” she said a little distressed.

  “Sorry Tiger I have to go to entertain the other gust. So happy to see you I will call you later ok?” Sarah gave him a hug and a kiss, and she was gone to entertain the other guests.

  Little bit later they cut the cake. And later at night everyone got home.

  Morris family had a big construction company with lots of developments. In the last 5 years they got more profit so they could expend their businesses in Canada and in the US also. Hank was the eldest son of the Morris family so he was the CEO of the Morris Company. Hank had a younger Brother Harry. He also work with Hank he was Deputy Chief Executive at the Morris company.

  Next day she get up early in the morning. She was in deep thoughts. She was thinking on the last night what Hank Morris said. She was thinking if she should really work in this field or should she do her dream work to become a painter. After a lot of thinking she decided to accept the job offer. She thought that day need the money for her Fathers hospitalization so she does not have an choice.

  “Good morning Sarah, are you already up you can sleep more is a free day for you.” Mila Wilson said with a sleepy eyes.

  “Good morning Sis, no I think I will go today to the Morris company I decided to get the job offer from yesterday.” Sarah sad with in deep thoughts.

  “ Are you sure is not your dream work” She was really worried because she knew that Sarah didn’t want to work in this field.

  “Yes, I am sure besides we don’t have time to search for other possibilities we need the money as soon as possible.” She said with a serios look, and she started to get ready.

  She had a beautiful curly blond hair, beautiful face with blue eyes. She made a shower, then she put her hair in ponytail. She took out a blue suit which made her eyes highlighted. She didn’t put any makeup only a pink lipstick. She got downstairs to the kitchen she grab some bananas for breakfast then she made a phone call to call a taxi.