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We four

We four



Cindy ,Iva and Frank and Varshith are best friends since childhood .Cindy - Frank and Iva - Varshith are siblings. Their parents are family friends since ages . Frank - Iva and Varshith - Cindy never get along but infront of other they never lose their unity . Their parents thought to Varshith and Cindy to get married though they know they never got along with each other .To everyone's surprise Frank and Iva got married before their siblings marriage day.. They informed their families after Varshith and Iva's marriage . Why ?What happened so that they have to get married ?
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  At ABN College , The fresher's party

  In the crowd there was a beautiful lady in black dress came to Varshith and asked 'Hey! handsome do you want to dance with me?'

  Seeing this Frank frowned his eyes and felt pity for her for what is going to happen next.It is obvious that she a fresher so she don't know who they are and as she dared to talk with Varshith the whole party became quite.

  As soon as she spoke that out with Varshith some one pored red wine on her she had a slender wrist and her hair is not so long nor not so short.her eyes are small as elephant although elephant looks so large but it's eyes are so small and evil look on her face and she is dazzling with silver on her black dress like stars in the night sky.

  Some one back of her spoke 'Iva, she is a fresher she didn't know the rules leave it!'

  'No way! Cindy now if I didnt deal with one there will be so many in future' after a glare at her from up to down Iva asked the girl' What's your name?'

  'my name is has nothing to do with you ? Who the hell are you to pour wine on me?'

  Iva sarcastically said ' do you really don't know me or pretend to not know me to escape from me?

  The crowd whispered they can hear some like

  Some said 'Priya really had gut to stand in front of ham char'

  Some said ' I feel pity for this girl '

  Some said 'I think she is sick of living to challenge Iva's patience'

  Varshith couldn't wait any longer said 'Shut up all of you' He seems to be annoyed so left after saying that.

  Following Varshith Frank went but before going outhe patted on Cindy not to be to harsh.Cindy nodded.

  Priya thought he is annoyed with Iva so she also chassed Varshith but Iva grrabed her wrist and said ' Don't cry infront of me tomorrow okay?'

  Cindy also said her ' You should know atleast a little knowledge ham char before entering into this college'

  Priya didn't understand what they are talking about but now she can't chase Varshith so she went to her doem reluctantly.

  Everyone are looking at her when she is going to dorm at last she asked ' what happened why are you looking at me like that?'

  The person in front of her shown her today's college forum Priya is also so surprised to see the forum and she asked her to send the link. Priya went to her dorm and started reading the whole topic and also searched about Iva and that so- called ham chaar then her face became pale