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Married to revenge me

Married to revenge me



At the age of 25 his grandfather forced him to marry an ordinary girl from the village whom he never knew.she was an orphan who lost her parents on accident when she was just 5 years old. He got no Choice but to marry her because his grandfather gives all of his money to the girl. She was only 23 years old when her grandfather passed away because of an illness, he was Riu's grandfather 's driver.
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  ”you have to get married in two weeks !” grandpa said in low voice. ”get married ?is this how you want to punish me?” Riu gritted his teeth. ”Riu...” grandpa said in low voice looking at riu who is standing up from the chair in surprise. ”if that the reason why you asked me to come then I should excuse myself because you already know what my answer is...”he looked at the girl who is sitting next grandpa and was going to leave ”I already give all of my money to eizye, except you marry her you will get nothing from me ”eizye was in a really shock ”....”

  ”grandpa !” shouted Riu ”so you are threatening me?” ”I'm not threatening you, I give you two days to decide it whether you accept this marriage proposal or not!” with anger riu leaves grandpa's house.

  ”grandpa...” eizye trying to say something ”don't say anything, I know you shock because I didn't tell you the reason why I bring you here, this is the only way I can do to protect you. I won't life longer I can't be by your side forever but my grandson will do” the two of them went silent for a while.

  On the way to back to the hotel riu got messages from grandpa to meet him and talk privately at his hotel room. ”if you come here just to ask me to marry that girl then you should leave. ”

  ”I promised to eizye's grandfather to look after her before he died ” ”so that's your problem then why you asked me to take responsibility of your promise, you the one who should marry her not me ” shouted Riu. Plaak a big slap landing on his cheek. ” I won't be easy anymore to you, you will get married in a week! ” he shouted at his secretary who been waiting outside and tells him to prepare for everything. ”I'll give you two days and come back home after, don't ever think to run away because I'll watch you out! ” Riu was still in shock and stay silent ” Spencer take of this matter ” he said to his secretary ” yes sir, I'll take you home ” ” I need to stop by somewhere, just watch this boy don't let him do something stupid like he has done before ” ”yes sir” .

  Riu's grandfather went to flower shop then goes to funeral in the city side, he is standing in front of the couple's grave ” in order to save me you lost your life, I promise to you to look after your only daughter. I won't let her to be alone and struggle I promise you ” he cries in front of the graves...