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A Mistaken Night With The CEO

A Mistaken Night With The CEO



“Don’t leave.” She whispered, she didn’t unwrap her hands around his neck after he saved her from a gigolo, instead, she pulled him closer, close enough to let him feel her hard nipples. She slid down a little and rubbed her face on his chest, “This feels good.” and he needed only this much encouragement. “You tempt me sweetheart.”He bit her neck and his hand moved downward after he unbuttoned her skirt. "And there will be consequences" Thea James, an heiress of the James corporation, one day found out that her best friend Yuna cheated on her boyfriend Flynn, after witnessing their car sex. The betrayal by a friend and cheating by a boyfriend shattered her. So, to numb the pain she went to the bar but was drugged by Yuna. In order to ruin Thea her reputation, Yuna hired a gigolo to 'help' Thea to relieve the drug. In her panic, Thea had sex with another handsome and mysterious strange man. Thea thought this man is the gigolo and she never wanted to see him again, but every time she was hurt and betrayed by people she had loved, the gigolo would appear and solve the problem for her, is it possible that a gigolo can afford Maybach, all the expensive clothes and apartments in the center of the city when he has enough sugar mommies? Thea started to doubt if the man who held her in his hands was a real gigolo until she found out that he is not a gigolo, but the richest CEO in the city.
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Early in the morning, Thea forced open her eyes. The sun rays coming from the window were too bright for her vision. As her consciousness was getting back, she felt a sharp pain in between her legs. She groaned and moved around on the bed to find a comfortable position, however her soft and petite body came in contact with a rigid and muscular one. Her eyes snapped open.

A man, whom she had never seen before, was lying beside her. Her eyes widened and she glanced down just to find herself naked. Thea pulled the blanket towards herself in an attempt to cover her body and jumped out of the bed. She got another shock of her life to find that he is completely naked.

His glory was on full display for her. "WHAT THE FUCK." She roared.

The events from the past night flashed in front of her eyes.

The bitch used to be her best friend, Yuna, who cheated on her with her boyfriend Flynn. She saw them having sex in the car in broad daylight. Thea practically felt her world crumbling at that moment. All she wanted to do was to drown herself in the alcohol and forget those painful moments of betrayal which she witnessed.

She remembered how Yuna came to the bar to see her after she was drunk, she asked some muscular men to hold her and pour some strange liquid into her mouth. She even told her that she have arranged a gigolo for her.

‘An escort is waiting for you. And by tomorrow, Flynn will know you cheat on him and sleep with a gigolo, Flynn will be mine.’ Her words got blurry and Thea lost her consciousness...

Looking at the man on the bed, Thea was furious. She grasped the blanket so hard that her knuckles turned white.

All the commotion woke the man up. He exhaled loudly and with half sleepy eyes, he glanced at the girl, who was standing in front of the floor to ceiling window while she held the blanket to cover herself like her life is dependent on it.

The man got up and slipped his long and muscular legs in the boxers. Before he heard her putting all the allegations on him.

"You are a freaking rapist. I am going to sue you. This time, you messed up with the wrong person." She threatened him openly thinking that it might scare him but a mouthwatering smile tugged the corner of his lips and he walked closer to her. Her hands trembled while her grip on the blanket got stronger, "You are sick, you rapist. I will make sure you will rot in jail for the rest of your life." She added, trying her best to remain unaffected by his demeanor.

"You will sue me? Really? As far as I can recall, it was you who begged me to fuck you last night. Trust me, I had no such intentions. But you kept on seducing me and I am no gentleman. How can I ignore a woman pleading with me to take her? I had to fulfill her wishes." He added to her knowledge.

She listened to his shameless words and narrowed her eyes at him.

His tall body towered over her. Thea gulped hard. Thea looked at the man in front of her. He was tall, almost 6.4, a perfectly tanned honey skin and the muscles on his body were like a work of an art. It looked like someone had sculptured each and every one of it with utter care. However, what caught her attention were his eyes. They were dark and deep, like holding an entire world in them. His jaws were sharp enough to cut something while that flawless high nose bridge was everything which anyone can hope for.

He glanced at the bed sheets and closed his eyes before opening them again and looking at her. "It was my first time." She whispered, wording his thoughts.

"I can make it up to you." He said. But she shook her head.

"And how will you do that? Sew my hymen back? That's enough of your bull. Isn't it your job... going around fucking every hole which you see." She was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. First, it was the betrayal, now this stranger who took something special from her when she wasn't in her senses. "I get that you get paid for it but shouldn't you at least see whether the other person is conscious or not. I was fucking drugged. But no, you just have to get your job done." All the pent up frustration started to pour out at him.

His eyes darkened as he watched her outburst, "Yes, you were drugged and the only antidote to the aphrodisiacs is sex. I helped you, to be honest." Furthermore, no one has ever talked to him in this tone but he didn't completely hate it either.

"You should have left me alone. No matter how much I begged you." She tried to defend herself again, "But this money is like a blindfold, isn't it? When you think of it, you must have forgotten everything else."

"You are crossing your limits now. I made it clear that it was you-" He pointed at her with his index finger, "who forced me." I tried to defend myself. "And are you even aware of the side effects of aphrodisiacs?"

She watched him with his big, round eyes. "Your memory would have been messed up. There were chances that you would have fainted and puked your organs out." He explained it to her.

However, at this point, Thea was hyperventilating. The heave of her chest was prominent. She hated how he took her virginity like this doesn't matter at all. Suddenly, his tone turned softer. "What do you want me to do? I can take responsibility in any way if this can make you feel better-" he seriously doesn't know what to say to her.

"Fuck you and your responsibilities. Don't you ever dare come in front of me and show me your face. It is taking everything not to scratch that smugness which you have on your face and call the cops on you. So, take this opportunity and get out." Even Thea felt stranger to herself. She has always been kind, gentle and tender-hearted. But these people introduced her to this bitchy side which she never knew existed.

His lips parted as he wanted to say something, however, she had enough of it. Thea shot a laser beam at the man with her eyes and covered her body even more with the duvet before finding her clothes and shutting herself in the bathroom.

After a minute, when she came out of the bathroom, she was fully dressed. But he was still there. She didn't bother to look at him and without saying anything, she left the hotel room and he watched her retreating back.


However, when he was left alone, he grabbed a cigarette from the side table and came to stand at the exact same place where she was standing, a couple of minutes ago. Through the glass wall, he could see her leaving the hotel. His eyes trailed her as long as she was in his line of sight.

The past night was fresh in his memories. He remembered that he has never been a nosy type but that girl looked so sad and broken that he wanted to pick every piece of her and put them together. "It is clear that the lady doesn’t want to go with you." He said to the gigolo. The escort trembled at his sheer tone. It was piercing and the way his jaws were twitching, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he will kill someone here.

His eyes never left the woman who was still resisting in his hold. "Who the hell are you? I can do whatever I want with her." The real gigolo suppressed his fear and mustered up his courage as he said that.

He walked closer to him and arched a brow, "Really?" And in one swift motion, she collided with his rock hard body.

"Ouch." She winced.

"Fuck off, before I will rearrange every single bone in that fucking face of yours." He threatened and it didn’t take him more than couple of seconds to rush out of there.

"Its hot." Her soft voice jabbed him right in the core. He glanced at her, she was sweating profoundly, while the heat of her body was smoldering him. ‘She is drugged.’ He concluded and before he could think of the next step, she shocked him by fiddling with her clothes. "Hey, don’t." He tried to stop her but he had taken off her top. He looked around to find if there is anyone in the hallway but it was a relief that no one was there. He held her shirt in front of her to cover her up and carried her in one swift motion to his room.

"You are drugged. I am running a bath for you, you will feel better." He told her, not knowing if she can understand him or not.

But when he made her lay on the bed, she didn't unwrap her hands around his neck. Don't leave." She whispered, tears falling from her eyes like pearls. He always has been a man of great self-control but for some reason, he was letting it slip away when it came to her. "Please. This is hot but you aren’t." She rubbed her face on his chest, "This feels good." and he needed only this much encouragement. He pushed her in the bed, her eyes snapped open as he hovered over her like a predator, "You tempt me sweetheart and I am not a gentleman when a woman is half naked in front of me and begging me to take her-"

The bubble of the memories suddenly burst. He needed to know more about her. She is the only woman who has intrigued him this much. So, he grabbed his phone and made a call.

"John." He said in the fraction of a second the man picked up his call. "I need you to get me details on someone."