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Past of pains

Past of pains



God can forgive a person one time.... But Sia,she is like a fire, nobody messes with her.....Because she never forgives anyone.... Only death can save the person from her anger.... As she is the lady of brains and beauty.......... She is the devil of society......... She was feared by everyone...... She was the ultimatum to anyone............. Bit she was not like this twenty years back......... Then one day everything changed............ She was brutally scrutanized.........She was forced to left her innocence behind and become the devil.......... Hail to the Devil of society.
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  "Check of everything is in control, we can't afford any mistakes",

  "Yes sir we are in control, no chances of error will be there, we are sure.",the managing staff was preparing for the inauguration of the new hospital,they were checking for the last minute requirements as the time for inauguration was near.

  "I have heard that the owner of this big hospital is none other than the Devil","Yeah,and she the only person who can afford to maintain such a hospital" people were discussing about the new hospital as it was not any common hospital, but it was the biggest hospital of the entire nation and it was flooded with modern technologies and with staffs who are highly effective.

  "Mr. Kumar are you listening me... Mr. Kumar, we have landed and will be there in 5",the voice from the woky tocky made everyone nervous. Not because they will be handling such a big hospital but the reason was their owner.... The Devil.

  The elevator door opened with a ting sound, everyone's attention was now on the elevator as they were ready to welcome the Devil.

  The figure that emerged from the shadows was a woman....a woman whose figure was as perfect as anyone's be... Her eyes were the reflection of her power and dominance, her steps were commanding, the woman who was in her twenties moves out of the elevator.

  A chill runned through everyone. She was wearing a Saree which was looking perfect on her perfect figure.

  "Let's get started"she said in a commanding way.

  One of the staff brought the knife and gave it to her. Her beautiful fingers picked it up and then they work on it to cut the ribbon of innaugration.

  "Congratulations Dr. Sia, this hospital will make history in the field of medical sciences.",a voice came from the audience.

  She looked towards the voice with the eyes enough to fright hell out of anyone.

  "Shut up idiot, she doesn't like to listen complements".One of the staffed told the man.

  After the ribbon ceremony,the incharge took her to her cabin.

  Her cabin was on the top floor,she didn't like to be disturb so she always remain in isolate places.As the elevator was about to reach the top floor,it got stucked in the way.

  "Oh no,ma'am let me contact the mechanical department "said the uncharged frightendly.

  After few minutes the lift reach it's destination.

  "Fire the head of mechanical department along with his irresponsible members"Devil's powerful voice commanded,"Devil never forgive mistakes,she only punishes, and no one can make her hospital's name go in mess"."Sure ma'am "replied the incharge

  As soon as they reach near her cabin she ordered all of them to leave. Nobody was allowed to come inside her cabin until and unless asked to.

  She entered her cabin as everyone left.Her cabin was as big as a flat in an apartment.

  Her room had all the things which she wants in their proper places. She went to the wall just opposite to her table,,there was the photo of the person she loves most in the world, the only person who can scold, command or hurt her.And the only person with whom she can share her everything.

  "Hey maa,this photo of yours is sexy and it suits my room by adding more charm to it."she said in her thoughts.

  She then went to her desk, the highly expensive desk worth lakhs was perfectly placed with a matching chair by her side. She took her seat and then turn to look towards the outside view of the city.

  Her room was well lit by the sun and all her books and files were at their correct positions.

  "I am more near to you than you think Mr. Bhatia, now it's my turn to return back what you and your family gave to me.......pain,a lot of pain with extra Devil's shot.No one will save you, you destroyed my childhood,i will destroy your whole life."Devil said while looking outside her window.