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He loves me! He loves me NOT

He loves me! He loves me NOT



She likes him a lot. He hates her a lot. She likes his smirks and the frowns in his face and the way he pull his hair whenever he's irritated with her. She likes everything about him. He hates her guts and her beautiful face and her gorgeous body and everything about her. She's very vocal on how much she likes him. He's very vocal on how much he hates her. Let's see when will this girl get tired of her one sided love for him. And when will this guy get tired of avoiding his growing feelings for her.
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  Zoey's Pov:

  "You're eating him alive, honey!" my bestfriend slash roommate slash cousin Lily whispered.

  We were in the campus gym, appreciating the beauty of Gods creation in the middle of the court. So sweaty and so finger licking good.

  "Why can't I get full?" I asked myself, louder than I should. And of course Lily is always there to answer.

  "Cause you've taste him once but you will never have him! Ever again!" She retorted.

  "I will...... someday!" I just replied dreamily.

  "Yeah right! You've been saying that for a year but nothing really happens until now!"

  "Whatever Lils!!"

  Well! Yes, it was just a dream. Cole is the coolest guy in school. If there's one other cooler than him, then I don't know and I don't care.

  We're in different courses, he's a senior Architecture major while I am a sophomore FineArts major, taking up some units in Interior Designing. And because their department building is beside ours, I always manage to go there, to see him.

  What can I do? I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. And my love for him is one-sided. Unless he has a secret crush on me. But that's impossible.

  We were way too different. He's the hottest nerd I've ever seen. He's gorgeous, sporty and rich. Unliked other serious typed kind of guy, he's sociable and fun! While me, I am not sporty and a bit clumsy. I am pretty but not the sophisticated type. I am friendly, but for some reason my friendliness is misunderstood for being a flirty. But in someways, we're a like. We both love arts. He's smart, and somehow, I believed that I am intelligent too.

  He knows me ofcourse, who wouldn't know a girl who follows him everywhere. Almost a stalker. But I didn't just fall in love with him. He has at fault in this. Then the memory of our first meeting comes back to me. My first college party.

  "Zoey, you're going to the party with me!" Lily declared.

  Lily is a year older than me. But that didn't stops us for being the best of friend. We both love designing, that's why she's taking up Fashion Designing. And she's my roommate now.

  When she's in her first year, she leaves in school dormitory. But now that I'm already here. Her parents, decided to get us a small apartment. As in very small. Small kitchen with square dining table. A two seater sofa and 32"flat tv. And one bathroom toilet. Thank God it's a two room apartment.

  "I don't know! Is it like high school house parties?" I asked.

  "Yeah! And a lot more fun!" She squealed. "Let's make more friends!"

  "Uhm—Ok!" I nodded hesitantly.

  After an hour of getting ready! I came of with black loose spaghetti croptop and denim high-waisted ripped skirt. And Lily is wearing a body con dress and a three inches stiletto.

  Lily drive us to a frat house where almost half of schools population is there. We mingle and drink. And Lily introduces me to all of her friend, that I honestly cannot remember the names. But then I am having lots of fun as I drink on my red cup filled with liquor.

  "Are you having fun?" Lily asked.

  "Yeah!" I replied. I am a bit tipsy but having the best of the night.

  I love making more friends, I don't care which walk of life it is as long as they can make me laugh. It's just that, I hate being alone and I love the crowds.

  "Told you so!" She smirked. "I think Carl likes you already!" She teases bumping her arms to mine.

  "He's cute, but not my type, Lils!" And we both laughed. But then Lily stops, looking at someone behind me. I stopped too and look at my back to follow her gaze! That's when I saw the most beautiful guy I ever seen in the face of the planet.

  I believed it's not because of alcohol nor my eyes was just deceiving me. He's really is so damn good looking.

  "Hi!" He said smirking at me.

  "Aw hi—" I replied but I was cut off by his lips literally on mine! Oh my fucking bullshit! He's kissing me.

  At first I don't know how to respond but then I came to my senses and start copying how his lips moved. And God this taste blissful.

  I was kissed before, I've had a boyfriend once. But that cannot compared to this. And when I'm already enjoying the kiss, he stopped. He let go of me. Smirked and turned around leaving me stunned and shocked.

  I look at where he is going and saw him with his friend. Looks like their playing truth or dare. What the fuck!

  But no matter what's the circumstance for kissing me that day, I cannot help but to have a crush on him.

  As I stop reminiscing, I look at him again and saw that they've already finished their practice. So I went down the bleacher and go to where Cole is, as Lily stayed seated.

  "Cole!" I shouted his name in a classy manner, as I make my way in front of him. He didn't even replied and just look at me intently. I know seeing me is such a bad news for him. But I still keep coming to him for myself's satisfaction.

  What can I do when seeing him always made my day?

  "I brought you water!" I said smiling sweetly at him, as if I brought water for the whole school.

  "I already have!" He said in an annoyed voice. Showing me a water container for the whole team.

  "This water is a lot better than that! It's more refreshing, swear!" not leaving the smile in my face.

  "Hi Zoey!" his teammates saw me and greeted me with a smile and wave!

  "Hello boys!" I smiled and wave back at them. I know some of them is just nice to me because of Lily. But I don't care, as long as they're making it easy for me to get near Cole.

  Cole just look at me. Irritated as if I am virus to his system. While his teammates are making their way out of the gym to their shower area. Same old routine.

  "Look Zoey!" Cole started when everyone is gone to where they should be. "I know I've already said this a million times" he paused again for a second "Will you please stop following me and stalking me to wherever I am. It's irritating, you know!" He exclaimed.

  I just look back at him. Some may feel hurt because of his words but I am different. I am so used to this kind of treatment he is giving me. I still believed that he'll like me someday. So I just smiled at him.

  "I am not a stalker Cole! I am just watching you play!" I grinned.

  "Whatever Zoey! But let me just tell you this one last time." He breathed to make an emphasis. "You're pretty! Yes! But I will never like you! You're not my type!"

  But because I am Zoey! I just smiled at him sweetly! "Uhhh! It's so sweet that you also find me pretty Cole!" Then I look at Lily. "C'mon Lils! Let's go!" And I turned around to walk away!

  As I am walking my way out of the gym. I look back and saw an amused face of Cole. "And one more thing Cole! Never say never!" Then I wave him goodbye. And leave him amused and irritated.