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Esta Guerra

Esta Guerra



Pilley "Piper" Perouzé Roshan, a famous actress. The only child of the governor of their town, Don Emilio Roshan, and Donya Leonora Roshan, a prominent former actress. They are known not because they are rich but his mother is a former actress, and his father owns a large mass of land rice. But Piper did not know where their wealth came from. Will she be willing to trade his luxury to achieve its true love? Will she be able to fight the love that hides the hidden truth? Or will she tolerate it just for the sake of his family's reputation? She will just keep quiet for the sake of his beloved, but in return, the majority will suffer. What exactly should she do? Follow the principles of her family or follow her own principles and his heart?
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  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  Do not distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the contents of the story in any way. Please obtain permission.


  Sociedad Series #1


  Sorry for the typographical at grammatical errors. This book is stil on editing

  I accept constructive criticism.




  I am not an ordinary person. Almost everyone picks me up as their ideal girlfriend. Ican say I have been blessed with many things.

  Beauty, fame, and money, I have no other request. But there is something that can suddenly change a person's outlook. Maybe that's how it really is when you feel that thing. It is not just a superficial pleasure that even in pain, you can endure it.

  "The only queen of actresses — Pilley" Piper "Perouzé Roshan!" said the TV host.

  How many times have I wondered if I would be included in this interview? I don't like Q and A's because, in this show, the questions are purely personal.

  "Your name is famous, especially in this industry. Do you want to try anything other than acting?"

  I thought for a few seconds before answering.

  "Maybe joining the International pageant. That's what my fans want me to try." I said, laughing.

  They often comment on my Instagram post, especially if I'm wearing a bikini in the picture.

  "You're aware that the question is about social issues, right? Now, the issue is about the shortage of rice supply in our country. How do you think this can be addressed?"

  I was like, 'are you serious?' Although the question is simple.

  "We should organize a program about it. Intensify good irrigation should be the first priority. Every farmer in the family should be given free machinery. We should educate everyone that our economy's backbone is the agriculture sector." that's what one of my professors when I was in college.It had a big impact on me because my family had many lands involved in that kind of thing.

  "That's a winning answer, Piper. Let's go to what the fans want to know!" he instructed the audince almost get lost in their seats. They were holding a tarp, and

  some of them wearing T-shirt that the design is my printed face.

  "Are you dating someone? Particularly, Latrelle Aurelius." the screams grew louder and louder as if they were lost in a cage. But I'm happy that they want to know about what's happening to me. They're here through the ups and downs of my life. At least sometimes it hurts because some of them I no longer support.

  Pixie, my manager, is sitting next to some well-known personalities. He's one of those people who's looking forward to our former issue with Latrelle.

  "Actually, Latrelle and I are good friends." not really. I want to laugh at what I said. But for the sake of the fans, that's all I answered. That is very careful - another raw intrigue.

  We are not friends. Nor enemies. Just enough to say that we're acquaintances.

  "Don't you have an upcoming movie? It's Paper Rings?"

  "Uhm. Yes. But it will take a long time to show in big screen because there are things to take care of"

  Latrelle wants to finish his telenovela before making the movie. He doesn't want a hectic scheduleBecause of that, I decided to take a vacation first. I already told Aria about it, but I have no intention of letting Pixie know.

  "You're still NBSB. A brave woman!" they are always like this to me. This line is not new to me.

  "Still getting richer and richer!" the host added to what he said. That's not what I had in mind. I just really don't like having a boyfriend

  He asked many more questions that I answered quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. Pixie can't stop laughing while were in the van.

  "You should have said you were coming!"

  "I don't want to talk about it. Can I rest first?"

  He did not say a word. So I slept soundly. In the evening, I prepared the things I would bring to El Preve.

  My maids have to go home for a while because they have nothing to do with my house.

  Mang Ben and I left early in the morning. We have a long trip, I don't want to catch upat night. It is very dangerous, especially Mang Ben's eyesight is poor.

  I wear earphones while feeling the beautiful scenery in every way. I also haven't been able to visit there for a few years.

  It's time to relax, perhaps.

  We just ordered drive thru for lunch. I called Pixie while he's eating.

  "You left without my permission!" I think my earache is almost gone due to the increase in its voice.

  "I'm on my way, Pixie. I'm sorry I didn't inform you", I said. But that was really my plan because I knew he would stop me.

  "Sorry! Sorry! I didn't know you were a kid!" he drops the call suddenly.

  Mang Ben and I looked at each other and started driving.

  I can't help but smile when I see my billboard on the road. Others are just tarpaulins, but sometimes I get frustrated. They put a drawing on my face that's awful.

  I don't know if they hate me or if they're making fun of my face.

  I arranged my sit because I knew we were close to the mansion. The opening of the El Preve town is pure rice, but it is not as comprehensive as before. Others were built by the building or otherwise a vacant lot.

  There was a man who was almost hit by our car because he and his friend were fighting.

  Mang Ben opened the window the moment he stopped.

  "Look on the road! The cars might hit you!" Mang Ben's sermon to the young men. I could not see one of the men's faces because it had the same cover as the farmer. It was too big for me to see his face.

  "I'm sorry, Mang Ben!" that man in uniform was familiar.

  "You really are, Cazue. Next time be careful." said Mang Ben, then started driving again.

  I looked at the two men in the rearview as if I knew one of them.

  As I got out of the car, Sandra appeared — one of our maids.

  "Señorita, a beautiful vacationer!" she greeted me before helping me with my belongings.

  "Thank you, Sandra. You still don't change! You still flatters me." I smiled.

  ---- ESTA GUERRA ----