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Stiles's mate

Stiles's mate



after stiles is kicked out of the pack, he starts to make a knew pack when he is visiting his cousin in forks Washington, clan of vampire cause's stiles to shift into a massive wolf, but his wolf was alpha. with three forms, half form called middle and then the full form of a massive 6'7 foot wolf with the deepest brown fur like his hair. when he returns to beacon hill to find a new family move in next door to him and the youngest is his age, he find he has a mate one who is a werecat, that stood at 6'6 feet tall and was a black panther. His name is KO.
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  Stiles pov.

  They kicked me out the only smart one in the pack and they kicked me out. It started with Scott texting me about a pack meeting. So as part of the pack I went. I knew something was up they had been distancing themselves from me for a while now but I ignored it. When I got there though Isaac was crying.

  "What's wrong what's going on eyes come here." I said an open my arms Isaac ran into my arms crying saying I don't know over and over again.

  "Stiles you're out of the pack" Scott says I was shocked but I had it coming after void had killing Allison I had it coming

  "okay "I said

  "okay...okay that's all you have to say" Derek says

  " yes okay. "I said with a shrug they all look shop probably thinking I would break out and cry or plead them to let me stay.

  I sighed and went to my house to pack once we packed I wrote a note to my father about what's going on and where I was going and not to drink, we got into the Jeep and I left six hours later i was at Forks where little tribe lives that was close to my ancestor's tribe. a big bear thing jumped out almost hit it and if I weren't for me moving the wheel and flipping over into tree we were to block out.....

  when i came too i was surrounded by a couple Males and one girl...

  I try to stand but my legs aren't really having it...

  " who are you." A buffalo man ask he seems like the alpha...

  " I'm Stiles Stilinski... who are you." I ask.

  " you smell like wolf." The younger man with the baby face said...

  " great more werewolves." I growled." Look I'm here to visit my cousin Bella."

  They nodded and look at me.

  " your the boy who runs with wolves " the huge alpha male said.

  " was... I left.." I grunt and glared at him.

  I got to my feet and look around my jeep was gone I groan when remember...

  " fucking fantastic... how will I fix my mother jeep. "

  Stiles started to walk up the road fuming he was pissed off when a scent hit his nose and he groan and fell to his feet his bones and skin pop as he began to scream in pain the alpha says something about him but he can't hear him through the rushing of blood in his ears... when the pain finally went way stile felt different. He look down at his hands only to find paws massive brown paws the size of plates.

  "Hey kid claim down... you'll be fine..." the alpha said and stiles eyes flash red before he took on another form... one like Scott's..

  Why did this have to happen to him.

  " it looks like your from an tribe like ours, you have three so I'm guessing the original beacon pack." The alpha said again

  " but why did I shift now..."

  " our type of wolf is only tigger by the vampires present here... what do you smell kid."

  " a gross sweet smell"

  " that the smell of a vampire" the baby face said." I'm seth."

  I nodded. I look to a male running up the road and shift to human form...

  " the jeep is fix and ready to give back to the kid. Sorry I was pissed about bella." The males said

  Nodding i grab the key from the man and heads in the direction that he came from.

  " take me to my jeep" stiles said..

  The older man nodded and began to walk away in the direction of a small house where a big barn was. my jeep was sitting in the driveway looking brand new...

  i thank them and gotten in the jeep and started the engine. it purr instead to the coughing and spluttered to life. i did know that this teenage boy did a lot of work on my Jeep to make it look this good. i knew i was staying in forks for a while. i wanted to know if Bella was the same Bella Jacob was talking about. i've have heard my cousin had found a boyfriend. pulling out of the reserve i made my way to Charlie's house.

  an ugly orange truck that in the driveway. Charlie's car was gone i turn off the truck and got out i walked to the front door knock twice i could hear the Clashing of something in the house and then the door open to reveal my cousin she look the same as me, dark brown hair brown chocolate eyes and pale skin she was shorter than me by little bit that was Bella, Bella's mother was short. She smiled pulled me into a hug as she Saw me,

  "What are you doing here stiles" she asked me

  " what time the visit" was all I had said to her.

  I pulled away and followed her up to her room. Bella look around and then when stiles pass through the door a vampire was sitting in her bed.

  " what is that." i ask

  " that is my boyfriend and Fiance. Edward cullen" bella said.

  " Does she know?" I asked him.

  " Stiles, I know he is a vampire." bella said.

  I grunt and look down. The shift was still known to me and I knew I was packless, when i was purely human I had a pack, but now I was kicked out for something I could not control. I fought back the panic attack but it did not help me. Bella pulled my head up to look at her and she made me try to count her fingers which claim my breathing down...

  " stiles i thought you grow out of having those." bella said

  " after some shit happen in beacon hills, they started up again about a few months ago." stiles said as he twist his fingers.

  " why were you kick out of your pack." Edward ask

  " what he talking about stiles." bella ask

  " I was human at the time, i didn't have my wolf yet, my father is the sheriff in beacon hills and me and my best friend went into the woods to find a body, my father caught me and i lied and told him i was alone, the next thing scott knows is he was bitten by a wolf on a full moon, i would joke about it, but then he became a wolf and i help him though it, save many people from the mad wolf and then after months later almost a year killings started to pop up, a Darach was making human sacrifices to appease her self to make herself stronger, The victims, in groups of three, were chosen based on the following groups:






  The darach kidnap my father, my best friends mother, and in order to save them we had to do something that end up hurting me." stiles breath" unwilling to lose my only remaining parent, participated in a surrogate sacrifice ritual with Allison and Scott, essentially dying in place of our parents and giving power to the Nemeton in exchange for learning its location, which would allow us to save our parents' lives"

  " then what happen"

  " It was then that the Nogitsune had possessed me at some point following my fake death and resurrection as a result of the surrogate sacrifice ritual performed by Allison, Scott and me. It made me kill a lot of people after trapping me in my own head.which caused me to commit several crimes that led to dozens of people getting hurt or killed, something that still causes me immense guilt to this day. Once the Nogitsune was defeated, I learned it had killed one of my friends Allison, my best friend Scott was in love with her, Scott blamed me and I let him and yesterday they called me to the loft for a pack meeting and kicked me out." i said "my father knew the pack had it rough but i was in love with derek and he threw me aside i came here and i smelt Ya'lls clan and it cause me to shift for the first time."

  Bella pulled me into a hug and i try not to cry on her

  "So when are you going to join the pack here." edward ask

  " im not here to stay i just wanted to be away from them for a day but jacobs dumb ass jump in front of my jeep the other day like he was a psycho path" i told them" beside i have to go back home tonight."