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I Become A Princess By Mistake

I Become A Princess By Mistake



I don't know why i need to live with a curse body, when i open my eyes i was reborn as a princess, A princess with a curse body, A princess that hated by everyone in the empire even her father, A princess that destined to die because of curse. I was reborn as "Princess Atarah Ixchel demos Bobeveron!". original atarah loves her father very much But the emperor didn't love her back as her daughter. Until, Noemie Mahon Franchini announced her as a second daughter of the emperor in the middle of their debutante. His majesty really seems interested to her second daughter so he spoiled her; Instead of Atarah.
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  Translator: Sisi101

  Crying and kneeling is what Atarah's doing in front of his own father. She's grabbing his cape.

  "What do i need to do? Just to look at me?" Atarah's Asked while crying to his father.

  " ...so unfair, This is so unfair! I'm the one who's Always on your side but do you choose her instead of me? " Her voice is cracking and her vision is making her eyes almost blind...

  Avius,Just looking down without any expression on his face to her daughter.

  "Let go." He said coldly

  Atarah slowly unholding his fathers cape and looked down.

  " I-i'm Your daughter Too father! Just accept me as your daughter, I'm begging you father..." Atarah's looks like a homeless girl begging for some money to the people.

  "There's no days nor time i considered you as my daughter." Her eyes wide and lift her head to see his fathers death glare.

  He leave Atarah, crying in the hallway.

  10 day's after she beg for loved, The curse starts to appeared.

  Her body are getting weaker and weaker every seconds.

  -Once the curse starts the person's body temperature will decrease and they'll lose all their senses.

  She suffered from it each day

  -First: lose their sense of smell and taste

  "I-it doesn't have any t-taste... W-why?" She asked to the maid beside her, The maid didn't know why but when the maid tried it the food has taste.

  -Second: Sense of sight.

  There is a thunder later that night.

  "P-Paisley? Can you turn on the lights?" Paisley and the maids are already asleep, They can't hear anything because of loud noise. So atarah gets up to turn the lights on, But when she turn it on theirs no bright.

  She turn it on and off but no lights. She thought to herself that maybe it's just a blackout.

  -Third: Hearing

  Paisley tried to shake her up a little.

  "Princess i been calling you for 30 minutes straight but you did not response to any of it"

  "What did you say? why i can't hear your voice paisley?" Shocked are both on their faces.

  -And Lastly: Stop breathing That leads to her death.

  Walking to the hallway when she suddenly feels like tired... She's walking for only five seconds.

  *Heave breath*" i...I'm so tired, W-what's happening to m-me? I feel so tired..." She collapse while no one's around.

  The Maid found her with a pale and cold body, Paisley even try to tell to the emperor about atarahs death but he did not care about it at all.

  -This is the cursed that three persons have. unloving curse.

  -Two red Body and the other body is yellow.

  -Once the two red body are always together the cursed will slowly starts to fade.

  But if the one red body and yellow body are both together for too long the other red body will start suffering from the curse.

  That's the story about two princess's with cursed body "The lady of the house"

  She opened her eyes.

  'What in the world just happened!?' asking her self. Wiggling's her hands.

  "Uaaa..." The only word's that came out from her mouth. She look around finding her self that she's not in her bed room.

  'Where the hell am i?'

  "Uuangh..~" The maid didn't realize that she's arleady awake.

  the maid shows up

  "Omy princess is already awake, You're probably hungry. Yes?" The maid asked.

  'princess? What do you mean princess? And I'm not hungry! Where the hell am i?'


  "You're so cute princess...I know you are hungry now, I'll go to paisley so she keep an eye on you now and I'm going to prepare some milk too"

  " Don't do anything careless princess okay? Head maid Paisley will going to watch you."

  'Paisley? i think i heard that name before, is it from the story The lady of the house?'

  'name like paisley is not really that common.'

  paisley come and immediately grabbed Atarah in her hands.

  "Princess is already awake oh my beautiful princess Atarah."

  Rubbing her cheeks to hers. Atarah look to her face and stare.

  'Her face it's really her face from that book.'

  She thought.

  'And what? did she called me Atarah? The princess with the cursed body!?' Shocked

  ' Why Atarah? Why? if I'm going to be reborn i can just be one of those commoners with ordinary life!'

  Yelling to her mind.

  'i don't want to live with a curse body.' *Teary

  Paisley put her down so she can play.

  She grab the ball and hug it.

  'come to think of it again'

  'If I'm not mistaken, I, Atarah ixchel demos bobeveron. And my fathers name is Avius demos bobeveron The emperor of bobeveron empire.'

  She start to feel angry.

  'That Freaking cold hearted jerk who don't even care about Atarah in the first place. '


  'I want to kill him for god sake.'

  'In my previous life, when im reading that book i thought i finished it but I'm not because there's rip page's{The lady of the house}. I have headache so i take one pill.

  And when i open my eyes i become a baby.'

  'The hell ? What kind of phenomenon is this?'

  Paisley, watching the princess become angry all of the sudden makes her worried to the princess.

  'The princess is just staring to her toy but not kind of glare, I'm worried'