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Beauty temptation

Beauty temptation



Its an tempting game who will tempt whom. "She is my Ace in this game", he said. Will it goes like what other want. Melanie, an village girl. She and his family is on high debt and meanwhile her brother goes missing suddenly. To find him she went to Arinia and unknowingly find herself in an auction and sold herself. In this new world full of chaos She was brought by a Bad boy But he has his secrets. Is this meet will bring something new. She couldn't see his face but in this world of auction where people were sold will she able to break this wall and able to find everyones secrets. But there's more to this game... (Name of the place and characters are all fictional)
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  Leaving home feels like leaving a part of my soul out there and home is where there is love and love finds the soul. My one and only dream, One day I’ll travel the world, I’ll conquer the best time with my loved ones with my own ability but it seems like God has some other plans for me. I came here to find my missing brother but I found myself being trapped and unknowingly selling my body to a mysterious mask man. My life turns into a tragic after I landed up in airport. Being confused, terrified finding myself on stage with so many audience watching me I don’t know what’s going on with me. Sweat all over my body, heart beating became faster, I tried my hands to free but I couldn’t and then I hear someone say “1 million”.... wait this is not some other thing but it’s me who is being selling myself. I hear prices goes higher and last I hear “10 million” and I realize that I’m being sold and now I’m being taken by some bodyguards I tried to escape but couldn’t so I decided to hold myself a little and find a way to run away from here. The bodyguards is taking me to the main entrance where there is two cars parking than I saw him the mysterious mask man, he came near me grabbing my chin up he said, “You can’t escape anymore now” by saying he goes to sit in the front car. The bodyguards drag me inside the car they pushed me to sit and one of them moved to driver sit and another one moves to other. Right now I can’t think of anything but escape from here because my life will be torn apart in this unknown world so while the other driver goes to other side of the car to sit so in that moment I just slowly and quietly try to open the door and luckily it isn’t locked yet and I quietly put one of my leg out and slowly looked up if they saw me but they were busy looking at the front car as if they were waiting for some signal or what. After that I again continue with my escape as I put both of my legs out, I just pushed the door and get out of the car and ran towards the opposite side and saw that the bodyguards were already after me. I don’t know why this is happening to me how many questions running inside my mind I’m horrified, I haven’t seen this kind of thing any where before in my life. Sweat drifting of me, I ran as faster as I can to get rid of this but I was wrong and very soon they caught me and bring me to that man again, I see him standing near the car I can’t tell that is he furious cause he is wearing a mask in his face. The only I see his lips, they were pink and perfect and his golden brown hair perfectly shaped and spiky hair goes upwards and from side it goes backside, I can see his cuts, he’s not wearing his coat so I can tell his shoulder and his biceps wear perfectly cut and shaped because the shirt his wearing fit his body and somehow it is tight from his chest and for a second I forgot what is happening here.