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The Gamblers Son

The Gamblers Son



He was a partier, she was a shy girl He was selfish, she was nice he was possessive, she was his. "You’re mine," I growled out. "I'll never love a monster like you," she spat "Well to bad baby you’re already carrying this monster's baby," I smirked. I pinned her to the wall and sucked her sweet spot where I knew she liked it. I loved her and she was only mines. Everyone knew him because his father was the famous Jacob Perez the one who had the money and the companies he was his father only son and he was the one who had to run the father business and his father wanted him to settle down but Jace had other plans being young and having anything he wanted he didn’t have to worry bout working for anyone or worry about trying to get a girl in bed he did that automatically because of his good looks and money. One thing changed and Jace’s life came crashing down. Jace Perez thought he had everything he wanted in life, the girls, the fast life, the fame, and the money but what happens when he loses all of that because his parents think he needs to straighten his life out. Hazel was your average girl, trying to stay in school and work just to help her mother out and her mother’s father because they both only cared about one thing on the eve of the day, and that’s her bringing in the money. She would work overtime at the diner and every night she would carry something home from the restaurant to feed any homeless person on the road. She was brave but she didn’t know that. She was quiet because she had suffered abuse from the one person who was supposed to love her and care for her. What will happen these two meet each other and what happens when she makes Jace feel emotions he never thought he could feel before and he becomes more possessive and jealous could they make the power couple or will they crash and burn.
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  Jace POV

  OH God! My head hurts, this was usual for me waking up partying, hooking up with someone then carrying them home with me and hooking up with them in my guest bedroom. It was an average day like any other. I was up and ready to party like always with the people I didn’t like or pretending to like. After my father told me I would be owning the family company at the age of twenty-six. I was happy to say that all hail the king of gambling. Who knew living in a family full of riches came with its pros and I was loving every bit of fame and money that I can get.

  I woke up this morning at the small condo that I owned after having a headache and noticing I was in one of the guest room with a lady on the side of me I groaned looking at my phone seeing that it was ten minutes to one and I was supposed to be by my parents at two because they were having this big celebration for my sister after graduation she graduated college she had her masters in journalism and I was happy for her all those years paid off.

  She was my twin and we were now twenty-five. She had been tied down with the same dude from when she was in college at the age of eighteen to some dude named Stephen. I couldn’t understand why she wanted to be tied down from a dude at such a young age wasn’t there more to life than being with someone for so long I on the other hand still wasn’t done seeing the different type of woman there was in there world I have been with all type some that couldn’t even speak English. But I still wanted the thrill of having my life to myself by drinking and partying.

  "Hey you need to get up and get out," I said to the woman on the side of me shaking her.

  She moaned lightly as she started to wake up out of her sleep and smiled at me. I didn't know why she was smiling she was just a quick fuck and slide for me nothing to stick around.

  "You need to leave now"I snapped

  She took her clothes cutting her eyes at me, leaving my house. These bitches need to know when they’re just a quick fuck. I didn’t need someone to get attached to me and me not feeling the same way I see what it does to people they say drugs make you weak but try love that is the most dangerous drug of them all.

  I got out of bed and went to my bedroom where I started to get ready to make my way to my parents’ house for the party. Once I was finished I went into my car and drove there to see my parents already set up with the party stuff. I went and hugged my mother and kissed her cheek.

  "Son, me and your mother would like to speak to you after the party."I heard my father's voice behind me and I nodded my head.

  We all heard the front door open when I saw my sister and her husband walking inside. We greeted her and hugged her.

  "Congrats sis."I hugged her.

  The party was better than I expected. The family was happy and everyone was getting along. I remember when my dad couldn’t get along with my sister’s husband and now they were the best of buddies always talking about the games and plans about his company. I liked how we all could get along but when we’re in the club he refuses to drink or have fun cause it's what I like to say “pussy whipped”. He would laugh when I told him my sister had him like that. He would laugh and tell me my time would soon come when I act just like him.


  After the party, I made my way to my father's office. I walked inside to see my mother and him waiting on me.

  "Son you know me and your mother love you dearly but we think that the money has gone to your head and you're out of control so we have called the bank and canceled all your funds until you get your life back on track." I nodded my head.

  I couldn't say I blamed him. I had promised him that I would change but I still did so I knew this was coming. I was upset and I walked out of the office before hearing my mother say it was for the best.

  Later that night the bank took my home from me and left me with nothing. I had no friends anymore because I had no money, they only liked me because of the money and when they heard I was broke they acted like they didn't know me.

  It was now cold and had finished raining and I was on the side of the road not knowing what I was doing with my life until this lady stopped at me looking at me. She had brown eyes and brown hair. Wasn’t she scared she had this broken look in her eyes like she knew what I was going through no one her age should have this feeling? I wished I could help her but I couldn’t. I was flat out broke and here she was giving help when she was the one that probably needed the most help of them all.

  "Hello." She whispered

  "Hello," I said with a dry voice.

  She handed me some food and a jacket to keep me warm. I'll never forget her. She was mine.